This week in Conspiracy Craft, we play connect the dots between several of Azeroth’s big baddies of World of Warcraft lore! Grab the tinfoil!

Conspiracy Craft is GAMEBREAKER’s World of Warcraft show that focuses on the story and possible avenues that Blizzard‘s development team could take with it. This week I look for some hidden links between all of Azeroth’s baddies that will blow your mind!

Burning Legion

The Burning Legion are big, bad demons that leave destruction as they journey across the universe. They are the boogy-men to magic users of Azeroth and reportedly, they are drawn to the planet for its abundant magic source, but for whatever reason they could not easily tromp through. It was during Queen Azshara’s reign over the Kaldori that one particular demon was able to tempt her with unspeakable power–Sargeras.


Sargeras was once the defender of the universe and Champion of the Pantheon, the Titans, he waged a never ending war against evil which caused him to go into a brooding depression–an abnormal behavior for a titan. He started to question the vision of an ordered universe and openly confronted some of his fellow titans. But they were resolute in their beliefs and he left their ranks forever. Soon after, he freed the very demons he had imprisoned in the Twisting Nether and started the Burning Legion.

This is where the story crosses. In the RTS, originally the Eredar had been the cause to Sargeras’s questioning madness. He had simply been a footnote in the history of Azeroth and of minor importance. But when The Burning Crusade announced that the Draenei would be a new playable race, the lore team had to rewrite that section of the story. The Draenei were once part of the Eredar race, but when Sargeras came to their world to recruit commanders of his Burning Legion, they took up a new name as their home-world burned. Which leaves open the question, what could have corrupted a titan?

Ner’Zhul, the First Lich King

Everyone is familiar with the original Lich King, Ner’zhul. He was an Orc from Draenor who had been tricked by the Burning Legion, Kil’jaeden, to enslave his people in a blood pact. After he discovered the deceit, he wasn’t much of an activist during the Dark Portal’s construction. It was his apprentice, Gul’dan, who lead the first Human and Orc conflict, the First War. Later, Gul’dan died trying to retrieve an item of power from the Tomb of Sargeras.

Ner’Zhul was pushed back into action to reopen the portal to retrieve several artifacts from Azeroth, one including the skull of his former apprentice. But Gul’dan was just as powerful after his death and fueled his master’s thirst for power. This power ripped Draenor apart into the Outlands as he tried to escape the Burning Legion, but he failed to avoid the grasp of Kil’jaeden. His body was torn apart, his spirit cast into the ice of Northrends. Blizzard says that his mental powers and magical abilities was what started his control over the Scourge, but Dawn of the Aspects by Richard A. Knaak might hint to something else entirely?

Father of Dragons

Galakrond was a very large proto-dragon before the Aspects were even Aspects and is referred as the father of dragons. Strangely, he began to start eating his own kind, the smaller proto-dragons, and this caused a mutation within him. He stank of death and he would sometimes regurgitate the other protos which were also infected with undeath. Also, he was able to control the undead very similarly to the Lich King. This has lead me to believe that the root of the Undeath Plague started with Galakrond. So when he was slain in Dragonblight, there was no where for his power to go and so it waited in the snow and ice until Ner’Zhul showed up. Since the last parts of Dawn of the Aspects haven’t been released at this time, I have a theory that the Old Gods were whispering to him and influenced his craving for flesh of his own kind.

Connect Four

Old Gods! Seriously, it all connects! Think I’m a little crazy with my connections or do you think evil shouldn’t have a singular root? Send your questions in to for the next Conspiracy Craft!

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  • Nezquick

    i hate this show!!! can you make a world of php craft instead??? no one cares about LORE…. gameplay gameplay gameplay PVP….. s

    • SpinningBinder

      Please bring me more of your QQ’s. I found them quite delicious :D

    • Kröñic

      Then don’t watch this show I for one find the Lore of World of Warcraft very interesting. I don’t know much about the current content’s lore(and watching this show adds to what i do know) but that is mainly due to the fact that my historical tastes lie with the ancient side of it. While I do understand that you may not enjoy the WoW Lore show because it only focuses on lore there is a simple solution; don’t watch.

    • djjazzy

      and you chose to watch and comment about the show why?

    • Thebiglloydtree

      It never ceases to amaze me how PVP players have this self contained bubble in which they never have to interact with PVE if they don’t want to, while PVE players are pushed into PVP, and dailies, and a ton of extra stuff to maintain a raiding char… and still the PVP player whines when the bigger part of the game gets attention.

      You’ll never have as much of a role in the game as the PVE players. There are going to be more things focusing on PVE, and lore. Deal with it. And if you don’t like it, it’s not THAT hard to avoid shows like this.

    • Dularr

      Why would you want a show called world of PHP craft? Don’t think there would be much of a demand for Web server scripting language show.

      I do like your idea of a Warcraft PvP show. Maybe call it “3s Craft.” The host would bring in their best Arena epeen videos, while the other hosts keep calling each other noobs for the 3s comp of the week selection.

    • Daniel Reasor

      The reason why lore has a show, and PvP doesn’t, is that there’s more to lore than “the guy with the most stuns wins.”

    • Rae aka Dhevon

      I hate to break this to you but the world doesn’t revolve around your likes and dislikes.

  • Rasmus Nielsen

    It’s Sar-GHer-Az The G is hard, it’s not soft, please >_<

    • lilmissy4205

      Fun Missy Fact: I took Latin class in high school where we were forced to speak a dead language out loud. The “pronunciation” for those words has really screwed with me. Because of this, I don’t care how to say it.

      It’s like when I would have to tell people how to say my characters name (Aelela). There are many different “pronunciations” of that name and then dialects interfere, yadada.

      • Hawkn

        Fair enough, but it’s still painful to hear the soft g…

      • Kagitaar

        But that class would have helped, all G’s are hard in Latin.

  • Alexander Meleza

    you can replace lore with Missy on legendary!

  • Alira

    What you have just explained isn’t actually a conspiracy. If you read the ‘Twilight of the Aspects’ book by Christie Golden, it actually says that everything is connected.

    When Thrall meets Nozdormu in the Caverns of Time, Nozdormu has finally figured out that everything is connected.

    He even says “All the events that have occurred to harm the Aspects and their flights over the millennia – they are not coincidence, or simply random…” “Altering of the timeways, the Emerald Nighmare, the madness of Malygos and even Neltharion (Deathwing) – they are all intertwinded”.

    We know that the Old Gods corrupted Neltharion, we know that Neltharion’s demolition of Malygos’ flight that threw him into madness.

    We also know that although Ysera and Malfurion pushed back the Emerald Nightmare, there is still an area so dark that even they cannot destroy it – the Rift of Aln.

    The whole story behind Queen Azshara and the Well of Eternity (War of the Ancients/ The Sundering) was caused by the Old Gods wanting a portal to allow them to leave Azeroth.

    So yes, everything is connected. It was stated by Nozdormu during Cataclysm. The Old Gods have shaped Azeroth’s history, from the very obvious (Deathwing, War of the Shifting Sands & the War of the Ancients) to the much less obvious such as Arthas as the Lich King (faceless ones beneath ICC) and the Burning Legion on Azeroth.

    …Also Olivia, there were no corrupted Titans in Ulduar. The keepers (or watchers if you prefer) are not Titans, just their creations (Chris Metzen stated that we have yet to see a Titan in game yet). Algalon the Observer wasn’t corrupted but sent due to Loken being killed in Halls of Lightening. He was Ulduar’s prime designate.

    • lilmissy4205

      When I read that book, it seemed to connect the dots between all the Old Gods’ meddling between Deathwing’s corruption, possibly the Infinite Flight’s formation, the Nightmare, and Queen Azshara going Naga after the Well imploded. It didn’t really hint about Sargeras being corrupted by the Old Gods. At least, that was how I took it when I read the book.

      And I went over that Titan thing just to clarify those who don’t know that sort of information. ^^

      • Alira

        Yeah the book doesn’t hint that, but says that everything that happens on Azeroth, and anything that has ever happened on Azeroth was done with the influence of the Old Gods.

        If you look back on Wrath, where we actually learn a lot about the Old Gods from Yogg Saron, you can see just how big an influence they had on events that you wouldn’t really expect them too.

        Firstly, when you fight Yogg Saron in Ulduar you have the option to see three ‘visions’ in his mind. The creation of the Dragon soul, the assassination of King Llane and the torturing of Bolvar Fordragon. All these events, which don’t really have any link between Old Gods and what you see, were influenced by them.

        Like I said in my original comment, there is a quest line that a young Arthas sends you around Icecrown and to the depths of ICC to find/destroy his heart. The mobs around this area are all faceless ones showing just how Yogg Saron could influence Arthas.

        Also the ore Saronite is found all over Northrend, which is called ‘The black blood of Yogg Saron’ is used extensively by the Scourge and Tuskarr.

        In terms of corruption of Sageras by Old Gods, I find that very difficult to understand.

        When the Old Gods spread the curse of flesh around Azeroth, the Titans returned to try and destroy them and save their work. They fought hard, and had casualties but in their eyes the greater good was to imprison the Old Gods to prevent the annihilation of Azeroth all together.

        The main point is that there are many many planets/worlds that the Titans look over, however they returned to Azeroth to save it. If Sargeras was corrupted by Old Gods, I think the Titans would firstly know this but also do something about it to remove the corruption. Sargeras was the Pantheon’s lead titan, they wouldn’t just sit idle while he caused chaos.

        We know that the Old Gods want to leave Azeroth, and just how difficult it is for them to do so (the Sundering was caused by the Old Gods trying to use the Well of Eternity’s power to open a portal to the twisting nether, but Sargeras was at the other end trying to do the opposite).

        I just hope that its much deeper than corruption.

        (Wonder if theres a word limit on these posts ..hmm)

  • Kröñic

    To what could have corrupted the titan my theory is as follows. After fighting against the Old Gods and the Demons for so long he began to question what he was doing (everyone questions what they’re doing after doing it continuously for all time) and brought it up with his fellow titans as it says above. Because he left the Pantheon and freed the Demons he imprisoned and lived with them in the twisting nether before invading Draenor, perhaps their demonic ideas/feelings influenced him. This coupled with his doubt of what the Titans were doing and any emotional depression caused him to turn against what he had once believed in. Also with the Old Gods coming from another world (as i just learned in this video) their *whispering* might be able to reach into the Twisting Nether (if it isn’t already their *home world*) where as I mentioned above would aid Sargeras into turning against his own people. Quick add-in theory – If Old Gods lived before Titan then the Titans could be the creations/Children of the Old Gods which would mean the Pantheon is the baddies in the eyes of their *creators* because they’re going against the wishes of their makers. Hence why Sargeras would have fallen into becoming *evil* because he heritage is evil.

    Very nice episode as always, not really a difficult thing to follow I will go and look up Galakrond to learn more about him but overall a very nice fluent connection of dots. I always just assumed it was all the Old Gods fault because they had existed for almost if not longer than the Titan had and so mortal enemies for eternity.
    Please let me know what you think by posting a reply here or emailing me @ I would very much like to talk Lore and theories with you all.

    • Alira

      One of the original races that Sargeras imprisoned were the Nathrezim. Not much is really known about them other than they are very manipulative and cunning. There have only been a hand full on Azeroth, such as Varimathras.

      If Sageras is corrupt, which is still a big if due to the nature of the Titans, it could be down to the Nathrezim.

      • Kröñic

        That is a really good point. And now that Varimathras is no longer in Undercity and is presumed to be in the Twisting Nether(according to wowwiki) Sargeras could have brought him back to lead his forces in the next expansion(assuming it’s Burning Legion based). What were the demons creators? Was that the Old Gods or another that I’m forgetting. Because if the Old Gods didn’t create the demons that would have corrupted Sargeras then whose creations are they and what are they up to? But with everything being connected they would have to be creations of the Old Gods which means that through the Nazthrezim the Old Gods and their deceitful whispering was effecting Sargeras.

  • Dularr

    Another great episode. Keep up the great work. I would agree Gary, mind blown.

  • Carlton Curtis

    OMFG! SAR-GAY-RUS is how his name is pronounced! Illidan Stormrage and the Dreadlords called is name a bunch of times in WC3: TFT! Did any of you even play play WC3? Credibility lost.

    • lilmissy4205

      Allow me to repeat myself.

      “Fun Missy Fact: I took Latin class in high school where we were forced to speak a dead language out loud. The “pronunciation” for those words has really screwed with me. Because of this, I don’t care how to say it.

      It’s like when I would have to tell people how to say my character’s name (Aelela). There are many different “pronunciations” of that name and then dialects interfere, yadada.”

      • Nathan Gould

        My own online persona was a randomized WoW name. When you said yours was Aelela I couldn’t help but point out that mine is Aelelan. Everyone gives me shit cause they can’t pronounce it (Uh-lee-lin is the one I’ve come to prefer).

  • KJ4247

    too short want moar show

  • ShoesMcCoat

    Another great episode, but I feel like the show itself is lacking perhaps one more person who is really deep in the lore that could bounce theories and random tidbits off Misty, or question one another ect ect.

    Don’t get me wrong Gary and Olivia are enteraining, but for this show they’re much more passive. They ask good questions, but I think there could be more.

    Look forward to future episodes.

    • ShoesMcCoat

      Sorry! *Missy

    • Kröñic

      I agree although Gary and Olivia are doing a good job I feel like there should be another person who can as you said bounce theories off Missy. But then the show could go on for an hour or more, and I don’t think this show was intended to be the length of shows such as Legendary and TWIMMO but rather a weekly 1/2 hour long segment of lore. I would LOVE to see it go for hours but I don’t think that it will happen.

    • lilmissy4205

      We’ve felt the same way. We’re going on it. ^^

      • Kagitaar

        Need to get Olivia to press-gang Stickney or Rossi into coming on the show.

  • Hamad Ali Al-Jalahma

    Great show guys

  • Virg_Ilio

    So the plot twist will be that the Dragon Aspects from Azeroth and the Elder Dragons from Tyria are linked, and when they lost their powers in Azeroth the Elder Dragons of Tyria awoke. In the end they are all connected by the Mysts, and the Titan Sargeras descends from the Human Gods of Tyria, and all of them ended up corrupted in the end. Blizzard, ArenaNet, get to it! I would LOVE a crossover.

  • Inkogni Alex

    leaving a comment with what little mind i have left after watching this
    Wth have you done with my brain Missy ?

  • Krymm

    sargeras didnt create the burning legion, he did form it but the burning legion is essentially the entities of chaos he was battling before he was corrupted. But the old chaotic entities didn’t all answer to the Old Gods. So keep in mind the denizens of the Burning Legion existed before Sargerus came along (now im not talking about the Eredar or the dreadlords which Sargerus brought into the fold,i mean more like the demons that were around that Sargerus was championed to fight against). Now with THAT in mind, here is my question:

    “Any link between the entities of chaos which have always been around since the titans (now known as The Burning Legion) and the Old Gods? Or are there 2 Major Bad guys? Y’sharaj AND Sargeras?”

    or are they separate in that the Old Gods were centered around Azeroth (which the titans formed and i THINK the Old gods are imprisoned within the core of Azeroth) and the chaotic demons in another sector of the universe that the titans originated from maybe? and even IF the Old Gods (Y’sharaj?) conquered us and Azeroth, would they still also have to fight the Burning Legion (now under the control of Sargeras)?

    Im under the impression Demons -> Sargerus ////// Elementals & primals -> Old Gods. and now ur saying theres a link between the 2? I think i prefer them being separate cause having 2 awesome baddies is better than 1 :D

    • Kröñic

      I made a similar point in my comment to Aliera in response to his comment on mine. I think that the Titans were facing off against the Old gods and that the demons that now form the burning legion were the forces they were fighting. This would mean that the Old Gods and the Old Burning Legion (pre Sargeras takeover) are the same entity. Then through the Nazrethim the Old Gods whispered to Sargeras and he became their figurehead of the Burning Legion which meant that now it appears there is 2 evil forces of equal proportion but really it is only one.

      • Krymm

        if Sargeras DOES come back and the Old Gods are around (resurrected) i DONT see them welcoming their old enemy and jailor with open arms – i think Sargeras wud kill the Old Gods if he cud and vice versa since they ARE ancient mortal enemies – makes me think that its more complicated than just 1 force being connected. think its now 2 forces……follow my logic?

    • Alira

      First rule of Warcraft lore, dead doesn’t mean dead.

      You mention Y’sharaj a lot, so I presume you think he’s the only Old God left. If my memory is correct, when Cho’gal disappeared before The Bastion of Twilight, he returned to Ahn’Qiraj to resurrect C’Thun and I believe he was successful. The actual fight in BoT has Old God references to it.

      Remember, the Titans couldn’t destroy the Old Gods because they are directly tied to Azeroth. Destroying them would destroy Azeroth, so we can safely assume we haven’t destroyed any of them.

  • Krymm

    Btw….how was it possible for the Guardian of Tirisifal Glades to beat Sargeras the TITAN?! (im talkin about Medivh’s mother). I know that Sargeras allowed himself to be beaten but….really? If u can squash a bug instantly, why bother with hundreds of years espionage?

    • Kröñic

      Remember that Sargeras left a shard of himself in the child she had (Medivh) and he opened the Dark Portal etc because he was essentially Sargeras in the position dedicated to stopping Sargeras.

    • lilmissy4205

      And technically, that wasn’t him in full manifestation. If I read it correctly, that was an avatar. And he allowed himself to be beaten so he could have a way into Azeroth through Aegwynn’s child, Medivh. That’s why Medivh blacked out, let the orcs from Outlands through the portal, etc. It was really a part of Sargeras controlling him. ^^

      • Krymm

        understood and not disputing that….but wondering why Sargeras ALLOWED himself to be beaten. Why not Kill Aegwynn and USE his current avatar to fulfill his plans? seems like a lot of espionage when no needed, unless Aegwynn really WAS stronger than his avatar…hard to believe

        • lilmissy4205

          I don’t think his avatar could really survive long on Azeroth anyways. It might have cost him a lot of do that. We don’t know what sort of mechanism is keeping them out of the world compared to others. Maybe something the Titans did after he departed their ranks.

          • Alira

            The only thing stopping him is that he is currently in the twisting nether and we aren’t. You cannot cross between the two, only summoned or use a portal.

            Things like demons are easy to summon, large titans are not.

          • lilmissy4205

            Actually, there was mention by the lore dev team that there is something special about Azeroth that is keeping him from strolling through on a summer day’s walk like the other planets he’s destroyed.

          • Alira

            That doesn’t make sense.

            The story has always been that it is impossible to just go from Azeroth to the Twisiting Nether directly. If that isn’t the case and there is something special about Azerzoth, why can’t the Old Gods just leave?

            They have always tried to make a portal to the Twisting Nether.

          • lilmissy4205

            I don’t remember Argus needing a special portal to invite the Burning Legion to destroy the Eredar’s planet (see Velen’s leader short story).

  • Talis Redstar

    We’ve beaten old gods after old god. aspects, and titan creations. JUST BRING IT.

    I say. Cause i’m charging my exorcism.

  • Duskwolf

    I thought the way it went was that Sargeras fell into madness on his own after coming to the conclusion that his endless battle against the chaos / evil of the universe was futile, that the other Titans were just wasting their time and that the universe should return to chaos / be made anew or something.

    Point being, he doesn’t necessarily have to be corrupt. Though if it does turn out that the Old Gods somehow had their hand in it, I would not be surprised.

  • Theaub

    Ok, a few things. I’m really liking the new show for its potential but it’s kind of falling a little flat with only Lilmissy having any clue as to what’s happening lore-wise. Does Gary even play the game anymore? Perhaps you can have a revolving fourth member from other notable podcasters who are also lore enthusiasts(*Cough* *Cough* Anne or Matt from WoW Insider)?

    It’s fairly apparent that Lilmissy is still a little nervous being put on the spot for the video. It’ll take time to get used to it but I think once you get more comfortable, you’ll probably do better than Lore (Not lore lore, but Josh Allen Lore. Check out his Weekly Marmot ep 1, it’s kinda awkward.)

    I have a pet peeve with Lilmissy’s pronunciations. I think she’s been hounded enough from commenters below, but wanted to add. There is no B in supposedly. :-)

    Lore wise though you missed the new lore connection with the demons and the titans. If anyone did the new Warlock quest for green fire you were gifted with a bit of lore that could easily have been missed. The demons were initially working for the Titans and were seekers of arcane and sacrifical magics. Sargeras freed them and they joined him on his chaotic mission to undo all that has been done by the Titans. We’re still not sure if anything actually did corrupt Sargeras or if he just lost hope all on his own.

    Ner’zhul wasn’t immediately sent to the Frozen Throne when Kil’jaeden captured and ripped his soul from his body. Ner’zhul used the artifacts to summon hundreds of portals to everywhere trying to escape Draenor. This caused caused the backlash which pulled Draenor into the Twisting Nether and broke the planet into pieces. Time flows differently in the dimension prison used by Kil’jaeden to keep Ner’zhul’s soul trapped and tortured for thousands of years, which would explain why he no longer had any empathy for his people left in him. The skull started his path towards it, the thousands of years of torture sealed the deal.

    It’s probably going to be retconned, but initially the Nathrezim were the first ones who wielded necromancy (War of the Ancients). They were the ones who created the Lich King’s Armor which gives the user control of the dead. Specifically the Helm of Domination, which they infused with powerful necromancy. When Kil’jaeden bound Ner’zhul’s spirit to the armor, he was granted these powers.

    The plague was only a catalyst which killed the human hosts and planted necromantic power in them which could be easily controlled by the Lich King. He can still raise and control a dead creature even if it didn’t die by the plague.

    It seems like Knaak is trying to make necromancy and the plague of undeath connected to Yogg-Saron (The God of Death, not Undeath).

    I’m looking forward to more Conspiracy Craft Videos, keep up the good work!

    • Alira

      Although Matt from WoW Insider is very knowledgeable, he would never sit live in front of a camera and do this sort of show. I also don’t think he would really fit in with Gamebreakers ‘theme’.

      I listened to the podcast for ages until Mat McCurley left the show and loved it. However Matt seemed to make things feel a bit….awkward at times.

    • Krymm

      not all demons – i did the quest, it was only 1 sect of them – the Doomgaurds. Remeber the legion consists of MANY sects of demons (Nathrezim, dreadlords, eradar,xoroth,etc,etc – i know i butchered the spellings there but u get the idea). If all demons answered to the Titans, then wat was Sargeras fighting back? He was responsible for bringing order from chaos and essentially battling the entities of chaos (which admittedly are vague – current burning legion? or Old Gods?)

  • Alira

    My question is; If Sargeras finally made it to Azeroth with the Burning Legion at his side, wanting to undo the work of the Pantheon. Would the Old Gods and Sargeras be enemies or accomplices?

    Both want chaos, both want destruction and both have reasons to undo the work of the Titans.

    However, Azeroth is of Titan creation but the Old Gods are what is holding it in place.

    • Krymm

      This is my question too. Sargeras is the one responsible for banishing the Old Gods so they are NOT on friendly terms. In no way is it insinuated that he works WITH the old Gods (even though he MAY be corrupted by them). Its like making some1 evil and then having to deal with the evil u created – especially if that evil wasnt friendly with u to begin with.

      Me thinks 2 forces. 1 force may have hand a hand in corrupting the other force but its risen in its own right as a separate entity and power and a stronger 1 since corruption was all that was left to do since they cudnt beat him outright

  • worgick

    Easier to just read the article, Adrianna is BORING me with passivity. Change the dynamic to the girls gossip about the baddies or
    something .

  • KnoXar

    Do it more planned, lets say implement pics of mentioned character or make a chart so it will be easier to follow