The votes are in, and you, the fans have spoken!

See who came away with top honors in the 2012 GameBreaker Awards gala celebration, hosted by Gary Gannon and his (generally well-dressed) minions, Scott Hawkes, Jason Winter, and Josh Allen. It’s a nearly clean sweep for one game, but there are plenty of other categories up for grabs!

It should also be noted that there were some pretty amazing games nominated for these awards, and we would be remiss not to at least list the top three choices for each category.  We would like to congratulate the winners and runners up.  These are truly great games.



video game shows mmorpg     2012 GameBreaker Awards Show

First Place: Guild Wars 2

Second Place: PlanetSide 2

Third Place: TERA






video game shows mmorpg     2012 GameBreaker Awards Show

First Place: Guild Wars 2

Second Place: World of Warcraft

Third Place: Star Wars: The Old Republic






video game shows mmorpg     2012 GameBreaker Awards Show

First Place: Guild Wars 2

Second Place: PlanetSide 2

Third Place: Star Wars: The Old Republic






video game shows mmorpg     2012 GameBreaker Awards Show

First Place: PlanetSide 2

Second Place: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Third Place: Aion






video game shows mmorpg     2012 GameBreaker Awards Show


First Place: League of Legends

Second Place: DOTA 2

Third Place: Heroes of Newerth




video game shows mmorpg     2012 GameBreaker Awards Show

First Place: The Elder Scrolls Online

Second Place: Neverwinter

Third Place: WildStar






video game shows mmorpg     2012 GameBreaker Awards Show


First Place: Guild Wars 2

Second Place: World of Warcraft

Third Place: EVE Online




Once again, congratulations to all the winners.  And, thanks everyone for your votes, and we’ll see you next year!

Jason Winter has held several positions in the tabletop and video-gaming industry since 1996, including writer, editor, marketing coordinator, and game designer. He's the former editor of Beckett Massive Online Gamer and almost considers himself competent in PvP. In addition to his work with, he also blogs about video games at
  • Wiliam Wiazinin

    GW2 FTW!!!!!! 4 AWARDS!!!!

    • Luke Malcolm

      Yes they did, but in 8 years will they still be winning stuff is the question. ;)

      • Didrik Püschel

        GW3 might be :D

      • Enelya Jazz

        Might be. Who knows ~ :D

  • Inkogni Alex

    WOOOO WOOO, was expecting GW2 and some PS2 to reach high spots. but EVE online #3   as BEST MMO, well deserved there

  • Hicks64

    I really enjoyed the livestream and thanks GamebreakerTV for all the shows in 2012! <3 Hicks

  • 7BitBrian

    Not a bad lineup imo. The winners are pretty much expected. I’d have ranked EvE, TSW, and Neverwinter higher on a few personally, but it’s not about just me, but everyone’s vote.

  • Cpt.Badger

    Planetside 2 and “Great Engine” should NEVER be used in the same sentence.

    Really Gary, it performs like utter crap.

    • Miguel Sotolongo

      HoN has done nothing for esports compared to what LoL has done and DoTA 2 is still too young.

    • Ganrokh

       LoL is kinda in the same boat that WoW is in right now: it’s getting old, but it is a genre-defining game that is still hugely popular (IIRC LoL is the most played online game, followed by WoW?) and both games are still tons of fun. If the developers have made experiences that are still vastly popular years after their launch, then why shouldn’t they be here?

  • Joseph Legemah

    let the hatred flow.

    • Krzysztof Kotarba

      why hate… it’s community votes.

    • Ravenstorm

      Yesssssss. My Master.. Kcheeeeeee Choooooooooo..

  • Carlos Navarretti

    I disagree on the soundtrack. WoW’s Mops the floor with all of them. 

    • 7BitBrian

      WoW does have a good soundtrack, but I wouldn’t call it the best. I was actually surprised TSW didn’t make the cut, it has some great music that really helps with the immersion of the game.

    • Krzysztof Kotarba

      I like asian themed music and basicly all WoW ost but MOP is so crap.

  • Gamizero

    Great Show guys,   except you need to fire that sound guy.. he was bad..

  • Dularr

    Was there a category for best expansion? Or did they pull that award? 

    • Bradley

      This is like beating a dead horse but hell. I rewatched show twice on twitch looking for this category and was puzzled as to what happened. Considering WoW was runner-up in a few categories and Rift was no-where to be found leads me to believe that WoW won that award. So my explanation is that Trion Worlds, their advertiser wouldn’t have been happy or Gary personally didn’t want to do this award when Rift didn’t win. I do hope it was just a mistake.

  • Syced

     what other mmos are there that released in 2012 other than planetside 2 and guild wars 2?

    • Gamizero

      haha. umm   Tera, The Secret World.     a bunch more but not in NA…  

    • Ganrokh

      SWTOR released within the last 2 weeks of 2011, a lot of websites have been considering it a 2012 game.

  • Deadalon

    Was hoping for RIFT to be more up there.  Storm legion is without a doubt the best expansion of 2012.

    • Dularr

      I was wondering what happened to the best expansion category.

      • Luke Malcolm

        There only 2 games outta the ones listed that can do Best Expansion. As GW2 doesn’t have one & SWTOR’s isn’t released yet. 

        • Dularr

          Most of the gaming sites listed,  WoW-Mists of Pandaria, Rift-SL, EvE Online-Retribution and LOtRO-Riders of Rohan

          • Michael

            The Eve “expansion” is a free content patch. An expansion typically implies a pay wall with a significant amount of content.

  • Krzysztof Kotarba

    hehe silly gamebreaker.
    btw on awards shows ppl stand, next year you should all stand, suits – nice touch :>Imo the best mmo overall should go for WoW… it’s most successful MMO and basically foundation for classic mmo genre.Best graphic for Tera, It is damn unreal engine, It looks amazing, GW2 has great graphic and one of the best art styles but still Tera should win.

    • Luke Malcolm

      I agree with you for Best MMO,

      but it was all based on are votes & prbly there votes aswell. 2nd place is good an 8 year old game.

      Will any the other MMOs, be able to do that in 7 – 8 years from now. Maybe, Maybe not.

    • Chris P

       Best MMO for this year. WoW will not be the holy god of MMO’s forever despite WoW fans trying desperately to say so. We now have games coming out that are highly anticipated that follow the GW2 style of gameplay. The so called “WoW clones” are dying out because they see how successful GW2 is. So when a large group of people are jumping ship off the WoW bandwagon and GW2 is leading that charge, I can say without a doubt GW2 wins the best mmo category hands down. Tera has good graphics sure but there isn’t a lot of detail that is given to the immerse feel. You can be wondering around GW2 and see a ship being used as a bridge or a base of operations. Polygons and shaders are not the only things that make a game have good graphics.

    • Jeremy Pfeifer

      I agree with you on both accounts. It’s not just the amount of money a game makes that pushes it to be the best MMO. It’s the fact that it is still rolling strong after 7 years. The numbers go up and down but it still has millions of loyal fans and players. It is still pushing out wow “clones” 7 years after that fact, not really a good thing, but it is happening.

      Time will tell if GW2 can do the same thing. I can’t play GW2, even with some really great mechanics. I just don’t feel any depth there on the PVE front. My guild and I have gone back to WoW. But that is because while we like the mechanics we just don’t feel strong, we still enjoy the power in WoW, the story our characters are pushing, and love the epic raids. I don’t agree that GW2 is leading any charge. It is just to early to tell. 4-5 months is not long enough to see if that will take, even with games like TESO using mechanics from GW2. The best luck to them, it just wasn’t my kind of MMO.

      I also thought that Tera had the best graphics using that engine. While I loved the aesthetic in GW2 and the huge cities and art design, for straight up graphics Tera just destroyed it, in my opinion. The rest of Tera was pretty bland but the graphics were amazing. I would have to say that the design of places like Lion’s Arch, like was mentioned, are great for immersion and creativity but that doesn’t usually go into my opinion of graphics.

  • Luke Malcolm

    Pretty much what I expected, a Good List. As it was all based on are votes, nothing wrong with it. 

    Can’t complain

  • Luna Kazemaru

    lol this is such a joke

    • Luke Malcolm

      Viewers voted you can’t complain

      • Aaron

         Viewers are by and large dumb.

        • Ravenstorm

          Hi viewer!

          • Aaron

             I am dumb, but not dumb enough to vote for GW2 for any award.

          • Jant0n

            Having a different opinion doesn’t make someone dumb.

          • Michael


      • Luna Kazemaru

         which makes it even more of a joke lol.

        • Michael

          Maybe to you, but to the viewers it is obviously not. I guess every time people vote on anything and something wins that you do not enjoy its a joke huh?

  • Ravenstorm

    But are they also wearing their suit pants…

    And sad to say, I still can’t play PS2 getting the ‘exe stopped working’ when trying to launch, and I tried every holy hell sollution to get in. Every other game works perfectly on my i7 64bit rig.
    I must be doomed to not get flabberganked. And I so wanna get gutgasted.

    For me: Best graphics: GW2. Best soundtrack: TES Skyrim. Best FTP: PS2, so I hear.
    Most anticipated game 2013 and 2014: Mount and Blade 2 , rly not TES online so if it’s great that’ll be a nice surprise. Best MMO ever: Shoot the flute guy.

    • Ganrokh

       I kept having the same issue in my i5 64bit rig. I know I could run the game but I just couldn’t figure it out, until I found a pretty dumb (but working) solution. Everytime I’m on my computer, I have Mumble open in the background. Apparently PS2 doesn’t like Mumble when it opens. Closing Mumble let me launch the game.

      • Ravenstorm

        Hey there. Well after multiple in-uninstalls and tryouts (US-EU-Steam versions), graphic card driver updates (Raedon HD 6800 series), memory tests, and firewall allowances checks, I finally installed it on another new pc in my house, and LO’ an’ Behold it worked on that one.
        So by deduction it’s probably to do with my Scarlet Secure PC firewall, which I looked at hundreds of times now.

        So if there are any suggestions from knowable ppl, other then ‘disable your firewall’ :P, I would be very gratefull for them. Cheers!

    • James Reilly

      Skyrim would be ineligible for best soundtrack for 2012, because it was released in 2011. With that said, it does have an amazing soudtrack though. 

      • Shana Lacasse

        You probably already know what I’m about to say but just in case: both GW2 and Skyrim’s soundtracks were created by the same compositor, Jeremy Soule.

  • Adrian Lloyd

    Best part of this show is all the intricate ways Gary was opening those envelopes!

    • Angelica Sarvo

      This was my favorite part of the show.

  • Fey

    I always knew Netflix was secretly an MMO.

  • Mark Bradden

    I think guild wars 2 did well but needs to step it up now on more types of game play putting some fun in the game

    • Michael

      Yay a true comment about GW2 that is not shrouded in ignorance! 

      • Riccardo Tavano

        Yeah…many ppl get bored of the game so fast..but mainly because they play alone (i’ve seen ppl say it lacks endgame when they were lvl 60…1st char) and/or they’re to lazy to do things wich require a lil bit more effort or little more farm…and the funny thing is that you don’t farm at all…you can just do dungeons and earn a shitload of karma/gold/badges/ecto etc etc…and fractal is just the same, with more challenge and less karma…but much more money xD can’t wait for the upgrade they ll put in january…it’s boring to see ppl crash and have to 3-4 men it…and even more bothersome when you crash at the last boss…

      • Patrikules Vunderbar

         So michael… i think you missed a couple comments.. better go back and do a discount double check to make sure you’ve put your 2 cents in on EVERYONES opinion… trollolololol

  • Max Anderson

    Hurr Durr I vote guild wars 2

  • Michael Christiansen

    Great show guys, and congratulations to the winners! Happy New Year everyone!

  • Joseph Legemah

    i would have voted TERA for graphics but i remember that they reduced the draw distance to a few meters in front of you in a patch a while back.

  • Jado Cast

    Was anyone shocked by the outcome, really?  Most of you were watching to get the Astro’s anyways, am I right?  :)

  • David Cohen

    Fun show guys.

  • Chris

    Anyone really surprised? Honestly? The way Gamebreaker fanboys over GW2 I’m surprised it didn’t win every single award. 

    • Dularr

      MOBA and most anticipated MMO of 2013?

      • AJ Greene

        Herp a derp.

    • Michael

      Do you even watch shows other then Guild Cast? Have you seen After Dark? They love to hate on GW2 there. You should watch it.

    • Yuki Aya Masahiko

       your an idiot the fans are what voted so u want anyone to blame. blame them it the voters that chose shit secrete world didn’t win any and i’m not complaining even tho i play it as well.

  • ryan phillips

    Mass Effect 3 was my game of the year until i got Far Cry 3 and Borderlands 2…
    now it’s more of a toss up.
    i think we all agree Diablo 3=let down of the year.

    • Yuki Aya Masahiko

       I am a huge fan of the mass effect series but I never played far cry 3 and borderlands 2 but my bf has borderlands 2 and he loves it^^

  • Juan Salvador

    how does Gw2 win MMO of the year i played it for awhile but it got boring extremely fast.

    • Michael

      Because sometimes things you don’t like will be something other people do like.

    • Steve Frank

      Its the best by far, Ive played them all. Name one that is better and then debate why.

      • Teemu Vuokko

         okay. The best is World of Warcraft and the reason is the quest are really fun in Pandaria and WoW has great end game.

    • Yuki Aya Masahiko

       u are almost the only one i ever heard say that actually I am an mmo hopper so I play all kinds of mmos. GW2 got what it deserved but obviously not everyone agrees with u since it is the voters who decided.

  • Idler Lee

    This thing smells so rigged I’m embarrassed

    • Michael

      Rigged? It was based on user votes. If you think that this was rigged because you don’t agree then you should take a step back and breathe. Its an opinion. The fact that you are so threatened by it that you would claim it is rigged basically validates the assumption that one of the games you feel deserved to win did not. If you are defending something that much it usually means you have doubts about it. 

  • Miguel Crespo

    You guys need to put alittle more effort into the next reward show… this was kinda boring to watch.. Btw realm reborn should had been in it.

  • Matt Gilbert


    • Felix Louie Antonio

      go away blizzard fanboy

      • Yuki Aya Masahiko

         lmao yup u can spot blizzard fan boys and girls a mile away

  • Vladimír Kincl

    It’s sad that we couldn’t see Awesomenauts in the “MOBA” section. And HoN and LoL didn’t come out in 2011, Dota 2 isn’t officially out as well, but the beta has been around since 2011. So all the three winners shouldn’t get anything…

    • Nick Cattane

      “Best MOBA” – not “Best NEW MOBA” – see the difference?

  • Yuki Aya Masahiko

    Congrats to all the winners ^^ FYI Yes! I am an ncsoft fan anyways lol but not bi-est that is just my choice of game companys lol

  • bart van hoye

    so many awards for guild warsu :o

  • Joshua Branstetter

    That was the funniest Netflix bit Gary has done yet. Perfect timing lol.

  • falknerblitz

    Scott looking sharp

  • Eli Yannopoulos

    I love what you guys do, but honestly that was a train wreck and you need to clean that up if you want to be taken seriously.  If you want it to be goof off funny then fine, but if you want more serious then Gary needs someone else doing sound etc.

  • JB

    Gratz to all the winners! Love the show guys!

  • DoctorOverlord

    Great show everyone.   I hope this becomes a GBTV tradition.