After Dark Ep 16

This week on After Dark, our hosts answer your twitter questions about video games.

One question as the hosts if they thought that the Free-To-Play model for MMO’s less prone to failure because they don’t have to announce their subscription statistics.  It’s a pretty good question, but the other side of that might be to think that games with the free-to-play model don’t actually have subscriptions to report to begin with.

Other viewers asked about the hosts opinions on the new World of Warcraft mount, as well as their opinions on the recent meeting of video game executives with the US Vice President.

So, et ready for a Twitter-centric episode of After Dark where our hosts Mike SchaffnitJosh Allen, and Darnell field all of your questions from Twitter and give their thoughts on a myriad of topics!

Caller lines open every Tuesday night at 9PST on Skype… so be sure to tune in live and let YOUR voice be heard!  And, if you missed last week’s episode of After Dark, be sure to catch it here.

A complete list of questions in this week’s show follows.

  • Thoughts on the new BlizzStore mount?
  • What is your favorite POV for RPG/MMO and why?
  • How will Blizzard handle raid reputation?
  • Is Blizzard blind to the fact that people hate the daily design? What happened to the customer is always right?
  • Will Trials Gold have a negative impact on the quality of tracks coming to Trials Evo?
  • Does a free-to-play model make MMO’s less prone to failure because no publisher has to release sub numbers?
  • Is MikeB really going free-to-play?
  • What is a feature you wish your favorite MMORPG had?
  • How do you feel about the recent meeting between VP Joe Biden and video game industry officials?
  • Do you guys prefer commando, boxers, or briefs?
  • What sort of items do you prefer to see in F2P cash shops?