This week on TWIMMO, a 2013 Wildstar release date is confirmed! Fans of bunny-girls everywhere rejoice!

That’s right! Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney has confirmed that Wildstar will be hitting “It’s ready” this year.  While it’s not down-to-the-number specific, we’re going to say that we have a confirmed Wildstar release date.

Gaffney also offers up some tech related details, including info on tech that lets them change and modify terrain easily and in some cases dynamically.  Apparently they’re planning on using this to change up raids and dungeons on a weekly basis?  Um… Wow!  The other benefit is that it should let players not only build houses but modify the land around it.

So… Who’s building a gigantic farm?

Oh.. Wait.. Nevermind that farm thing.. How about a gigantic-freaking fortress that you can take to war?  (Yes.. I’ll have one of those please…)

Suddenly I’m even more excited about the Wildstar release date.

We still like our “WoW is dead” joke.

Yes guys.. You can relax.. It was only a joke.  Blizzard still has way more money than all of us combined — a good portion of that thanks to World of Warcraft’s current 9.6 million player base. The world hasn’t come to an end… yet.

Mark Jacobs is back with an all new MMORPG.

If you’re a fan of RvR and three faction PvP, you may recognize some of Mark Jacobs‘ previous work, like Dark age of Camelot?  Well, he’s back with a new MMO titled Camelot Unchained.

Jacob’s has stated that this game isn’t a direct successor to DaoC, but people see the potential to get some of that gameplay that they loved there in this game.

These are just a few things on this episode of TWIMMO.  We also have talk about Guild Wars 2, Neverwinter, Final Fantasy XIV: ARR, CCP Fanfest and of course, your viewer questions.

And, if you missed last week’s episode, you can find it here.

  • tommythepower

    Really think Camelot Unchained will be a great RvR game were crafters are king.
    Just hope they get balanced classes and smooth and fun pvp going.And good servers optimized for pvp.

  • Peregrine451

    Ok, so was the Wildstar release date actually confirmed? Or is this just another misleading show title?

    • Pernille Sylvest

      2013 is confirmed, no specific date though

  • theunwarshed

    the foundry is going to be a huge hit for Neverwinter if it’s robust enough.  i know i spent at least half of my play time in APB just playing with the various editors.  designing your own stuff and/or partaking of other player’s creations has been hugely underestimated by the theme park industry for quite some time.   Cryptic might just have a winner here with this game, finally!  my worry is to see them continue with the company mantra of nickle and diming the community to death. 

  • Rich E.

    Gary Gannon, I knight you as the guardian and bastion of all things great and immersive in MMOs. And I will Squire for you!!!


    Im in that niche. I want Camelot Unchained and I want old school realism and immersion. I will sub $$$$ for that. There is a very very healthy playerbase that wants these realistic, immersive, hardcore features… why else would so many players still play EQ, Dark Souls, hardcore Diablo, hardcore Path of Exile, Darkfall…

    Who here remembers (i sure as hell know Gary does) Kithicor Forest in Everquest?!?!? who remembers the fear of traveling through that at night.. remember kknowing you had to pass through it and traveling as fast as you could to get there before sundown so you can walk through safely.. but half way through the zone, darkness falls, the ghouls emerge and OMFG you can feel a HARM TOUCH coming… stick to the road guys, just stick to the path and RUUUUUNNNNNNN!

    epic. yes, fuck yes ill pay for that again.

    • WestPhilthy

      FUCK YES!!!!! i need jboots camp. I need that 1 crazy bastard in the guild that stays up all night repeatedly trying to be the first 1 in to claim the plane. I need this too!!!

  • Krzysztof Kotarba

    hardcore mode mmo – this I want. In PoE I play hc, and when someone dies info goes global chat, like yesterday no 1 on hc died – 84 lv…. chat went wild. I love hc, you cant just ballz out content. (i’m 25 on hc atm :D )

    • Deadalon

      Ye  – POE has very good and strong passive talent tree to work with.  It gives players choices.  BLizzard is not giving players choices anymore.  Look at WOW.  90 lvls of content and you have 1 choice.   What class you want to be. You can call the 3 specs a choice… but they really are not. And ppl are really wondering why WOW is loosing subs ?

      • Jeremy Whallon

         Do you lack all sense of perspective?

  • Dularr

    When i was called a WoW lover in community chat during TWIMMO, reminded me of growing up in the deep south when you were called another type of lover.  Those guys got offended as well when you didn’t laugh at their jokes and laughed at you. 

    BTW, I found The Daily Blink was hilarious and right on the mark. 

    • Deadalon

      Ye – if Daily Blink had shown the real numbers as well.. then it would have told the true story.

      But yea! come to Iceland and have fun on EVE fanfest – I will be there !! 

      And maybe WOW can learn something from EVE how to make a game that has core systems that can be updated with free expansions and still not making the older content outdated.

  • Deadalon

    Throwing out the age card to defend WOW is sorta sad from GBTV.  A game that has 10 million SUBS should be able to maintain fully upgraded content.  Throwing out the age card might work if it was a single player game that has no updates or 100.000 players.   But WOW is not.  PPL expect BLizzard to be able to keep the game fully updated considering the money they are making.

    The sad thing tho –  Blizzard is not doing their job.  They are not really focused on fixing issues like low populated servers that are starting to show up when a game looses 20% of playerbase in 2 years.  They totally ignore it and are forcing players to pay 25$ per character to transfer to more active servers.  Cross realm zones are not solving low population issues at all.  

    Secondly – WOW has always been a popular game cause of its strong RPG systems.  But all of a sudden BLizzard has pretty much destroyed those systems in the past 4 years by changing the talent tree – ilvl changes that no longer scale correctly to overcome the difficulty of content for the playerbase – and removing pretty much all choices from players through the 90 lvls of content we now have.  

    4 years ago WOW was charging 100 bucks for their game + expansions.  Today they are offering 50% off in the 2nd month of MOP launch + the orginal game and expansions for 15 bucks.   Thats how bad of a job BLizzard has been doing to keep their game that makes them millions of dollars per yer up to date that every long term subscriber of WOW really deserves.  And that why BLizzard is loosing players now.   GBTV tries to call it a swing…    20 % loss in 2 years is not a swing.  NO matter if the orginal number was 12 million and is now at 9.6 million – its still huge loss and age of the game is not the reason.  Its based on how poorly BLizzard has been handeling things and bringing out new content.   And they are not increasing the content at all even tho they are trying to make it look so.

    • Deadalon

      BTW – BLizzard lowered the prices even more now.  25$ for everything now… including MOP.  Thats how desperate they are to keep some subs atm.

  • Dean Scott

    In EQ1 my first toon was a barbarian warrior and I wandered into the cave tunnels that connected the snow zone to Blackburrow.

    I literally couldn’t see a damn thing at all, zero sight.  Because I was a human and had no torch.  So obviously in a pitch black cave I wouldn’t be able to see.  But those gnolls guarding the tunnel certainly could see in the dark and stomped my face in.  I was screaming and running aimlessly in a corner.

    I loved it as it was realistic, besides gnolls.  

  • Steven Diaz

    Convenience in MMOs is so ridiculously overrated.  I still remember waiting 10 minutes for a shuttle in SWG right after a PvP battle and having to worry about being attacked by imperials.  I still remember enjoying the trek of going across a planet to either find a specific POI, meet up with friends, farm an area, or do a quest.  Convenience, while convenient, detaches you from the world you’re in.  While many will complain that it takes too long to do things, the people that do enjoy it, will stay and be faithful, they will love the experience.  I still remember people constantly talking about how hard EQ was and how long it took to get things done, they loved it.  I still remember when WoW first launched and it took ages to level and get things done.  People are very short sighted at times, all the extremely memorable games of the past were extremely inconvenient which made players really get immersed, because life is inconvenient. 

    Those “amazing” convenient games that have recently come out have such low retention rates, but they sell well and you can get anywhere in a few seconds.  Yeah, that sounds like fun.  Mechanics like day/night cycles that change the environment and even enemies, those mechanics are ignored due to fast travel.  People would just skip those areas making any work that’s gone into those areas, irrelevant when compared to the starting and ending areas.  What games NEED is more inconvenience.  Players complained that they wanted things to be more convenient but all that did was kill their games.  WoW is the PERFECT example, hardcore game turned convenient and all you hear from people that are subbed or that have left, is how easy and pointless everything is.  So…..  as I said, convenience hasn’t done anything to improve the MMO genre generally speaking.

    • Lee Walsh

      after agree with you dude there dude. 

    • Jim Bergevin Jr

      It is precisely because life is inconvenient that games have now become convenient. Games are supposed to be a release and an escape from real life. If all I have is 30 minutes of play time, spending that time having to get from Point A to Point B to actually “play” the game is a problem. Convenience has improved the MMO genre – without it, we wouldn’t be talking about WoW killers because WoW would never have reached 3 million players, let alone 10 or 11. Hardcore is no longer the norm, it is the niche. It became that way because those of us who grew up and created those hardcore games have found out just how inconvenient real life can be, and ease of entry and accomplishment in a game makes it much more fun.

    • FiachSidhe

      Dude screw you! I don’t sit around waiting for stores to open, waiting for public transportation, dealing with bureaucracy all day. Only to come home, and play a game featuring all that tired shit.

      You know what I read from you?

      “I’m a loser, who has tons and tons of free time. I remember when games catered to my basement dweller lifestyle, and wish more games were padded with overlong tedium, to fill the hours of my uneventful life.

      But only in games. I still have my cell phone, 24 hour pharmacies, cable tv, on demand, red box, delivery pizza, streaming videos, washing machines automobiles, and torrent dling making life easier, why not have a game that leads me around by the balls just to add a bit of frustration.”

      Tell you what, masochist, why don’t you just empty your bags when you die, shut the game off, or walk away when you port somewhere, for whatever length of time you feel is good enough to have wasted, and leave the modern game design to people with schedules, and a life outside of waiting for imaginary busses to take us to cartoon monster fights.

  • Phasra

    What is the difference between getting a Founder pack for an MMO (and getting beta access as a “thank you” from developers) and throwing your money at the project on kickstarter (and getting a _promise_, that the game will be ready someday, and that you will get it without any additional fee, when it will happen)?

    I’m obviously commenting on the user question about “paying for beta access in Neverwinter”. Personally, I have a few bucks to spare and I really liked everything that was shown to me, so I decided to support the development. I got beta access for it – cool.

    On the other hand, I would never support projects on kickstarter, that aren’t even in alpha yet. Why? Because there’s a big chance that those projects will never be completed.

    • Jeremy Whallon

       It’s for every person to decide. I personally am unwilling to pay $60 to gain access to three beta weekends for a game that will have no cost of entree on release. I’d rather wait until it’s out, give it a try, and then decide if the game is worth investing any real money into it.

      • Phasra

        But you’re not paying $60 for the “beta access”! You are essentially paying for various in-game items and cash-shop currency with a huge discount. You will get all that when the game comes out. Now, “beta access” is just a bonus added on top.

        • Kagitaar

          Except the items you get don’t interest me for the most part. The $20 pack is very utilitarian.

    • Kagitaar

      It’s more the price point in my opinion. When you have a $20 option that doesn’t have the beta access, I have to wonder, why is $20 not enough to show them that I do want to support their game?

      • Phasra

        But it IS enough – you get some nice in-game rewards for that. Now, the question is – are those rewards enough to justify the price.

  • Jado Cast

    I watched Total Biscuit and Jasmine from Massively play NeverWinter and after playing GW2 and AoC, I could never play an MMO that roots you to the ground when you use your skills to attack and I can’t stand the reticle on target to use special attacks.  That feels too limiting and would frustrate me.  Too bad, the rest of the game looks pretty good but I’ll pass.

    • Kagitaar

      Yeah, the rooted even in melee combat style is a little funky nowadays. I’ve only played the cleric more than a few minutes so far, but that was one thing I noticed, and groused about, immediately; every single ability roots you in the animation, except, oddly enough, the fighter’s block.

      • Jado Cast

        I watched Total Biscuit, and they explained the reason behind it, which I don’t buy.  They said that the ranged classes could move in combat but they changed it.  They did it for two reasons, 1)  they feel it gives the combat more weight and impact during combat so it feels like each skill is powerful.  2)  Mobile combat created issues with AI mobs locking on you, I’m paraphrasing.  

        In both cases, I feel like other games out there pulled off action combat without sacrificing mobility.  I think this single issue will lose them a lot of players during beta unfortunately.

        • Kagitaar

          Like I said in my other post, it’s very Tera rather than GW2. Now whether that’s an issue is a personal thing, but it is kind of annoying at first.

  • Thaguf

    Neverwinter looks fun to me. I will try it.

  • Kagitaar

    Regarding Neverwinter, I luckily enough have a friend who dropped the $60 to get in, and he graciously let me borrow his account, so I did get some time in. 

    The game feels a lot more like Tera than GW2, combat is very animation driven. The only real thing it has of GW2 is the dodging, it’s almost exactly the same, down to the two charge bar in the middle top of your other bars. Otherwise, I get flashbacks to Tera’s beta, with all the standing still and occasionally using an ability to move in combat. If you hated Tera for it’s combat, you are not going to be converted here. 

  • Jim Bergevin Jr

    I hit the beta pretty hard as a Guardian Fighter this past weekend, and also rolled the Rogue and Cleric to try to get some testing in. I have to agree that the game is looking good for the most part – but there still needs some polish.

    The targeting system was the biggest issue. Essentially the game has your movement locked to the mouse and you need to hit the alt button to release the cursor, which makes using in game menus and such a pain when out of combat. In combat you are essentially moving the camera around in order to target your foes or party members with the center locked reticule. It takes some getting used to in combat, and appears to make the caster classes much harder to play than a melee character who essentially just needs to hold the mouse button down for continuous attack and occassionally his the dodge/block key (Shift by default) when the mobs put up their tell.

    • Kagitaar

      Yeah, that can be a little jarring for people used to locked targets. If you’ve played DDO or Tera, the targeting system is similar to those. With the current ranged classes being restricted to cleric it’s not a huge issue, as everything you do splashes heals back onto you, but I’m worried about the wizard in the future; he’ll have to have some serious dodges to make it work.

  • GammaWolf

    The lack of knowledge shown by GBTV in regards to Camelot Unchained is apalling.


  • Targeted Individual

    The only mmo that holds me currently is GW2.