Keep up on all the latest video game release dates with Release It…Dates, Games & Dubstep.  Septembers games include:

  • World of Warcraft – Mists of Pandaria
  • Borderlands 2
  • Dead or Alive 5
  • Fifa 13
  • NHL 13
  • Rp TheFoolz

    so loud.. so wubwub…

    Borderland 2 is the one for me.

  • Justin Reysack

    now maybe if they used the same engine they used for Fifa to make WoW, we’d have a good game of WoW on our hands…

  • Mark Lorenz Maglupay

    Mist of Pandaria FTW … dat panda!

  • Mattsta

    I like the idea, but do we need to have short spans of game trailers, move one, then come back to show more of the game? You showed Borderlands 2 three or four times at 15-20 secs each. Why not just give each game like 45 seconds to a minute and move on?

    • jason jacobson

      Seems like they were trying to match up some of the music/beats to videos they played. I think it came out well.

  • SevenFold

    Dubstep doesn’t make everything better..

    • DrossRocket

      It’s been scientifically proven that dubstep makes everything 1.5-3x worse.

  • Michael Beets

    song title and artist? Cant wait for MoP!

  • Ruben HD Hanssen

    Man. Borderlands 2 and DOA 5? Sweet!

  • Patrikules Vunderbar

    bout time gary! MOAR DUB DUB YUB YUB

  • Krzysztof Kotarba

    imo it’s not to good… you need to practice montages.

    • Thomas Renshaw

      at least i wasnt the only one thinking that…

  • Pierce Hanson

    IMO, there’s some dubst

  • Pierce Hanson

    … that sounds better on a bass, the first song is one of them

  • EndrzGame

    Really looking forward to Dead or Alive 5. I love how they worked with Sega and put Akira and Sarah Bryant in the mix, Virtua Fighter being another one of my favorite fighters. It’ll be my pick up game when I’m taking breaks from Guild Wars 2. Borderlands 2 will have to wait a bit but I plan on getting that some time in the future.

  • pwnstylez

    what’s the point of making a montage with cool music if u dont even tell us the name of the song

  • Dagada

    now if only they had a little card at the end listing the game’s and their official release dates so people wouldn’t have to look somewhere else to find the info. People who already know the release dates probably wouldn’t care about this video beyond something to waste 4 mins on.

  • Cameron Grunow

    Personally the DubStep makes me dislike the vid, I can not stand it, then again I am one of the few who do not care for it on this site :). Other then that a great idea over all just needs a bit of fine tuning.

  • David Grimm

    LOL. You gentlemen need to calm down the hate.  I think this was fairly entertaining, thank you!

  • Prometheus Deity

    I think Gary & MikeB need to make a ‘Darnell Dubstep’ video.  That would be some suhweet epicosity right there, LOL  :P