This week on After Dark, our hosts answer your twitter questions about video games.

One question as the hosts if they thought that the Free-To-Play model for MMO’s less prone to failure because they don’t have to announce their subscription statistics.  It’s a pretty good question, but the other side of that might be to think that games with the free-to-play model don’t actually have subscriptions to report to begin with.

Other viewers asked about the hosts opinions on the new World of Warcraft mount, as well as their opinions on the recent meeting of video game executives with the US Vice President.

So, et ready for a Twitter-centric episode of After Dark where our hosts Mike SchaffnitJosh Allen, and Darnell field all of your questions from Twitter and give their thoughts on a myriad of topics!

Caller lines open every Tuesday night at 9PST on Skype… so be sure to tune in live and let YOUR voice be heard!  And, if you missed last week’s episode of After Dark, be sure to catch it here.

A complete list of questions in this week’s show follows.

  • Thoughts on the new BlizzStore mount?
  • What is your favorite POV for RPG/MMO and why?
  • How will Blizzard handle raid reputation?
  • Is Blizzard blind to the fact that people hate the daily design? What happened to the customer is always right?
  • Will Trials Gold have a negative impact on the quality of tracks coming to Trials Evo?
  • Does a free-to-play model make MMO’s less prone to failure because no publisher has to release sub numbers?
  • Is MikeB really going free-to-play?
  • What is a feature you wish your favorite MMORPG had?
  • How do you feel about the recent meeting between VP Joe Biden and video game industry officials?
  • Do you guys prefer commando, boxers, or briefs?
  • What sort of items do you prefer to see in F2P cash shops?
  • Keith William Gretton

    Tried to watch this live but it wasn’t playing, thought it was cancelled.

  • Thomas Vu

    I don’t agree with you about WvW and AV.  WvW does also give you a sense of satisfaction.

    Granted, you can visually see “Horde/Alliance Wins” at the end of AV.  But for WvW, you get the satisfaction when you beat the other factions in your bracket and move up to the next Tier.  

    For example, my world is Blackgate and after 5? 10? weeks of constant battles against the other worlds of SoR and TC, we finally gained enough points to push the 3rd place out of place and moved into that spot.  That is also a sense of accomplishment.  Though, just not as fast as a 20 – 60 min battleground.

    • Dularr

      But are the WvW realm ranking relevant? I don’t think it’s a case of one realm become more organized or determined, but that major WvW guilds on other realms have disbanded, stopped playing or changed realms. 

      I do find WvW to be enjoyable when you can find a group to run with. 

      • jugyfant

        There are many dedicated wvwvw guilds and i am part of one. And it is taken very seriously in many. But as mentioned as little as 3 to 4 guilds changing server while it is still free unbalances many a server.

    • Zedris

      and how many of the people that played for those 5? 10? weeks of constant battle never logged into gw2 again because there was no sense of accomplishment or the sense of working for something. also the fact that saying my server is spot 3 doesn’t have the same feeling as I win or my faction wins. example: Stormscale is number one in arena ranking! best server eva. ok gz? (dont play wow):P

      • Thomas Vu

        Did you just reply this now or four months ago? Disquis just messaged me that it was now.

        Anyways, yes through many months of epic battles and enduring long queues to join WvW, we did get our satisfaction by winning the best server in the ranking system position. (Rank 1 in tier 1)

        Honestly I can’t speak for the other servers but I do know that the top two tiers have enough dedicated wvw players to keep the system interesting.

        Now, if you say there is room for improvement then I won’t deny you there. Just like everything else in the world, wvw can definitely use some tweaks to the ranking system to help promote the fun in it

  • Jim Bergevin Jr

    Have to agree with Lore on one point. Having been in the Customer Service industry in one capacity or another for over 20 years, it is indeed true that the customer is actually usually wrong, and most customers are morons on top of that.

    • GammaWolf

       I agree in principle, but nobody wants to play an MMO if the servers are ghost towns.

      Also, its human nature to want to be where the action is.

  • Jeremy Keat

    Make unique enough games and attractive enough with some decent investment in visual appeal of post 2006 graphics levels is at least required today.

    I am not really a graphics nut but I find it hard to go back to minimal pixel graphics or just plain bad aesthetics. F2P is a more appealing model for games not designed to be a dominate market figure, again look at WoW for that example.

    If you aren’t going to increase dramatically or take of a chunk of the MMO market, don’t plan on a P2P model cause you need people confident that such an MMO will STAY relevant in the future and have plenty of people to play with and things to do – superior to WoW/alternatives.

    Really gameplay and unique is and what has to be the selling point, everything else is minor bonuses. When 90% of the new MMOs in the past 6 years have been way too similar to the WoW/EQ structure that isn’t remotely qualifying as unique.

    Minimal MMO racers, shooters, Aerial combat, adventure, platform RPGs puzzlers, horror, story driven, survival and the huge variations of combat styles that aren’t:

    -target based.
    -Utilize more than x, z coordinates to determine hits
    -ignore somewhat real physics
    -Have no unit collision
    -jumping not effecting combat
    – lacking in universal combat sprint/mobility features
    -class based
    -role based
    -utilize no realistic stagger mechanics
    -Insignificance of position or direction (character facing)
    -Strafing as fast as running
    -Bloated amount of abilities to use
    -Abilities not acting as projectiles, collisions or hit-boxes (not avoidable)

    Players need real incentives to play the game, more of the same is a disincentive and just thinking Riot did with LoL offered insanely large prize pool tournament events to promote their game. If not for that LoL would simply not be what it is today- they did it first and much bigger than ever attempted by possible competition.

    SWTOR for example gave themselves a huge handicap making their game play like WoW. Blizzard had over 6 years on them of development and content with a large fanbase, higher income, larger and experienced team. If they’d make something like Mass Effect gameplay they wouldn’t be competing with “the WoW experience” but instead have overlapping markets, and game design they are experienced with, tried and true and know the programming behind it (especially AI).

  • Jesse O’Gara

    Wow Lore looks like weird Al with those glasses on.

  • MiZTiiX

    im honestly worried that we’ll get to the point where we will have TOO many free to play games and so little time to play ALL games resulting in us having to pay for all games for XP boosts etc, or not progress fast enough to enjoy the game :/

  • Brian Day

    I love them tunes man can we get a link for downlode :)

  • HarmonBlues

     When did my “Q-Tips” cooking show nagging get noticed by anyone other than Q? O_O