Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye

Once again, Shaun Delaney joins Gary Gannon to discuss the latest League of Legends related drama.  This week several players are saying goodbye to their old teams and sponsors.

  • CLG EU resign from CLG. Speculation about what the team will be doing now is high.
  • Aphromoo leaves FeaR and joins CLG.  Will he be satisfied with his decision?
  • Absolute Legends are released from their contracts after admitting to ghosting.
  • CLG Black disband.

GBTV General Manager
  • Inkogni Alex

    isnt there more drama to talk about and make it close to 20-30min show ? still going to watch it if nothing changes, give me more drama :D

    • David Nixon

      Pretty sure Gary has said they are working on a full length LoL show, can’t wait!

      • Inkogni Alex

        yea, but i want more drama to laugh about :D

  • Cobbah

    GLC Black and GLC eu?? never heard of those teams lol fix your typos

  • Cobbah


  • bart van hoye

    shaun has definitely not seen aphromoo’s support vids, he’s one of the better suports out there ;)

  • Matt Perkins

    What are the chances of a Dota 2 show?

    • Tommy Rohner