Convince Me!

It’s that time again for some LIVE questions on GAMEBREAKER After Dark!

This week viewers asked questions like: How will TESO overcome the single player RPG “God Complex”? What favorite franchise would the hosts like to see as an MMO? And could we see city represented eSport Teams like modern sports?  All that and a whole bunch more!

If you want to join in the conversation be sure to tune in LIVE every Tuesday night at 9PDT right here on GAMEBREAKER.

  • Dekin

    This show just keeps getting better. Mike S your transitions are getting a lot smoother.

    When I grow up I want to be Darnell

  • David Cohen

    Coming from a serious MMO player and one who got hyped about SWTOR, for ESO to be good they have to be an MMO first and try not to reinvent the wheel too much. SWTOR developers made the nonMMO features their main point so the game failed hard as far as what gamers whant in their MMO. Of course the bugs and other issues hurt them, but just because it is a good IP it might not be a good MMO. So i am watching ESO, but I am not hyped for it at all.

    • Min Hsin Waitforit Shiek

      i thnk eso can be a good mmo…. if they keep the combat same as the single player titles…. it would be pretty balanced depending on if u play as sword and shield and tanky or sneaking around with a bow and squishy… or kiting with magic

  • ssjjr21

    EVE is dumb to people who can’t play a true MMo which require both skill and efficient number crunching…. something WoW players cringe under with it’s “Fisher Price” gameplay.

    • Tomasz Guzik

       I admire EVE for what it is and i sort of admire EVE players for what they do, but it’s kind of that thing you go “oh that’s so cool…. but i’d never do that”. Like (for me) taking shift patroling the perimeter for days isn’t so exciting. I don’t rly play a mmo to be a security guard.
      But there are ppl who do and do it well and enjoy themselves and more power to them.

  • Damir Miric

    Is there an MMO with cars? Like racing or if anyone remebers quaranteen or something like that. Its a taxi with guns doing quests and you need to repair and such. 

    I think MMO with cars would be very succesful.

    • Dularr

      Very sad.  World of Cars Online closed on February 8, 2012.

    • Krzysztof Kotarba

      nfs world?

    • Jim Bergevin Jr

      There was that “blink and you’ll miss it” NCSoft title Auto Assault. I played the Beta and thought it was pretty entertaining, but that was one game that probably should have launched F2P.

    • Min Hsin Waitforit Shiek

      need for speed world

  • ToriMcgrath

    Thanks for answering my question guys I wish I had called in though to discuss a little bit… 

  • Diequex

    lmao. Black Effect 2

  • Krzysztof Kotarba

    heroic leap won’t make you evade anything, teleports, blinks also, you still will be hit by a skill but 0.5 sec later. Only class that has evasion is rogue and there are also skills to counter that. It’s nothing like dodge in GW2. About new GW2 gear devs said it’s to put something between “tiers”. 

  • alex brown

    OK i would like to preface this comment by saying, I love this show and have nothing against Lore, Mike S or Darnell BUT a few things I’d like to suggest:
    Maybe let MikeB takeover for Darnell in an episode or 2, maybe a rotation?
    While darnell is hilarious, I feel like mike could give more insight than just “yeah WOW yeah”.

    On the WOW note, maybe we get another host for the 4th box that knows a good amount about GW2 since 9/10 times if the question isnt about WOW its about GW2. so maybe Pokket or Jason? or even Gary? I feel like everytime a question directly about GW2 is brought up these guys kinda just BS there way out of it, especially since lore openly admits to not paying attention to GW2 recently. 

    thats my 2 cents. I’m not hating on this show at all I just want to see it do better and last.

    • Jim Bergevin Jr

      I agree – I think Darnell can be overdone. However, I have to disagree on the GW2 thing. There are already two shows dedicated to GW2, and I think it’s incumbent upon the listeners and viewers of GBTV to take their questions to those outlets for better or more detailed answers/discussions.

      • Marco Antelope

        The issue is that this show needs to be more well rounded, as it’s not a WoW show, but a “call in show”. 

        Those of us that do not play wow get SICK of everything being wow related on this show. Heck, I havent played GW2 in over a month now but even I would like to see hosts other than two guys who only play wow, and a Darnell. 

        • Jim Bergevin Jr

          That I do agree with. I think it should be more encompassing of all games, just like TWIMMO is a broad discussion of the genre as a hole and not just another Legendary/Guildcast, unless of course either one of those games has big news for the week, naturally.

          • alex brown

            I honestly think Lore is a perfect fit for this show because wow is so popular and he knows WAY to much about wow, and he does know his stuff in regards to other non-mmos. but there def needs to be someone with up to date experience in GW2, because the viewers keep calling in with questions about GW2. 
            for example: the girl who has called in twice now that they essentially had no answer for.
            Q: will there ever be a mechanic that can show your entire guild on a map?
            A: ummm you mean like a raid UI? yeah they need that.

            Nothing was brought up about the whole “commander” function and how everyone assumed that if you joined the commander’s squad you would be able to see fellow squad mates on the map etc.  Also I think Anet has even mentioned that theyre going to implement that at some point. 

            Kinda went on a tangent there, but I will continue to watch this show even if it does become “legendary after dark” like schaffnit keeps calling it. 

    • matraque

      I strongly agree with this.  I watched all shows since the beginning and it was my first comment about it.  It’s wow wow wow.  I play it as well, but since all of the hosts are about wow, maybe it’s time to bring in someone who’s not playing it so it will help get calls that aren’t about wow.

    • JJversion1

      Unfortunately, they can’t control what ppl like; let alone what they’ll call in. WoW is a popular game, hence why there are so many whom call in questions about the game. I do agree though that the panel seems partial towards WoW and I also agree that does need to change, however they can not control the masses that call in about WoW in every show, if they did it would not be fair to those individuals.

    • Dularr

      Most of the hosts on GamebreakerTV haven’t seriously played WoW in years. They typically have no hands on experience in how the game looks today and the way they answer questions about WoW proves it. 

      I don’t think any of the hosts for TWIMMO actively play WoW anymore. 

      So, you would end up with the same problem, hosts who don’t play WoW trying to answer WoW questions and feel qualified because they played WoW for years.

  • ryan phillips

    lets see a harry potter mmo.

  • Min Hsin Waitforit Shiek

    farscape mmo… with nebari, luxan, peace keepers, scaran and zhan’s race as playable races :) would be epic….. and having space game play including dreadnoughts, leviathans and leviathan/battleship hybrids??? OMG!!!!!!

  • Min Hsin Waitforit Shiek

    space cowboy mmo like firefly == wildstar?? :P