Roger Ebert says games will never be art, Warner Bros buys Turbine, River Rafting with Natal, and more!

video game shows gamebreaker     Game Breaker 10: Ebert Hates Youvideo game shows gamebreaker     Game Breaker 10: Ebert Hates Youvideo game shows gamebreaker     Game Breaker 10: Ebert Hates You

  • admin

    So what do you think? Are Video Games art?

  • Joe Hart

    Where you guys talking about Jane McGonigal’s talk on TED? Because her point wasn’t about Video Games being art…

  • admin

    No we are actually talking about Kellie Santiago’s TED talk. Here is the link to the Ebert article…her keynote can be found at the bottom of the page.

  • James Neish

    Its too subjective to say. For me their is 2 kinds of art,

    Old – paintings,building etc

    New – Blown up photographs, random objects

    Do i see games as art? My answer,

    Games can be seen as art through certain eyes but mine just see games.Good story,great graphics and a way to connect to people around the world.

  • Max

    My review of Gamebreaker so far.

    -Gary has great energy, can’t fault him. Loved the stuff you did on the GDC show floors.
    -Brent has nothing to say
    -Darren doesn’t seem to know how to have a conversation and pretty much just makes the same tired arguments you hear from all jaded bloggers.

    My conclusion is that you need to find someone who is either insightful ( like Brent used to be a few years ago ), or entertaining ( like Ryan used to be )

    But you know what ? I think you already know all this.

  • Professer

    Sure video games can be viewed as art. Game making is an art just like writing music is. There are many key elements involved in composing a game, just like any other art form.

    Any thing can be viewed as art really, depending on your perspective. Even something as silly as poop.

  • Anzariel

    Of course games is art. See games like Okami, Onimusha, Megaman (mostly for the music)…hell, even paper mario to some extents!

    If you consider novels, music, painting, movies, etc as art, then gaming is a mix of all of that.

  • noblemight

    Bad art exists and it prevents us from appreciating a person or a group’s work as art. If a person is exposed to bad art, it never dawns on them that there is supposed to be artistic value is what they are experiencing. If all the movies Ropert ever experienced in his life were documentaries, which are not usually shooting for an artistic presentation, or comedic movies based on complete lack of common sense, he would not be able to draw on a notion such as ‘art.’ Games are more complex forms of art because they combine story, music, visuals, and interactivity in delivering a message or invoking an emotion. You might say all that sensory overload makes it easy to get distracted from the fact that you are experiencing art. I also believe the misconception that art is the product of a single, or small group of people is what creates an unfair system of evaluating games as art.