This is the official trailer for Guild Wars 2, the sequel to the beloved and bestselling MMORPG Guild Wars, developed by ArenaNet and published by NCsoft.

  • Mabasploom

    This trailer really makes no sense to me.

  • RutgersKev

    That ….. Wasn’t good.

  • John Sardella

    Don’t get me wrong, GW2 has been the best game to happen to me, but what was that trailer?

  • Joshua J. Pate-Terry

    Yeah, love the game but that trailer is awful.

  • Fluffenstuffen

    Umm, no.

  • MilamberNova

    I liked it, the buildup was good and the ending very epic.

    It all symbolized team building and coming togheter to fight for a cause. I guess the water scene was supposed to symbolize the portal we take from the real world to our game selfs.

  • saxophone15

    Ever since I heard it might be live action I knew a lot of people were not going to like it.

  • Jason Jenkins

    launch trailer?? arent they a couple weeks late?

  • Niklas Höglund

    Well, that was lame. First I thought I was watching some pre-ad for the actual trailer but then… wtf?

  • Roger Means

    people dony like anything they bash and bash on other people creativity get a damn life go make a game or something be creative yourselves and quit knocking on people who are.

    • Deathstar2x

      It’s okay not to like something. If everybody kept silent, you won’t know how well your trailer/product is doing. Expressing dislike is not bashing/attacking either. Are you really going with the “get a life” and “do it yourself” argument?

  • steve

    Except for the end, what the hell did this trailer have to do with GW2. Thank god that wasn’t the trailer they decided to run with before launch or no one would be playing GW2

    • SevenWhite7

      1) as if you would even sort of know, and 2) as if the reason EVERYONE plays games is because of trailers.

      • Nick Cattane

        I love GW2 – but to be fair, trailers do draw a portion of users – I do agree though it is not the majority, but it is a factor and thus is the driving force behind releasing a quality trailer.

  • Bob

    That looks like the trailer The Secret World should have had.

  • Hicks64

    It’s more aimed for TV ads? iunno

  • Broodix

    I appreciate what Anet is trying to do with the trailer, but I think they overestimated the intelligence of the average gamer. Most of these people need everything spelled out to them, they like flashy, actiony stuff and everything must simple and concise.

    Personally, I loved the trailer, I really did, but I think this was a huge waste of effort on their part and I’m afraid that whoever their target audience was for this trailer, all the symbolism will be lost on them.

    • HarmonBlues

      Guess they should have stuck to wub wub and explosions? XD

      • Broodix

         Sad but true :(

    • ScottHawkes

      I’d be careful with that generalization. 
      I know precisely how they used metaphor to convey the idea of breaking out of the staid shell of current experience to enter a new world of adventure. Let’s face it, it’s not exactly obtuse.It doesn’t necessarily make it good though. And liking it doesn’t prove you’re smarter.

  • Nathiest

    Secret World / Guild Wars 2

  • SevenFold

    I love GW2…but wth was that?! SWTOR’s free to play live action trailer made more sense than this. They should have took a cue from Skyrims live acion trailer.

  • Dularr

    It was a good choice not using this trailer at launch.

  • mikeyeli

    Anet need to fire whoever is in charge of marketing, that was terrible.

  • Grant Butler

    I think it’s crap but I’m sure marketing knows what they’re doing, a lot of research goes into this stuff.

  • Zak Whinnie

    By far the worst game trailer I have ever seen. Great game though.

  • Chris Black

    The theme of this trailer seems to be immersion. Both literally and figuratively. The only thing I disliked about it was the cheesiness of the voiceover. I don’t think it was really needed to be honest. Loved the transition from live action to in game cinematic, the end was of course epic. Solid trailer but I can see how some people would dislike it. I think this will be the ad they run on tv.

  • MiZTiiX

    dreadful trailer

  • David Alcon

    That was absolutely terrible…it made no sense whatsoever. To quote an old SNL skit, “Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one!?”

  • Roblerw

    Maybe if this had been TSW it would have been an appropriate trailer but for GW2… It just doesn’t work 

  • MarcAndersson

    Worst game trailer ever!

    • Maxwell3000

      Agreed wholeheartedly. And I love A-net

  • Deadalon

    Loved that trailer. This is GW2 vs the stale and boring WOW. Just listen and you realise it when the guy starts walking over the embers =)

    Great stuff ANet

    • Dularr

      It was a really good idea not to release GW2 with this trailer.

    • Eibby

      full of bugs and laggy with fail trailer and game play. wow is far superior. 

      • Hattoff

        I am going to advise everyone right now… don’t feed the troll… lol

        there should be nothing below this reply

        v                 v                   v                   v

      • Quest_Over

         i have the same thing with gw2 bugs and laggy and that trailerwas just …..

    • Dularr

      Really, the guy walking on embers, that just screamed pretentious. 

  • XvShadow

    The first minute should have been lore related in my opinion. Same mood perhaps, with us being immersed completely within the world of Tyria and less realistic, urban imagery. I liked the footage after 1:12 with the woman swimming and becoming her avatar, though. :)

    • Deadalon

      Ye – it would have been better to see some ppl do some real life stuff .. then turn into the diffrent races when coming up from the water.

  • Deadalon

    Well well – MMO trailer that actually has ingame footage.   Did I see that in MOP trailer ? Guess why not =)  

    • Nathan Vani

      first of all everyone knows what WoW looks like and if you want to see in-game footage of MOP that’s what this is for

    • Dularr

      The GW2 trailer was not gameplay footage.  That was rendered character models. 

      Not a big fan of the Mist of Pandaria trailers (that’s for trailers, love the in game MoP cinematic), I do prefer actually gameplay.

      • Nick Cattane

        Actually, the gw2 footage is exactly what it looks like on high settings – In fact, it looked a little worse than what I run it on.

        • Dularr

          It’s clearly the character models, I’m just saying it’s not gameplay footage. 

          Not a fan of the CGI game trailer, but really want actual gameplay and GW2 could have pulled that off easy. 

          • Nick Cattane

            Either way, terrible trailer – awesome game.  Oh well, and wow of course is a great game in itself.  I don’t get why people want to fight over both.  Each offer different things and are both acceptable/good games.

      • Craig Gafoor

        the 3d stuff is in game footage…..

    • Dularr

      BTW, finally saw the longer Mist of Pandaria TV commercial (not the short NFL  commercial), that version includes actual gameplay video.   While I can understand why Blizz wanted to use the Game Intro Cinematics, I was glad to see them include actual gameplay. 

  • Randall Burt

    I get it. I didn’t like it, but I get it.

  • Stradus Woods

    Didn’t care for it other then there is actual game play in the end +.  Nice of it to have it in there.  So tired of trailers that go hey play are game and not show us what the game looks like.

    I like the message it send.  Other mmorpgs take note the same old formula doesn’t work for most of us anymore.  At least it won’t for me.  GW2 only mmorpg I’ll play here on out. GW2 wins big time in PVE,PVP,WVW,CRAFTING, and COMBAT (slightly slow for me tera beats it a little there, to bad it failed everywhere else).  After playing so long I thing there slightly screwed up on dungeons there a bit to boring. My suggestion is add jumping puzzles along with group puzzles to the dungeons in place of some of the normal trash.

  • Krzysztof Kotarba


  • Spammerbam

     I’m not gonna lie, this trailer is awful.

  • Tom Hayward

    terrible trailer. that’s all.

  • Sharuko

    lol what did I just watch, that was the most awful cringe worthy embarrassing trailer I have ever seen in my life.  If I were a GW2 player, I would want to disassociate from that game immediately.  All the GW2 community were laughing at the MoP trailer but the MoP trailer was literally million times better than this.

    They think walking on coal and putting a mask and drawing is “edgy”?  I can see how that would get the tween target excited and I can see some players here repeat those words in front of a mirror but for most players that is just flat out awful.

    Is it supposed to be a subtle attack on WoW?  How about do it like a man like Rift did instead of being so scared and saying it indirectly.

    • Jonathan Hornsby

      Because it isn’t an attack on WoW; it is a declaration to the entire MMO gaming community. I’m sorry if it was too subtle for your puny mind to grasp that.

      That said; yeah this is pretty bad. And I was disappointed when I saw it the first time. Still my point is that it is fine to not like something, but bashing it based on your own failure to understand what it was trying to say is stupid. Overall this gets the same ranking from me as the recent MoP trailer; well put together and imaginative, but lacking in gameplay footage and fails to “sell” the game very well. As far as trailers go it is pretty average in that it looks neat, but ultimately tells you nothing about the game.

      • Shawn

         This is Sharuko we are talking about here, there wasn’t much upstairs in the first place.

    • Luke Malcolm

      Nah if anything was a subtle attack on WoW it was Rift or what i hear people call it “Shift” and we know how that game turned out and will prbly become a f2p steam game by christmas.

      But anyway the direction they toke with the trailer was just bad, If did a trailer with there amazing artwork & had alot of gameplay in it would of been an amazing trailer. everything they have done has been great until that.

    • Jenji Fenell

       Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I should quit GW2 because of a trailer? You serious bro? Like, seriously?

      Sure yeah, I’ll just cancel my subscription right now. Going to the website… Oh wait, I forgot! There is no subscription. Guess I’ll just jump back in and play a game I enjoy while you sit there hating.

      (Lol, quite a good game because of a trailer… You really funny bro.)

    • Spammerbam

       The trailer was pretty lame, no lie. It wasn’t aimed towards WoW either, but the MMO genre in general.
      It’s funny how Tera had a way more badass Argon Queen trailer, yet a huge chunk of players disassociated from that game.


  • nathan law

    this trailer is so bad, i hope nobody bases their decision to purchase the game on this.

  • Latinkuro

    This other piece of history art here explains exactly why this trailer was made I’d even say GW2 trailer was directly inspired by it, If you don’t get it to bad for you if you do welcome to the real world.

  • Michael Byrne

    Over halfway through the trailer and I was still thinking “Damn Gamebreaker what’s with the LONG ad for a 2+ minute trailer video”….then I realized…..yeah..bad trailer is bad.

  • Craig Gafoor

    its shit sorry,love the game but this is shit

  • Dennis Rodriguez

    i wish GW2 or mmo players in general looked like the actors. sadly they are mostly obese

    • bsqminus4ac

      I hate to break it to you but actors don’t have normal bodies. It’s the rest of us that have normal bodies.  Don’t try and compare yourself to an 18 year old silicone infused girl in an over exposed video shoot as you’ll lose every time. 

  • Luke Malcolm

    Dam that trailer was bad

  • Jonathan Hornsby

    Overall this trailer wasn’t bad, but didn’t do much to sell the game. I understand it, and even think it was an interesting idea, but it just doesn’t work. That said it is very well “on point” to Arena Net’s long standing message about Guild Wars 2; that it is the MMO for people who don’t like MMOs, but at this point it is too late for making such statements and anyone who cares is already well aware of that stance.

    I don’t think this trailer will be received very well by fans or newcomers, and we’ve already seen the massive troll zerg flooding posting of it, so in that regard it is a failure. However as an idea piece it isn’t bad, and I do like some the imagery, I just feel this would make a better
    “fight the establishment” ad for Arena Net itself, rather than a marketing tool for their product. After all it actually doesn’t show much of the game or tell potential new players anything about  it. Likewise it utterly fails to make the case for why GW2 is worth their time more than
    other games of the genre, and certainly doesn’t tell non genre fans why they should give it a look.

    Most people, obviously, will look at this and wonder what it was about, and what it has to do with the game at all. A select few will get the message and understand that this trailer is trying to say “Guild Wars 2 is different.” But that alone won’t be enough for most. After all GW2’s primary potential audience is MMO players who have given up and left other games because of particular gameplay mechanics, and this trailer does absolutely nothing establish how GW2
    is different from the games we’ve all left in the past.

  • Thomas Jordan

    This is the worst game trailer I think I have ever seen……

  • DoctorOverlord

    I really enjoy good gametrailers and I repeatedly watch ones that I like.  I’m afraid to say this will not be a trailer that I watch again.    

    I really don’t know what anyone who has never heard of GW2 will think of this trailer.   Maybe it will get them interested, mostly I think it will confuse them.  It confused me and I’m playing the game.

    Also going for the ‘I want to project myself into a fantasy work’ theme is much less effective after Blizzard has done their very successful series of commercials spoofing that idea.   And being dramatic means going up against the kind of trailers produced by the likes of Blur Studios which is hard to match.  

    The one bright spot – I’m now looking forward to seeing Gary’s and everyone’s reactions to the trailer on Guildcast.  

  • Maiidz

    Wow this is so bad.. I think they were trying to go along the lines of Call of Duty’s trailer “There Is A Soldier In All Of Us”.

  • Jasongvh

    Not being a fanboy here but this trailer is pretty smart. It actually starts off very obvious that it’s trying to break the mold, then a whole group of people get together that want to try different things and not conform to societies(MMO) norms. The good looking people actually represent the fact that the game itself is beautiful… It’s different and leaves people thinking.

    • Arkanthos

      Yet most ppl that commented here on this video, dont know how to think at all…

    • Dularr

      Sorry, it just came across as being full of cliches.  The tagger that turns out to be surprise! a pretty girl.  The escapee from a Tony Robbins fire walking motivational event. 

      All getting together to fight the end game dragon boss.  (BTW doesn’t it look like they yell at Zhaitan and he comes in a one shots them.) 

      This is not what Guild Wars 2 is about.

  • Diequex


    I don’t even. I’m still loving the hell out of Gw2, but goddamn was that bad. 

  • bsqminus4ac

    I’m on the fence on this one. 


    Breaking the mold of the pure CG trailer which shows nothing close to in game footage.

    Don’t Like:

    I’ve never been a fan of trailers/commercials where you have to wait until the end to even know what the heck the video is about. 

  • Cory Allen Estreen

    I honestly have no idea what you people are talking about saying that this trailer is “shit”. Obviously, none of you have any idea how to advertise. I adore GW2, but purely from a technical standpoint. It is an excellent representation of what Arena Net is trying to accomplish. The point of a commercial as such is to entice and interest the audience.

    1) For anyone who doesn’t know anything about GW2 will be captivated by the relationship it has made between the players and game play. The footage is actually extremely cathartic and emotionally gripping.

    This being said, people who watch it will “investigate” the product further by researching it online, whereas the focal point Arena Net is communicating.

    2) We are dealing with the first generation of a different movement toward a new style of mmo game play and with that comes new methods of enticing audiences.

    You may all have opinions, but you are all gamers as well, so until you provide more of a basis and support for saying it is “shit”… do not comment, seriously.

    By taking realism and bringing CG game play at the end, it keeps the audience interested till the very end of the advertisement. At first I thought I was watching something else and thought I had the wrong video until I found little inclinations that mirrored GW2 game play.

    This is an excellent metaphorical video that truly demonstrates passion and any viewer will appreciate that.


    • Monstercloud

      All I heard was, “Hipster Fanboy doesn’t like people disliking a 2 minute launch video”. Keep your pretentious horseshit to yourself, and stick with what you like about the video.

      • Tris

        That was a play ground response Monster. Do you have something useful to contribute?

        I think Cory has summarised Anet’s objectives really well. I enjoyed the video and the messages they were trying to convey came across well, although I am a gamer and already sold on the game so I didn’t need much convincing.

        • Monstercloud

          Oh gee sorry, I guess I could call him a pretentious hipster fanboy AND say why I don’t the video, and why people that do like it shouldn’t comment.

          If you’re wasting the majority of the trailer to get some kind of message across, rather than what the product yourself, you might as well just put a pulsating “Guild Wars 2 is out, buy it now!” sign for 15 seconds, instead of a scene that you will never see in the game.

          If the goal was to create a trailer to get people excited for GW2, then it also fails, as it features so little of why you should play GW2, unless you’re someone like Cory, who views this trailer as a commercial (…) and tries to translate the vagaries so it’s a brilliant commercial (instead of a launch trailer..) that doesn’t deserve people calling it “shit”.

          The real-action could of been shortened by 30-45 seconds with plenty of time left over to show how it’s still different from the rest. Even then, the content itself (Graffiti, coal walking) is so disconnected from both the game and the audience, that it could be thrown out entirely. That stuff belongs closer to “The Secret World” than GW2.

          Bottom line, liking or disliking the trailer is fine. Insulting one view just because they don’t explain why they like/dislike at length, or because they “just don’t understand” makes you come off as a smug jackass, and any “insight” you may of had is devalued into perceived fanboy biased ass-hatery.

  • Gabriel Martin

    I am unimpressed with the trailer, but at least they showed stuff that gives you an idea what the game looks like. I am a big fan of the game, already racked up plenty of hours on it.

  • Kagitaar

    One, that is not how you walk on coals, his feet would be burning at that pace.

    Two…sigh. Okay, I get that they wanted to show that they are different, but that was not the way to go about it. To me it felt like some cheesy ad campaign that EA would do (and has done). Maybe it’s just me, but live action representing videogames just looks terrible.

    • Arkanthos

      the live action doesnt reprisent the videogame, but the mentality of videogamers:) im astounded how many ppl didnt see what they wanted to show:P

  • Aksel Petrova

    i agree with Kagitaar

    I thought i was watching a trailer for a game like secret world 

  • christopher murray

    I get it but I dont really “get it”.  I am sure the storyboards looked cool and all but in practice I just dont really understand what the marketing department was thinking of.

  • Justin Bania

    That plant dragon at the end was badass and all… but what… I don’t even… yeah.

    • mouse

      it zhaitan undead dragon

  • pc11

    Lol. What?!

    I can see the reaction of average Joe and Jane when they see this on the tv; “hmmm look, pretty model people doing something misterious. Looks cool. Whait what? Its a videogame? So lame…”

    Reaction of a gamer; “Who the fuck are these people? They have never played anything but Farmville how is this a commercial to an MMO?!”

  • JJGlyph

    Keep the last 30 seconds, throw the live action trash away.

  • Justin Munyer

    I had to watch this trailer a few times before I grasped the true meaning of what they were implying. 

    “For too long, a shadow has gripped the land, And we have stood by. Paralyzed by fear and doubt.” 

    One of the real targets for this trailer, IMO, is players who play other popular MMOs, or used to but are tired of the old model. The first part of the trailer talks about fear and doubt.  I see that as referring to people who have seen so many recent MMOs fail and are afraid to try new ones because of that.  They have been stuck in the same MMO because not much else in the genre has been worth playing. People play “that one MMO” for many reasons, but many have been stuck in the game, doing the same things, because its what they know, and are used to. But now its time to break that. 
    “For those who have dreamed of a better world: The time has come to open our eyes.”

  • Arkanthos

    Your realy are socialy awkward it seems.

  • TheHolgar

    This was NOT a good launch trailer! GW2 that is SO good, and they cant do a lauchtrailer to match it up!? disepointed, but i hope people get curiose enought to check it out atleast.

    • Mizzick


      • TheHolgar

        And with that you are meaning what? Just curious.

  • garry garry

    To me GW2 had more appeal when they were simply doing their own thing, selling themselves as the WoW killer is really off-putting. That’s how I understand the irl part of the trailer. It’ll make them look funny once half their players go back to MoP, it always happens.

  • Jan Lappalainen

    I really dont like this trailer – the live action part seems really pretentious to me, and the in game part doesnt really offer anything more than a clichéd battleroar.

  • Byron Lumley

    Couldn’t they afford a real cinematic? 

  • QSatu

    This is one of those commercials which doesn’t seem to have anything in common with the product it is trying to sell. but I think it was a nice watch and I enjoyed it. Maybe a little bit too “edgy” but if i were to see it on tv i would probably watch the whole thing and wouldn’t skip the channel.

  • Depravity

    Understand this: it is not aimed at all of us MMO freaks that already know the game, but clearly to stiffen up the nerdy virgin erections of the average kid that is aroused by two hot chicks playing semi-nude characters. Blatantly tries to sell the game to the dude that never got any.

    I’m not too sure it is hitting the spot, but to me those two surely got the juices flowing and I will need to unload soon. Maybe cause it is morning, maybe. Glorious.

    p.s.: Not the best of trailers, albeit many do not realize the marketing windows this will be used in and at what audience it is aimed for.

  • INKS

    wow…terrible. I didnt know what i was even watching until the last 2-3 seconds of the commercial.

  • Jason Horton

    Loved it, great production value for sure :D

  • Old Ben


    I guess it’s aimed at people who just need a little “social” incentive to switch camps or try out the game, and who wouldn’t really be convinced by talking about the game itself. It’s sort of saying “it’s okay, you’re not a lonely masochist who has spent years playing a game you hate because you just lack the willpower to face life without that familiar crutch; you’ve just been biding your time, being an active and popular member of the ‘MMO community’, waiting for this revolution, so that you can bravely move forward with your large group of friends.”

    It’s probably a good ad for that particular demographic (in terms of making them take the jump).

    But still, meh.

  • Ravenstorm

    This is what GW2 stands for. This is not only promotional, this is art. It’s intriguing. Mysterious. 
    Original. It’s not the standard CGI vid. You will love it or hate it. Me, I loved it from the start. Beautiful. 

  • Spencer Kennedy

    Did anyone else think this could have easily been a The Secret World Trailer until they changed into characters?

  • Azzras

    Love the game (surprisingly), but I hate this trailer.  I get what they were ‘saying’, but I think they should have just used in-game footage.  The world is beautiful.
    I thought I was watching GBTV’s new sponsor run an add…lol.
    I actually tried to skip ahead just to get to the GW2 trailer.

    Bad game trailer is bad.

  • Ravenstorm

    With respect, Old Ben, though I appreciate most of your insights most of the time, this time you’re spewing hatred where there’s none to be spewed. And even if ‘those people’ should choose for GW2 for the reasons you acclaim, there’s no reason for being demeaning to a ‘demographic’ of people. Not cool.
    And no, I’m not one of ‘those people’, I’m just surprised hearing you talk like this. Your opinion, granted. This is another.

    • Jim Bergevin Jr

      I didn’t get that at all from his comments – I don’t see the hate or the demeaning. Truth be told, I think he nailed the overall theme of the commercial right on the head.

      • Ravenstorm

        Don’t get me wrong, Old Ben usually has good points in his remarks. Just the ‘lonely masochist’ I don’t accept. Rather it’s the ppl trapped cuz of no other choice because of the lack innovations as of yet in mmo’s. Imho it’s more aimed at the ppl who rebel against those pillars of old or the ones who feel stuck, and now finally there is something else available. Also, ppl don’t need their large group of friends to move on to something else. Ppl do can make their own decissions, and if it happens to be a group of ppl, that’s their fortune. Nothing to do with the somewhat ironically put ‘brave’. In fact, many of the ppl shown in the vid where single, ‘xept that one who was firewalking.

        • Old Ben

          > Rather it’s the ppl trapped cuz of no other choice

          Yeah, because playing an MMO is essential for human survival, right? It’s not like anyone could stop playing [insert game here] and just do something else with their free time…

          > Ppl do can make their own decissions

          Of course they can… and advertising is there to help ensure they make the “right” ones.

          • Ravenstorm

            Your interpretation of the ad wasn’t mine. Didn’t see masochists. I did get your point, just refuse to see it that way. Your interpretation was yours, mine was different. And that’s fine.

    • Dularr

      It’s his typical attack on anyone that plays older MMOs.  He has spewed this hate before.  

    • Old Ben

      Looks like you completely missed the point of what I wrote…

  • JariKiv

    I play GW2 because it’s fun, fantastic world design, the lore, etc. Not because it’s different than other MMOs.

    The trailer was all about how it’s telling us that it’s different than other MMOs, but they failed in showing us how it’s different. The message in the first half is “we’re different than the other MMOs”, which is fine, but then they show in the last part “You fight a big dragon”. 

    It needed to show people how it’s different than the rest, not just say it.

    • Jim Bergevin Jr

      Well, it makes sense. Just read some of the recent interviews with the devs and you’ll see that they even admit they didn’t do a good job of introducing players to the new mechanics and such. Truth be told, not talking about the specifics of the design is probably a good thing as players will then formulate an opinion going in that may not be appropriate to the actual gameplay and thusly hate the game and quit in short order. This is a game that needs to be tried to see if you like the direction they choose or not, many people have, but many people have not.

      Ultimately, it’s a bad trailer for anyone not familiar with the game. The live action only serves to confuse what the “commerical” is actually about and the last few seconds where we actually see “the game” just looks like another generic fantasy game. As Azzras said – Bad trailer is bad … very bad.

  • Edin Besic

    The first half of the trailer I kept thinking its a trailer for The Secret World, but knowing from the title that its a GW2 trailer made me confused… 
    Love the game, but i found this trailer to be nonsensical.

  • Marc Woodward

    I could easily see this ad as a series of ads but not something to show Guild Wars 2 off by itself. 

    The dialog and the feeling from this particular ad was all about coming together and defeating something bigger than yourself. 

    That is one aspect of the game, one that is important but I feel you would require more ads possibly like this but to explain more of the game.

  • Zax19

    Yep, very confusing indeed.

  • Nemanja Stosic

    Live action asura PLZ

  • Jason Matzke

    damn it they spoiled zhitian  for me curse them ALL!!!!!!

  • Unknownman14

    No matter how confused I am about the trailer I think the advertise department did a good job since EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT!!!

  • Randall_Wolfcry

    I think the trailer was made for people who were already excited about GW2 and waiting for it. Which IS rather strange, since they should really be making a trailer to advertise the game to people who AREN’T yet planning on buying the game.

    It’s a cool little fanservice, but in the end this trailer isn’t a wise investment of their time and money.

    • Randall_Wolfcry

       It’s much cheaper to do fanservice stuff like they did for the launch date, where it’s just a nice in-game footage montage. THAT’S the kind of stuff you should be doing for fans since it didn’t require much effort beyond the development of the game itself. (They had to work out the camera angles and timing but all the models and graphics had already been developed as part of the game creation)

  • Jay

    I still think the trailer should have been 10 seconds long.. Only showing the part of them emerging from the water onward.

    The first part seems like a trailer for TSW…

  • Joshua Shaffer

    the worst anything i’ve ever witnessed.

    fire whoever is even remotely associated with this.