Aliens: Colonial Marines Releases Story Trailer

Sega and Gearbox have released a brand new trailer showing the story of their upcoming game, Aliens: Colonial Marines.

In this new trailer gamers are told about a new squad of marines sent in as a search and rescue team for the previous marines, Corporal Dwayne Hicks, Ellen Ripley and the others.

The game will start 17 weeks after the events of the movie, following in the footsteps of a new character, Corporal Christopher Winter. Players will get to experience when the stuff royally hits the fan because we all know this will happen regardless of the amount of visible marines in the trailer.

Gamers may have also spotted the addition of the synthetic named Rook which is being played by Lance Henriksen, the original actor who played the synthetic Bishop and Weyland from the movies. Gamers have known since way back in February that the actor would be reprising his role but we finally get to see a glimpse of him in the game!

With the release of the game quickly drawing closer, I am curious to hear whether gamers feel this will be a true spiritual successor from the movies or will this leave the after taste that the recent Aliens vs. Predator game did?