Can Final Fantasy XIV pick itself up off the carpet and still be relevant, two years after its rocky launch? The TWIMMO crew of Gary Gannon, Hillary “Pokket” Nicole, and Jason Winter talk about the game’s prospects, framed around some interesting quotes from Square Enix.

Also on the docket: PlanetSide 2 finally takes off, World of Warcraft celebrates eight years of people predicting its doom, and BioWare tries to draw players to the new free-to-play Star Wars: The Old Republic!

Jason Winter has held several positions in the tabletop and video-gaming industry since 1996, including writer, editor, marketing coordinator, and game designer. He's the former editor of Beckett Massive Online Gamer and almost considers himself competent in PvP. In addition to his work with, he also blogs about video games at
  • scottsummer

    Eventually the MMO market will be flooded with poorly implemented F2P MMO to the point players will starting to demand sub model based MMO with highly polished and quality contents. The “eastern’ market had a similar situation couple years ago, players were skeptic toward sub based mmo, now most of the popular MMO in Korea , Japan and China are sub based despite they have thousands decent F2P MMO. Look at Blade and Soul, 20 bucks per month and it is by far the most played MMO in Korea.

    SE is not looking for WoW money, they want a successor to FFXI and try to repair the damage they done to their MMO/XI fans, if it turns out majority of the XI players willing to purchase/play XIV,i would say they accomplish their goal already. By going F2P with XIV, they might end up screwing up the game like Bioware did to SWTOR and burned their bridge with future FF title MMO.

    And actually a huge amount of Japanese players play FFXI on PS3, that’s why they had to release the PS3 version.

    • Gamizero

      i was mentioning this same thing during the show chat.  This “trend” (for NA MMO space) they talk about has already happened out “east”.  though it’s funny to see the “hosts” talk about it, regardless of how naive their view on it is. 

    • Joseph Legemah

      eh…..the eastern MMO world is simply dominated by NCSoft and no matter the payment model of the game. Lineage, Lineage 2, AION, B&S. NCSoft IS Asia’ Blizzard.

      The truth is that B&S is not much better than TERA which flopped just as badly as FFXIV in asia….sub model, big marketing and “premium” high quality P2P.

    • Melissa Waldrup-Old

      You hit it right on the head.  What our three commentators failed to realize is that F2P games are not as respected in the East as a sub model (and to automatically expect that all games have a F2P option is a little entitled, IMO).  Plus, F2P games can end up costing more than a sub model if it is pay-to-win.  If you read the official FFXIV forums, you will see it mentioned by the playerbase time and time again that they prefer that the game NOT go F2P.  I personally agree.  Every MMO I’ve stuck with has been a sub model and has put out higher quality content than F2P games.  This is why Naoki Yoshida released his comment about delivering on a subscription-based promise.

  • David Knapp

    Marriage was in FFXI, but the same issues, they have 2 races that are one sex only, and stat buffs that were race based.  So you’d choose the race for the stat bonus, but then you’re stuck because of it.

  • Kyle Eggers

    The subscription model won’t work with a reboot which is what FFXIV is.  Square promised a subscription based game and not a piece of crap.  FFXIV needs to go F2P, and not doing so is Square not being in touch with the market still.  Square also promised a PS3 side before and that didn’t happen.  This game is costing Square to much and could be a make or break for Square. 
    I’m tried of the term end game in MMOs, MMOs are games go of forever look at EQ, call it what it is max level raiding or PVP.
    Oh and Pocket Rift is better then SWTOR.
    I love PS2 and am playing, but I wish I was just better at it.  This is the big hit Sony has been needing, and I would of paid a box price if it was B2P like GW2.  And Sony’s F2P model equals win, SWTOR equals fail.

  • scotb0t

    You could have shown me those quotes on the PS2 trailer without showing who said what, and I could have picked out which one was Gary :D 

  • Evilevi501

    People will pay for a quality game. Period. Most MMOers that aren’t completely casual are looking at a long-haul hobby. F2P for the most part in most games is implemented in a way that compromises long term appeal by skipping endgame or making it very expensive.

    If 15 dollars a month assures quality, people will play it.

    If 15 dollars a month is a make or break, you may want to buy food, insurance or other necessities before focusing on leisure. 

  • Damir Miric

    UI in FF is great I put UI there on every MMO if I can.

  • Damir Miric

    All the games that are going for sub model should make it like this. Then I would and probably alot of people give it a chance. 

    You download the game for free. You get 10 days trail without any restrictions and then if you want continue you pay sub.

  • Josh Javage

    re: Same Sex Marriage in games… some players play the opposite sex. Shouldn’t those players who are male playing female, be able to “marry” their wife who also plays a woman character?

  • SilverTaurus

    Same Sex Marriage: Games are about VIRTUAL reality.. Most often its FANTASY. Once you get into marriage at all, you add sexuality to the game. So leave it to players fantasy what they want to do. Think most such a marrieges wont be 2 gay players, but for example just 2 guys, plaing female characters, who imagine their character beeing lesbian.

  • Age Of Majority

    Had my friend come over last night with his laptop and we played about 4-5 hours of planetside 2. I can’t remember the last time i had so much fun in a game. We both hopped in the one man tanks and joined up on the end of a tank column heading to one of the “deploy” areas on the map. We ended up getting in a huge tank battle inside a canyon at night. Shells and things exploding everywhere lighting up the area. That moment absolutely won both of us over and it was in the first half hour. It was just kick ass. The huge scope of the game puts such a great, almost survival flavor to it at times. Being behind enemy lines separated from my group and trying to make my way out was soooooooo much fun. It has the massive size of Arma with the polish of a modern fps. Awesome.

    The only really bad thing i can say about it so far is that there is nothing in the way of tutorials. Some of it can be very confusing especially when you first get into the game. Most of it is self explanatory if you’ve ever played an fps before, but it wasn’t until i was looking through the key bindings about an hour into the game that i discovered my infiltrator had a special ability. Trying to figure out exactly what all the symbols and info on the mini map are can take a bit. They have some training videos on the planetside 2 youtube channel that have a lot of useful information. I plan to watch some of them tonight before i play again as there are still some things i don’t really understand.

    I was hoping that this would not be a pay to win game. I have not felt under powered, but there are so many newbs like myself running around it’s hard to tell. I’m praying that after the initial rush is over it stays that way. Maybe someone who has bought something can say if they felt op afterwards. My initial impression is that Sony has found a good balance and this is something that all f2p’s with cash shops HAVE to do. Get the free players to feel like it’s worth logging on and the paid players to feel like spending money was worth it. I would imagine this isn’t easy, especially in an fps.

    I don’t think i will sub to the game. I’m more the type of player who instead of buying another game will just pop 60$ every 6 months or so. I guess i just don’t like having the commitment of monthly fee and another bill in the mail so to speak. Spending a bit of money will probably be worth it but i’ll wait at least a month or two to see how things play out. As it stands however I’ve had a blast in the game. My friends don’t really play pc games or mmo’s and are more the call of duty type console players. They were blown away by this. If you have some friends who enjoy this type of stuff download this game and play it! Even if you play it for just a night or two you are going to have a lot of fun. I should probably go watch the flight tutorial now because I’ve died at least ten times attempting to learn how to fly.

    Congrats on the quote gamebreaker crew. I’ve been frequenting your videos for a while now. To see you get the studio and see the website come about and how it has evolved. To watch you recruit more people and build on what you started with has been really cool. You’ve come a long way. I hope to see more gamebreaker quotes on big stuff in the future! Pop the bubbly!!!!

  • Dixhallpike

    Can someone PLEEEEAAAASSSEEE make a Firefly MMO allready.

    • Dularr

      Very sad story.  The Firefly MMO died when  Multiverse Platform went out of business. 

  • Picoman

    Would be nice if you guys used the most recent FFXIV:ARR video, it cover the zones just outside Gridania.
    I dont think the person shooting the video chose the most attractive UI layout but there is some footage of the customisation process out there.I think it would be nice if everyone just accepted that there is going to be a sub and move the conversation on to other topics. Its like every show on gbtv only talks about how amazing F2P is. FF11 still has a sub and is the most profitable Final Fantasy of all time.

  • Tom Jones

    NC on Watterson server FTW!!!!

  • Krzysztof Kotarba

    PL2 is rly good game. TBH I was skeptic about Titan (mmofps) but after playing PL2 it seems it might be awesome.

    I’m waiting for Battlefield MMO :P in modern or WWII theme.

  • DrossRocket

    I believe what Yoshi P meant by saying SE promised a sub based MMO, is this:

    They promised to bring a MMO which every player had the same freedom to access the game unrestriced.  The best model to assure that everyone is on equal footing from an access and playability standpoint, the fairest model to use is a sub based model.

    With F2P games you have a cash shop which can set the tone for a buy to win, or buy to access. This segragates your playerbase. You have people who can’t afford to spend $RL to buy ingame gold to buy thier mega weapon, or armor. Or you have players who are on F2P who haven’t bought access to that dungeon or that raid, now they or you can no longer come along.

    You pay a sub, the only thing that is restricting your access to the game is your own time. Some people have more of that than others, but it doesn’t come down to who spends more $$ on the game.

  • DoctorOverlord

    Great to see GBTV getting quoted on Planetside 2. This site certainly has help keep my interest in the game.    The videos I’m seeing being posted are amazing.  Thanks for the advice, I’d like to try PS2 but I’m going to wait until I can get some friends or find a guild. 

    It will be intriguing to see if Square manages a recovery.  Does this mean Gary is going to dust off that abused FFXIV box? :) 

    I was actually very interested to hear more about Hilary experiences in WarZ.   It’s been getting so much flak as a DayZ rip-off, but she made it sound like what she’s seen is fun.

  • patrick waugh

    You all should go to the Lodestone forums. As a majority of the player base, of 1.0 legacy members want a Pay to play model. we’ve had multiple polls and such. Its kind of hard to understand with FF fans but we actually like the prestige of paying for a quality game and don’t want to be like the rest of the mmo market that have f2p models and the quality of the game is sub-par.

    Everyone has 30days free. and there are 3 subscription models for when the game goes live. $9.99 for legacy members, 12$, and 14.99 for regular players. Trust 1.0 players that stuck with the game DO NOT WANT A FREE TO PLAY MODEL.

    This is what Yoshi is talking about when talking about keeping his promise about a subscription base model.

    And GW2 gets old quick. I had a more enjoyable time with the reconstruct, story of ffxiv 1.0, than I did with that game.

    • DrossRocket

      Just to make a correction to your statement:

      ANYONE who PREVIOUSLY BOUGHT a box at ANY point, will get to download FFXIV 2.0 client for FREE.

      They will get a free 30 days on top of that as well.

      For anyone who is interested in buy a relaunch box the new retail for 2.0 is something like 29.99 or 39.99 for both PC and PS3. It’s not re-launching @ 59.99.

    • Ariel

      LOL a raider hating on Gw2 go figure. W/e have fun with your dead hot key based mmo. LOL.

      • Dularr

        Lol, love how GW2 fans won’t defend their game, they just simply attack other players. 

  • INKS

    I think if they wanna charge a sub then that is fine. But it’s gotta be a really good game and gameplay in order to maintain it. I’ll personally wait for a free weekend, which I expect that they’ll have.

  • Joseph Spears

    WoW= same age as XBOX360

  • Joseph Spears

    Rift should go f2p just for the first set of levels and WoW should be 100% free till 80 raids guilds game software and all.

  • Ariel

    hotkey based combat….

  • Dekin

    Love the MTG Avaycn card box inside of a shadow box. 

  • Jado Cast

    I think its funny how early on Gary was slamming the PS2 trailers for being so bad, but then later he was like “OMFG”, and then they quoted his reaction.  I think they heard his comments and decided they had to quote him since they won him over.  Great Game, Great Trailer, and Great Show Guys!