Monty's Minute 19

Every week on Monty’s Minute:  the video game industry insider show, Monty Sharma answers viewers questions about the video game industry.

The show covers a wide range of video game industry topics including how to break into the industry, why video game developers make the decisions they do, differences between companies or developers and publishers.

The Hero Engine Kills SWTOR?

One viewer compared his experiences playing in both the RIFT and SWTOR betas stating that he was struck by how quickly Trion could make changes, fix bugs and implement new features.  On the other hand, he feels Bioware may have let the hero engine kill SWTOR.  Is the engine really to blame or are there other things to consider?

Monty looks at what companies would have to gain (or lose) by using an engine that they know to be inferior. Perhaps the stigma with the Hero Engine has more to do with outside perception than actual fact.

Gaming companies as work environments?

Another viewer asks Monty what the chances of someone like him — who has been in Java development for over ten years — getting a job in the video game industry are. He also asks what the work environment is like within gaming companies. We’ve all heard about “crunch” time in the video game creation cycle.  Is this constant or occasional?  And, how will someone just starting out their family fare in that kind of environment?

Why do we never get a guided tour of a game company’s data-center?

The movie industry gives behind the scenes looks of their industry all the time.  Why don’t wee see game companies taking us to look at their data-centers?  And, what kind of infrastructure to companies like Blizzard and Sony have in place to support their games and community?

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