Prison Breaks Peter Stormare has you covered in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC

Recently the makers of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC released a trailer showing off all the new features found in the DLC.  But that’s not all as the trailer shows how gamers looking for more game time can find hope in one man.

The new trailer has actor Peter Stormare, known for television show Prison Break, explaining his role as a Replacer in the video. When gamers need a replacement for their daily lives, the Replacer fills that role.

Stormare will coach women through labor or deal with the annoyance of assembling furniture, the task is never too small or too large for Replacer.

The new four new multiplayer maps will include Hydro, a map featuring a Pakistani hydroelectric dam. Grind is a historic map using the birthplace of skateboarding with unique environmental challenges to adapt to. Downhill, where players will work their way from the top of a ski slope all the way into a ski lodge while avoiding the gondola system. And to round out these maps Mirage, a map that blends long range fighting with close quarter chaos.

Players itching for a new zombie inspired level will not be disappointed with Die Rise map. Set on a collapsed skyscraper, players will battle through this nightmare of metal and flesh. The new content will also give players the opportunity to become a zombie in the new zombie mode, Turned.

Mmm brains.

Finally players will also get their hands on the addition of a brand new weapon to the series, the Peacekeeper SMG.

All of these features can be picked up by buying the Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC or by having the season pass.

Check out the video and the Replacer and do not forget to leave a comment below letting us know, zombie or zombie killer, which will you choose?

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  • Knud Kjer Simonsen

    Damn nice 

  • Aisar

    No thank you.

  • Thorghan

    I’m not giving EA a dime, but this trailer is fun to watch.

    • Dylan Munson

      Too bad Call of duty is an Activision game

      • Jeremy Keat

        …And I wouldn’t give them a dime or a nickel.

      • Thorghan

        My bad. It was late here, when I wrote this. :)

        I’m in on Jeremy, since I hate EA and Activsion and their business models and behaviours.

  • Stillwater

    Wow a whole new weapon..golly gee i expected a new trigger or bullet colour..but the entire weapon?? :O !! Shut up and take my money!

  • Aaron Desrosiers

    If only the replacer could replace CoD with an actual good game.

  • Xoa Wolf

    Is it just me or was that a Impala? And did anyone else catch the idea that whoever made this commercial may have watched a few episodes of Supernatural… cause the music they used and the car are the same lol

    • Jeremy O’Hora

       Agreed Supernatural + Call Of Duty=AWESOME!!!

  • Inkogni Alex

    the funny thing is that the trailer is made better than the actual game they are trying to sell me :D that is funny