This week on Buildcast the boys mix it up a bit and cover World vs World PvP.  Newbies and veterans can both learn a thing or two from our resident experts Ed Park and Matt Sorg.



Topics on this weeks show include:

  • What is World vs World PvP and how does it differ from structured?
  • How do player builds differ from structured PvP
  • Analyzing the map and objectives
  • The importance of supply and blueprints
  • Siege weaponry placement and strategy
  • And of course viewer questions!
  • Ben Cornforth

    The Ed Laugh at the beginning…..It just…works (keep it)

  • Stephen Robert Woodhouse

    What server are Ed and Matt on?

    • Diequex


      • Aaron Cutright

        That’s my server. =)

  • Dixhallpike

    Yeaay!! Another buildcast show. Can someone plz tell me wich profession Matt is maining?

  • Wade D McGinnis

    Gary bringing smiles to all the children in the world.

  • Dularr

    Matt, we need a graph. Compare a true level 80 vs the uplifts from the levels 2 to 79.  I would love to see how the damage from a single type of attack progresses from level 2 to 80 within the Eternal Battleground. 

  • Old Ben

    The “stun” thing Gary is talking about is probably the elementalist’s Statif Field. It stuns enemies but if you cast it and then someone does a blast inside it, it gives swiftness to allies. Basically you can use it as a second swiftness buff.

  • Grant Butler

    WvW needs mounts before I find it fun, right now running for 10 mins, dying and having to run back isn’t fun.

    • Dularr

      Need more squad commanders (yes very expensive), but they can drop waypoints closer to the battle. 

  • Fluffenstuffen

    My server atm is Henge and I just want to add to what Ed was saying when we were in the cave (one of the times at least). We had roughly 15 siege weapons in that cave and we had actually been boxed in there because it was right next to the keep. I was one of the players doing the leeroy jenkins and pulling people into the siege. Oddly enough, if you can find a way to gain stability during fights, you can effectively 1vzerg for a few seconds. For instance, warriors have an elite that gives them stability (and a bunch of crowd control skills) for 20 seconds which is amazing.

  • Craig Gafoor

    tactics seeing as this is a buildcast:

    rule 1 always attack the keep closest to your spawn point.
    rule 2 leave some defense on the tower closest to your spawn point. 
    rule 3 Upgrade the base before you leave it and leave a few players on it to hold it.
    rule 4 NEVER FRIGGING ATTACK THE greenbrair redbrair whatever brair base in the hopes you can pin them in their spawn point….you cant its to far away from your spawn point….
    rule 5 to hold the tower near their spawn point will take your whole FACTION…offense not defense wins a match.

    recap on above …leave 20 % of ya team on defending the tower near ya spawn and rest move out on the side of the map you spawn on to the keep.
    im a 4 time CR5 from planetside 1 so have around 10 years of 3 faction mmo experience.
    the rules about always work with ok if you want to win!

  • Krzysztof Kotarba

    my exp in WvW is que for it…

  • Master10K

    I’m actually running a Power, Toughness, Healing Power Elementalist build. I provide strong team support, with some good sustainable damage. So if I can Fraps it at a decent frame rate then maybe I’ll submit my build.

  • Jared Farr

    Question for Matt: I play an engineer and primarily use pistol/shield with heavy condition damage and precision gear. My question is: With this type of build is there a critical point where its better to get +crit damage over +condition damage? With boons I’m usually sitting around 70% crit.

    This is also mainly for WvW and open world PVE.

  • whalerid3r

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to say thanks for the fantastic video – it was really exciting and great to see some WvW coverage.  I’d personally love to see some ongoing WvW coverage in addition to the build analysis, and also analysis of builds for WvW as well as for sPVP.

    Great show!


  • Krzysztof Róg

    What is World vs World ? A laughable slideshow zerg.

  • DoctorOverlord

    Very interesting WvW discussion!  I’ve done the
    falling damage trick but it was more kamikaze-style – a group had cut me off and I knew I was going to get stomped so I
    leapt off a nearby cliff just to deny them the kill and a couple followed me down and died as well.  

    Things like that are why I love open world PvP.  

  • Aisar

    Wow this episode makes me want to play GW2 but I am still afraid of getting bored and running out of content as someone who plays a ton when they find an MMO they really like.

    The strategy and depth is really appealing to me as someone who would play PvP seriously.