Join Gary for his second session of community based Age of Wushu Gameplay!

Gannon Plays is a weekly live show in which Gary asks the community to join him for some adventures in a free to play game. We will update this post with the next official time and game of choice for Gannon Plays. However, even if we switch games, we will return to Age of Wushu in the future. So if you want to join us the next time we play, be sure to get the game.

In this episode of Gannon Plays, Gary returns for with some more Age of Wushu gameplay.

Gary is once again joined by the GAMEBREAKER community to explore this free-to-play MMORPG.  And, with the way the game is designed, there is a lot to explore. The game has a lot of interesting futures including some that Gary finds to be similar to the complexity and sandbox elements of EVE Online, including skill training.

Beyond that, it uses key combinations for the player to be able to execute certain martial arts moves. That’s definitely something that makes the game more unique.

What is Age of Wushu?

Age of Wushu is a free to play MMORPG distributed by Snail Games. According to the Age of Wushu website it is a ” new epic MMORPG which reinterprets Chinese culture” in which “Snail hopes to use technology to fully present the core elements of Chinese martial arts”.

The game takes place during the Ming Dynasty in China when martial arts flourished and schools dedicated to the various disciplines were founded and began taking on members. Players can choose from eight different martial art schools and will learn a variety of moves.

For someone looking for an MMO that is not the normal fantasy fare, Age of Wushu may be just about right.

What does Gary think of the game?

It seems like he’s still trying to decide and you can play along with him as he figures out the game and learns what he does or does not like about it. We will alert you to the next episode of Gannon Plays via Facebook, Google + and Twitter. So be sure to keep an eye out for when Gary does some more community based Age of Wushu gameplay.

  • Justin Bania

    I skipped around the feed a bunch because god this game looks boring. A huge chunk of the stream was just running/riding. Also I have no idea what is going on either since just like Gary I’m lost is the systems on systems.

  • Ed Park

    “Do you want the treatment”?!?!!!

    I’m installing this game just to see if I can decipher how the heck to play.

    • GamerEnvy

      You sir are seriously missed around here … When are you gonna show your face again on GBTV ?

  • fesua

    why this game is rated M? I can’t wait for its full-launch to take a look.

  • ZhangBangjie

    Good news for US players, while the age of wulin in Europe is actually Age of Waiting.

  • yaas

    I think the game design is brilliant, but all Snail needs to do is getting more users into the server. Otherwise it won’t be fun as a player based sandbox.

  • lalal

    Can i happen to learn Taichi from a kung fu master?

  • chdy

    I saw it on my friends computer once, it looks awsome! But what does wushu mean anyways?

    • Nathan Solinsky

      Wushu is actually fairly controversial. It was started during the communist “cultural revolution” when they were burning books etc. Wushu to many is a watered down sport version of traditional martial arts, designed to dilute practical fighting arts (and perhaps their belief systems) so they would not threaten communism.

  • BrentonB

    the story cinematics and art style looks like a slightly newer guild wars: factions.

  • Matt Cipriano

    what server