This week on TWIMMO, a 2013 Wildstar release date is confirmed! Fans of bunny-girls everywhere rejoice!

That’s right! Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney has confirmed that Wildstar will be hitting “It’s ready” this year.  While it’s not down-to-the-number specific, we’re going to say that we have a confirmed Wildstar release date.

Gaffney also offers up some tech related details, including info on tech that lets them change and modify terrain easily and in some cases dynamically.  Apparently they’re planning on using this to change up raids and dungeons on a weekly basis?  Um… Wow!  The other benefit is that it should let players not only build houses but modify the land around it.

So… Who’s building a gigantic farm?

Oh.. Wait.. Nevermind that farm thing.. How about a gigantic-freaking fortress that you can take to war?  (Yes.. I’ll have one of those please…)

Suddenly I’m even more excited about the Wildstar release date.

We still like our “WoW is dead” joke.

Yes guys.. You can relax.. It was only a joke.  Blizzard still has way more money than all of us combined — a good portion of that thanks to World of Warcraft’s current 9.6 million player base. The world hasn’t come to an end… yet.

Mark Jacobs is back with an all new MMORPG.

If you’re a fan of RvR and three faction PvP, you may recognize some of Mark Jacobs‘ previous work, like Dark age of Camelot?  Well, he’s back with a new MMO titled Camelot Unchained.

Jacob’s has stated that this game isn’t a direct successor to DaoC, but people see the potential to get some of that gameplay that they loved there in this game.

These are just a few things on this episode of TWIMMO.  We also have talk about Guild Wars 2, Neverwinter, Final Fantasy XIV: ARR, CCP Fanfest and of course, your viewer questions.

And, if you missed last week’s episode, you can find it here.