This week on Conspiracy Craft, we run down the Alliance story and their part in the Darkspear Rebellion! “Why U No Like Alliance, Blizzard?” 

Conspiracy Craft is GAMEBREAKER’s World of Warcraft show that focuses on just the story and possible avenues that Blizzard‘s development team could take with it. This week’s big dilemma is lack of story or even story telling for the Alliance! But first, let’s take a small trip to Mists of Pandaria’s launch.

“War is Coming!”

The launch of Mists of Pandaria had a great ramp up for the upcoming conflict between Horde and Alliance in the Jade forest. A naval battle took place off Pandaria’s shore, but the Horde picked the wrong ship to fire upon–it was carrying the crowned prince. Furious over the danger or possible death of his son, King Varian Wrynn charges Alliance heroes to venture through the mists to find Prince Anduin Wrynn. But the Horde were there as well to see what untapped resources could aid them in the upcoming war.

Both factions rally locals to join their ranks and fight for their sides. In the end, it leads to a spectacular battle in the very heart of the Jade Forest at the Serpent’s Heart. A true sense of the Orc vs Human nostalgia as their feud cracks the statue and released…  the Sha. Back to helping Pandaren.

Fizzled out.

Patch 5.1 Landfall was a valiant attempt to revive the conflict. While it was current, Horde were ordered to kill Alliance, Alliance were ordered to kill Horde, but only if you did those dailies. And as your reputation with both factions grew, you were charged by key NPCs to help with the war effort.

While Horde went off to find a weapon to use against the Alliance, the Alliance were just tagging behind to see what the Horde were doing and heroes had to babysit Prince Anduin as he tried to find a way to counter Warchief Garrosh Hellscream’s plot. And yet, no one knew what King Varian was doing until Jaina Proudmoore had enough with Sunreavers, showing the hairline fractures in the unity of the Alliance as a whole. The end of Landfall was a huge potential for an all out clash to take place in Patch 5.2.

“Remember Theramore!”

But back to helping Pandaren. Patch 5.2 Thunderking was more of a personal war between Sunreavers and the Jaina’s Kirin Tor. Regeant Lord Lor’themar Theron is seeking a weapon to ensure he has an upper hand against Garrosh while Jaina is simply seeking revenge against Archmage Aethas Sunreaver, who was rescued by the Horde heroes. Not much of a prelude to Patch 5.3.

 GG Blizzard

Currently on PTR, Patch 5.3 doesn’t offer much reasoning for just why the Alliance would want to help the Horde with their rebellion. Blizzard is aware of this issue and are working on amending the lack of “why” for the Alliance to give their aid.

How should the development team fix this lack of Alliance story? Do you agree with my analysis? Send your questions in to for the next Conspiracy Craft!

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  • CosmicKirby

    I’m really hoping they don’t half-arse it and say killing Garrosh is enough reason, because as it stands letting the horde kill Garrosh or die trying would solve 2 problems at once for the Alliance.

  • SnakeEyes327

    God your misinterpretation of the lore makes me want to flip a damn table.

    • lilmissy4205

      You might want to embellish on this than just rage. :P And if you’re upset over a theory, it’s a theory.

      • SnakeEyes327

        Eh, you’re probably right. Sorry about that. My bad.

      • Bryan Snider

        I just feel like she didn’t really do all the quest chain for alliance. I finished them all and i found that while it may not have been as agressive it showed the stealthy side of war. Also, in war, when you are trying to bolster your ranks, you tend to aid the people that you are wanting to recruit. That is why we are helping the pandaren, because war is not just fighting.

        • lilmissy4205

          I did do all of the quest chain for the Alliance. :P I have my gryphon, I saw Anduin go squish, I heard Jaina swear more revenge on Garrosh. And yet, that stealth didn’t give ANY hint to a rebellion within the Horde. Instead, most would lump what Garrosh is doing with the Horde. And it was Anduin who was able to find a way to counter what the Horde was doing.

          And the Pandaren of Pandaria don’t really want to be involved with the Alliance and Horde conflict. This is evident with Taran Zhu getting angry at the start of Mists of Pandaria when you first encounter him, during Thunder Isle events when he stands between Lor’themar and Jaina, and then finally trying to kick the Horde out in 5.3 after the excavation in the Vale.

          • Bryan Snider

            Well i stand corrected! i apologize for the accusation. Knowing that though did you not feel that the way Garrosh threw his blademaster to the wolves was a good example of how he has fallen as a leader? I agree that they could have done a better job of letting the alliance know what’s going on. But i also feel like it’s natural that the Horde sees it more because they are the Horde so they have to deal with it every day.
            Also i wouldn’t group the entirety of Pandaria in with the Shado-Pan. Taran Zhu represents their beliefs. That is why we have Pandaren as a playable race because there is a good size group of Pandaren that do find common beliefs with either the horde or alliance. If no Pandaren found a calling in either faction then by a lore standpoint having them as a playable race would make no sense. Therefore us helping create an alliance with the people of Pandaria is in fact paying off and our ranks have bolstered. Which is a key objective of any war. Im not saying that there should be raids based on recruitment and creating bonds. But i do believe that quests do just fine for showing that side of the war.

          • lilmissy4205

            If you didn’t pay attention to the dialogue while you were fighting Ishi, you wouldn’t have really noticed it even if you did progress that far. I feel like that wasn’t a big enough impact to sway Alliance, tbh. If the Alliance were to scout the Horde threat in 5.3 and see what’s going before they are told to help Amber and Sully, I think they might sympathize a bit more.

            And those Pandaren are from a completely different area that hasn’t truly been a part of Pandaria for many generations. When you do the quests with Chen and Li Li, it’s pointed out just how much of an outsider the Wandering Isle Pandaren are.

            I know how to make full sentences. /facepalm

          • Bryan Snider

            But the Pandaren in Kun-lai summit are from the mainland. And im sure the chain in kun-lai is just one example of that.

            Also, i noticed that a lot of the points made are along the line of “if they dont do the quests, if they dont read the text, and so on..”. So basically it comes across to me as you saying that if someone doesn’t really “play the game” then they aren’t going to see the story. And honestly, if they don’t play the key points in the game or pay attention i don”t see how that’s a bad on Blizzard. The way i look at it is like this. In a real war, we are only going to know what’s going on internally with our enemy based on the intelligence that is gathered through recon. Therefore we will never have a firm grasp on their everyday events unless we were to have a mole inside. I don’t see why it should be any different in this situation. in this expansion it just happens that the Horde is getting the big event and the Alliance are more like bystanders. They are only going to know what they hear and nothing more.

          • lilmissy4205

            Oh, those Pandaren in Kun-lai… who did nothing. Yeah, probably why I forgot all about them. :P

            Yeah, a majority of the points does mean that people would have to be aware of what’s going on around them, it’s really not being shown in a very clear way with other tools they have in-game as well. The scenarios that were launched with 5.1 weren’t cross-faction until 5.2 or late 5.1. And isn’t that what Connelly is suppose to be doing with 5.1?

            And like I had pointed out at the end, while Alliance were the primary focus in Wrath of the Lich King, the way that Blizzard presented what was going on was done well for the Horde as well. They just dropped the ball with Mists of Pandaria.

          • Bryan Snider

            Well i believe it’s meant to be assumed that those Pandaren did not just sit in camp throwing punches every day from then on lol.

            I can see your point with Connelly but let’s not forget that he did not infiltrate the Horde until you brought him out of retirement. He was not there for the heated debates before and after Theramore, And if you did listen to Garrosh while undercover at his meetings you could tell that there was tension and that not all his leaders agreed with him.

            I sympathize with your point about the alliance needing to be informed better. But I don’t think they should be seeing the situation in it’s entirety like the actual Horde members do. And with that in mind, i think it’s fine that the cross scenarios came in a later patch. Let the Horde members experience it first and then let the Alliance in on it.

  • Angelflavor

    Surprised you didn’t do any theorycrafting about Voljin or Jaina killing Garroh.

    • Squirrel

      future episodes. hah

  • Jason Jenkins

    to me the best thing they could do to fix things story wise is to get off this thing they are on of trying to have a major patch every 2 months. writers need time to write and devs need time to develop, and this is why we now have a one sided story yet again like it was in cata…and like in cata it is a horde story with bits of alliance lore thrown in only when its needed to advance the horde story. just over all my thoughts are that this sped up release time table they are on is bad for the game as a whole.

    • lilmissy4205

      To be fair, Cata wasn’t really a Horde side story either. It just felt like it because Thrall was doing his character development stuff. And sadly, Varian’s development isn’t as “epic” as Thrall’s was.

  • Brandon

    When i heard about the Orgrimmar situation I was hoping than Varian would actually be involved and that he actually would be participating and so i hoped on beta to check it out. Was really disapointed when you just talked to cho and that was it. (also wanted to mention as some ppl know i was trying to stay away from PTR because beta felt like i ruined it for my why not save myself the excitement)

    It also appears the only other alliance story going on in 5.3 is the dark iron dwarves helping the alliance clear out the trolls near IF. while theres two scenarios first goblins trying to discover what is in ragefire chasm. then theres the scenario where the orcs hire the goblins to continue digging under the vale and find the dark secret underneath. Kind of getting disapointed as someone who mains alliance…….

  • Bryan Snider

    Archmage Aethas Sunreaver was not the mage that betrayed Jaina in Theramore. He is the one that she blamed for Darnassus but those are two different characters. Just thought i’d point that out

    • lilmissy4205

      Did I say it was Aethas Sunreaver? If so, I apologize.

      I do know that it was a different blood elf that did that inside the Kirin Tor. It was Thalen Songweaver in Theramore. But he was still part of the Sunreavers.

      • Bryan Snider

        it’s okay, i was just confused so i thought id throw that out there

      • Kagitaar

        So blaming the whole of an organization for the actions of one member who was not acting on behalf of his organization justifies the actions Jaina later took against the Sunreavers? Action she took after learning that the Sunreavers were doing the same things (using portals for non-neutral use) that she already had, not to mention that no one was hurt by the Sunreavers single use of a portal.

        I’m still amazed that the Kirin Tor gave her leadership, even with Rhonin’s recommendation and Krasus’ ‘prophecy’. You don’t elect mentally unstable people who’ve just had their life destroyed to high office.

        • lilmissy4205

          Welcome to World of Warcraft, where humans fight orcs because of their passed actions in the First and Second War!

          • Kagitaar

            First, you meant past.

            My point was more about the righteousness of Jaina’s actions being mentioned by lots of people, and that makes no sense to me. She has the blood of innocents on her hands, not as much as Thalen and Garrosh, but it is there all the same, and unlike some, she has no wish to atone.

          • lilmissy4205

            /yawns at the correction

            You do realize just HOW often people have reacted in just that way during times of war in real history, right? Interment camps for Japanese during WWII, the current drone bombings with the American conflict overseas. A lot of people call those actions righteous.

            I call her actions vengeance. And with the fantasy time frame that Warcraft is in, it works with the story line. They are just enacting an eye for an eye with Jaina finally being tipped over from her peaceful self.

            Seriously, how would you react if you were charged with protecting several innocence in your home? What if there wasn’t enough left of those poor people for you to even bury? That was a LOT of death that she had to witness, it was worse than during the Scourge War because at least then it was a sense of peace when you cut the animated dead down.

            She only attacked those who would dare to fight back against her. Her first course of action was imprisoning all the Sunreavers in the Hold. Resistance was a choice they made in defense and she counter with offense.

            Do I approve of what she did? No. Do I understand why she did it? Yes. So before you point fingers about “lots of people” don’t try to lump everyone with that assumption.

          • Kagitaar

            Who calls the Japanese internment camps righteous?

            Yes, her actions are vengeance, but they are a wild, thoughtless kind of vengeance that has already gotten her in trouble with the Wrynns. Just because you witness an atrocity visited upon you does not mean you have carte blanche to gun down civilians. Her reaction to a non-violent troop movement, something she herself had already done herself and thus previously broken neutrality, was imprisoning or killing half of her city’s population.

            Again, I wonder how she is being allowed to do this, as the rest of the Kirin Tor leadership should be asking her wtf she is doing, especially Kalecgos. It is generally a bad thing to have mentally unstable leadership, even more so when they apparently have no checks.

            Lots of people /= everyone. I made no assumptions, just counting those I had heard express the sentiment.

            As to my correction, for someone who is working with writing, spelling and proper grammar are important to your continued work in the field. I am just trying to help.

          • lilmissy4205

            And yes, back during WWII, those internment camps were called “righteous” because we were concerned about attacks from the inside. It’s no different from TSA giving “different” treatment during the United States conflict.

            How did she get to be the leader of the Kirin Tor, because of the prophecy and because they do know that she is a GREAT diplomat when it is required. But with this war, it has literally split the Kirin Tor in two ever since Rhonin brought in the blood elves into the mage fold. His wife was against, his widow has been against it, his widow wants blood more than Jaina if you had done the Isle of Thunder quests on Alliance side.

            And yet, it was Jaina who stopped her, told her to stand down. And when they were facing off at that end, they willingly stood down. Yes, you can argue that it was Lor’th who did it first, but there was RP text (again if you paid attention) where her expression softened at the news that even the Horde doesn’t like Garrosh. She’s smart enough at the end of all of that to put two and two together.

            And your “advice” could have been handled differently. Welcome to the internet where the basic troll corrects grammar and spellings when they really don’t have much ground to stand on with their other arguments. And considering you’ve decided to comment to me on minor things yesterday about five times…

          • Kagitaar

            Well sorry for wanting to have a conversation about the lore, I guess I should just mutter to myself then.

  • Demi_God

    Gary: “Liv and Missy, you’ve managed to get some time on the ptr. How how is that story looking so far?”

    Missy: /DoubleFacePalm

    • Squirrel

      thats exactly what i said. hah

  • Ixtyr

    Anyone think that Varian will soon be ousted? His passiveness and lack of activity in general might make it more likely for Anduin (or possibly someone else) to take over.

    • Bryan Snider

      I would love for Anduin to take over soon and i honestly feel like he is being groomed to do so.

      • Brandon

        I really dont because Anduin doesnt care for war and he could be easily manipulated as well because of his soft side. Even wrathion points out Anduin needs to learn a thing or two from his father.

        • Bryan Snider

          I can see your point, but i just feel like Anduin is going to bring some major story once he has grown more as a hero figure.

  • Matthew Giagnotti

    another great show

  • Daniel Whelan

    gary doesn’t know who saurfang is? For shame

  • HartsHope

    Adriane sounds JUST like a voice actor in Home Movies

  • Hamad Ali Al-Jalahma

    I like this show !

  • Lion Keon

    There’s really no comparison. The horde are building towards a civil war that will end with a raid on their capital. They get intrigue. What’s going to happen with Sylvanas? Who’s going to be the new Warchief?

    What Alliance players complain about is that, for the last couple of expansions, they’ve felt like supporting roles in the epic tale of the Horde. The only interesting tale to come out of the Alliance, as of late, was Jaina’s… but so little of that is actually represented with in-game story.

  • Liam Richardson

    This whole problem is causing me to not want to play my alliance character atm despite it being my main. Like many I always found playing the alliance easier, but now they are literally becoming passengers to the whole story,

    The Draenei have been around since TBC and yet in WotLK they had a single delegation and that was it, In cata all you saw was maybe a shaman or two I’ve yet to see one in MOP, The other races apart from Night Elves and Humans are lucky to get the dregs of a story.

    Horde on the other hand, have Blood Elves peeing off Jaina, Tauren losing their chieftain, fighting back a rebellion and installing a new chieftain, Trolls straightening out their backbone and confronting the Orcs, Goblins ripping out the scenery everywhere they go causing havoc, Forsaken doing their whole evil next lich king routine and it’s been this way for a while now, yet the next patch seems to focus on the horde even more.

    Something needs to be added to spice up the alliance, and I mean the alliance, not the humans as it appears only humans can make any decisions. There is absolutely no character to gnomes, dwarves, draenei at the moment, heck even the Night Elves are pathetic, in cataclysm the world tree was about to be burnt down, was it night elves saving it? No it was a cross faction effort with Thrall thrown in at the end, it’s like Malfurion is holding a party but Thrall is taking the credit.

    • lilmissy4205

      To be fair, the Horde have been supporting characters before. During the black flight conflicts of Classic, that was Alliance. Wrath of the Lich King was primarily an Alliance problem. Cataclysm, that was all Thrall and both factions were backup chorus singers.

      I agree that the Alliance sides do need to be more fleshed out. However, I’ve discovered that there are a large portion of Alliance players that don’t want any trace of “wrong-doing” in their pristine faction. It’s hard to make great characters without tarnishing a few white spots.

      • Liam Richardson

        Yeah, I’ve noticed that to, especially in regards to the way Jaina handled the Sunreavers in Dalaran I miss the time when everyone considered both sides neither good or bad.

        Horde is a lot more dramatically divergent in it’s good and bad behavior now, while the alliance seems to just amble on with a slight divergent here and there that really depends on your biased point of view and never really has a massive impact on the setting.

        This is kind of summed up in the video when oliver talks about visiting Stormwind, nothing has changed, things are going on as they always have, while if you visit org, you have Kor Kron stomping about, the very landscape being changed etc, you don’t get that with Alliance.

      • JJversion1

        Although the Horde were backup chorus singers in the latter part of Cata, in the beginning their story was right up there in front with the emphasis shifting to Thrall about midway through the Expansion. However it goes back to my point of the Alliance getting lost in the shuffle with Blizz’s storytelling. I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t Blizz intention to have that happen, it just ended up that way. Blizz really needs to work more on the Alliance and the storytelling surrounding that faction or end the faction all together. Neither side should be dragged through any amount of storytelling just for the sake of sprinkling them onto the story for added flavor.

        • lilmissy4205

          Thrall was shifting as a neutral character before the expansion even started. Both Horde and Alliance had to go see him during the pre-Cataclysm event because he “felt” something. But really all of his “leaving the Horde” was in a book. :P

          • JJversion1

            That may be true, however the Horde’s presence in the storytelling; in the beginning of Cata; was stronger than the Alliance’s. Again I’m not saying that this was Blizz’s intention, just that considering how the tale was being told and how it tied into Thrall’s story… that’s just how it ended up. So many Alliance players felt a big let down, because that’s not how it was, Horde side, during Wrath.

    • 7BitBrian

      Alliance races are so bad off you neglected to even mention the Worgen. Apparantly they are forgotten even by other Alliance players. And this in itself personifies the entire issue with the Alliance story atm.

  • Tommy_NOR

    i realy want to level a alliance char now!

  • crothcipt

    I am loving the show. It is along the lines that some coworkers and I talk about at work (ones that play that is). There is so much lore back there that this show can go on for a very long time. Also new lore invented to move the story along is also fun to talk about. Ty for the update on what is happening with the Alliance side of things. Also why is Alliance listening to Lore Walker Cho? Same reason the horde is?

    As you can tell I don’t play Alliance. Great show keep up the good work.

  • JJversion1

    I feel that it isn’t Blizz’s intention to make the Alliance take a back seat in their story telling. I think that it’s just they’re trying to make an epic tale but the Alliance’s part in it keeps getting lost in the shuffle, so to speak. I do agree that they need to change Cho’s role in all of this and many of the Alliance leaders need to come more to the forefront in the story telling. If Blizz doesn’t do something soon, they may end up with a lot of unhappy player and that could hurt subs.

  • Glenn Hyatt

    I feel like we need to be all “Orcs?! Slay them All!”

  • Derpington

    This video appears to be entirely about Alliance players who are surprised by the fact that the Horde is AWESOME.

    • lilmissy4205

      I play both factions. :P

  • Dularr

    I’m not sure what could happen that would make the Alliance players happy.

    – Garrosh could kill Varian Wrynn in open combat. There might be some cheers for Anduin Wrynn, but don’t see this as a big win for the Alliance.

    – Varian Wrynn could kill Garrosh in open combat. Surely the Alliance players would be happy with that, but unless Varian followup with burning and looting Orgrimmar. The Alliance player might wonder why he didn’t finish the job.

    – Jaina could kill Garrosh and/or Thrall. Or, could possibly explode Ragefire Chasm, leaving a big hole in the middle of Orgrimmar. The Horde could temporary move the vendors and Zeppelins, while the Goblins build a massive steampunk structure over the hole.

    Varian Wrynn could retake Lordaeron and trap the Forsaken in Undercity. Giving us a divided city. Or force the Forsaken to relocate.

    • JJversion1

      Well one thing that could help make the Alliance players happy is a bit more fleshing out of many of the Alliance leaders, like Mekkatorque (sp?). Sure we know of him, but do we really know anything about him? Not really. They could also shift a bit more of the story over to the Alliance and get them more involved with the story surrounding what’s going on with the Horde. For example, what Missy stated about Varian, “helping out the Trolls because he feels that he owes them a debt of Honor” and such. Just little minor nuances within the story to help flesh it out and make it more interesting for the Alliance side of things. It really doesn’t need to be very dramatic, in regards to the rebellion within the Horde, but it does need to be very important. This way the Alliance players feel like they’re actually participating in the events surrounding this story direction.

      • Dularr

        I remember reading a short story regarding the betrayal of Gelbin Mekkatorque. I also enjoyed the retaking of Gnomeregan pre-cata event.

        As a Horde player, I find the Gnome gyrocopters to be a pain in my ass.

        • JJversion1

          I find as an Alliance player, as well as Horde, that they’re a big pain in the backside as well, lol. However, Horde npcs are a bit more fleshed out than Alliance npcs and I feel that they are in desperate need of more attention. I believe that this is how most Alliance players feel and I don’t think that Blizz is doing it intentionally, it’s just ending up that way.

        • JJversion1

          Oh and to add more to my point, the Gnomes did NOT actually retake Gnomeregan… they retook the surface. Definitely not the same as the Troll event to retake the Echo Isles and this one of many reasons why so many Alliance players are so disenfranchised with Blizzard and their storytelling.

  • Omnos

    Right so, a few pointers. The “cracks” in the leadership of the Alliance are faaaar less intense then hinted to in this episode. The dwarfs are still stuck in Ironforge because each leader of the Council of Hammers is worried that if they would leave the other factions would take control. This is resolved in one of the scenario’s that is added in 5.3 (spoiler: ThedwarvesfinallyjointhecouncilfurtherstrengtheningIronforge.) The impatience of Tyrande was nothing more then a debate about tactics in which blizzard tried to show us that Varion has changed.

    Varion has been busy recruiting the Blood Elves and it is very understated here how close the blood elves came to rejoining the alliance. Only the actions of Jaina caused them not to join.

    Jaina. Jaina forced the horde out of dalaran. ‘Nuff said.

    As far as the diary comments go; Anduin was trying to figure out what Garrosh was up to. This was one of the small parts of the questing and is far to overstated here.

    Druids don’t care about what race or faction other druids are in lore. They all work together. While they might kill each other in direct combat there are plenty of examples of druids of both factions working together (Malfurion Stormrage escaping the emerald dream for example.) While I agree that the way the story is given to us alliance players is weak there COULD be presidence for an Alliance player saving a druid NPC that is classed as horde.

    I also think that Varion’s willingness to help the trolls is more out of humanitarian reasons and persuasion by his son. Anduin and Vol’jin are friends after all. Anduin would do anything to save a friend in need. To say that Varion resembles the character trades of an orc because he is loyal is downright idiotic sorry. The Draenei praise honor as well and they are millions of years old. Does that mean the orcs resemble the Draenei?

    While overall I think the alliance story is lacking a bit of a spine recently I can see a strategy in strengthening ones alliances and defenses in preperation for the oncoming storm. With the focussing iris safely locked away another nuke is out of the question, the divine bell is destroyed and the Pandaran have pretty much kicked the horde out of their Shrine. Taran Zhu has treathened them with execution putting the Alliance in an even stronger position.

    • lilmissy4205

      As stated, those are are hairline fractures that few would even notice they are there unless they are pointed out, which was the point. The Alliance aren’t completely perfect and there are plenty of posts on the forums about how the Alliance is feeling more like a human-enforced belief than just a merry gathering of “good guys.”

      And when did Vol’jin and Anduin become friends? I thought it was Baine. So there would still be no point for the Alliance to do anything to help the trolls unless Blizzard using that sense of honor that’s instilled the “orc” half of Varian. This guy was split in half because of the blackflight. He was trapped in the gladiator pits by orcs. That half of him is LO’GOSH, the orc name for Goldrinn. Yes, he is more orc like than Draenei and it is referred to constantly out-of-game.

      And the Horde haven’t been kicked out of the Shrine yet. ;)

      So what would you have the Alliance doing then for Patch 5.3? So far, they don’t have anything going on and it’s all Horde focused. As Olivia said, she ports into Stormwind and it’s just normal life.

  • wargick

    The Alliance storyteller, if there is one, needs to start earning his paycheck…….. Like mentioned a lot of quest chains that should be run by an alliance core leader end up getting run from another race. There is a definite lack of “Country at war” feel to the alliance as well. where are the barriers against Zandalari invasion in Darkshire? Why haven’t farm recovered now that the Defias Bros have been stomped? What Preps for war are the Dwarves and Elves making given Garrosh’s obvious aggression.
    With the attack on Ogrimar going down will the Night elves finally get rid of the Orcs defiling Astranaar as part of the war effort, why haven there been some quests set up? Then there is Gilneas, another set of quests against recovering southsore/Gilneas could be going in too.
    The Aliance lost ground while expending resources on the Lich King, Pandaria is a sideshow, given the Pandaren can obviously handle themselves. What is the alliance doing on the world stage to gather resources?! Marshal troops for ogrimar? Retake lost territories?

    • lilmissy4205

      The Warcraft Dev Q&A covered a lot of why Cataclysm redone zones haven’t been “revamped” to fit the current story line and that is simply time. Maybe they should start messing with the phasing system to adjust as the story progresses, but it still comes down to the time resource for that.

      But I agree with your latter points. Pandaria has pretty much been human development time with not much of a war effort umph. I haven’t read Wolfheart myself, but someone said it seemed the Alliance were getting tired war.

      • JJversion1

        You actually get the that idea just from doing many of the low level quests within the Alliance, thanks to the Cata revamp, that it does seem that many of the npcs are tired of war. One good place to start is Westfall, many npcs that are disenfranchised with war there.

        • lilmissy4205

          Yes, I didn’t have much of a desire to go back and redo the classic content on my Alliance characters who were passed level 60. And I’m sure that’s probably true for many others (save CtR crew *shoutout*).

          I do remember Westfall. The hungry people outside were really all that stuck in my mind as well as Defias Brotherhood. I know they were also having issues with having enough men to patrol and get that zone back into order because of the loss of life during the Scourge campaign.

          I might have to revisit on my maxed out toons again. If I have time. ;;

  • Talisredstar

    I understand the want for more Ally want. I’m an ally player, and kind of want the same but remember the words of the White Crane.

    “The Sword is a weapon of the warrior, but Patience is the weapon of a Kings.”

    Varian has been through alot. and for those that don’t know i mean ALOT. yes in Cata and Wrath Varian was very quick for vengeances, but time tames. and time teaches. Many warriors never learned the power of patience as they die young, but those that survive to understand it know that Patience can be more powerful than any weapon, or army.

    This is just my thoughts on what blizz is thinking or might be thinking. Varian is waiting, for the absolute right time to strike. if he rushes in too soon many people will die, and that has become absolutely unacceptable to him.. Where Garrosh will throw his own grandmother infront of his ememies if it will give him a momentary edge.

    for you star wars freaks out there like me. Remember Luke rushes off to save Han and Leia. It nearly cost him his life.

    I think Varian knows that if he moves irrationally not only could it cost him his life, but it could cost his alliance a great deal as well. And that all will then fall on Anduin’s shoulders to deal with. Again something Varian does not want to see.

    I’m not in the ptr, not all up on the lore, but from what I am up on, and have observed. that is my observation.

  • Mike Bulischeck

    Heres an easy way to fix all this on the Alliance side. As we know the horde right now are getting all the cool storylines and the alliance is basically just sitting aside letting it happen. What if this was all happening for a reason? What if Wrathion or some other unknown sorce who may not be revealed till the next expansion (Medivh or someone we had forgot about) basically went to the king and said, “I know that a great deal is happening, but i have forseen this and even tho this epic battle is unfolding and is at your doorstep….you need to be passive. Trust me this is the best plan for your alliance.” This way instead of hurrying and trying to add some crazy storylines and messing up the feel of the alliance we can simply look at this and say, “Ok…makes a little sense and now i cant wait to see what happens in the future”

  • zilvis78

    This is part of why I have not re-subbed in many many months, also because ive been playing way too many MMO’s lately:/ but my main and “most” of my toons are alliance and the story has been lackluster for ages. I did roll a couple horde and even got a goblin to 85 b4 mop but things being blah in the beginning didn’t make me want to progress to see even that side of thins THAT much, I may pop back sometime if other upcoming mmo’s dont hold me but so far with my main alliance mage just stuck running a couple new raids or dailies with no real motivation sorry blizz I can’t log back in. :(

  • krymm

    let the horde Kill Jaina. then maybe the alliance can get pissed and go on a revenge streak – every1 loves a good revenge story :P