Each and every week, the gaming junkies at GAMEBREAKER give you the most from the world of MMOs. If you are an MMORPG addict like we are, then you have to watch This Week In MMO. Our host, Gary Gannon gathers a panel of experts from all across the gaming media to not only hit all the latest MMO news but also dish their professional opinion on the latest headlines. This week, from DASHBOARD and his own personal log cabin sauna, it’s Mike Schaffnit. From ZAM’s BFF Report and Chinhawktopia, it’s Mike B aka Fony.

On to the news: BioWare Creative Director James Ohlen mentioned that Star Wars: The Old Republic could have been a Game of Thrones MMO had LucasArts not given the developer the rights to the Star Wars license. Even though Mike B loves the GoT IP, Fony responded with a flat “No” when asked if he’d rather have seen a Thrones game over a Star Wars game. When playing the game of IP thrones, you win or you die. Looks like Thrones lost its head early in this contest.

Speaking of losing its head: does CCP — the makers of EVE Online — have a screw loose? Its next big project, DUST 514, begins its beta testing on Playstation 3 exclusively. Our panel questions the sanity of the Iceland-based MMO developer. How are people going to know about this game? The current CCP game focuses on PC gamers that like “spreedsheet” space games. If they don’t put out television commercials for DUST 514 — a FPS MMO, mind you — the only real pool of testers is from the existing 300K-ish players. Oh! And they would also have to like shooters and own a PS3. Even when making a generous estimate of 100k people being interested in this game, our panel wonders if that is enough to build on.

PlanetSide 2 releases a new trailer; EverQuest II let’s players build its own dungeons; and find out why Mike B says “I think more people are going to become comfortable with leaving WoW” on This Week In MMO! If you don’t know the relationship between SWTOR and Cryptic‘s Champions Online, you have to check out last week’s episode!

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