This week Klaus & Squirrel jump into the medieval warfare game Chivalry. Chivalry is skill-based and controls like a FPS, but instead of guns and grenades, players are given swords, shields, maces, battleaxes and longbows.

  • Pat Hamilton

    funny listening to gary err

  • Raven Frosth

    I think it’s Elixabeth Claire and Scott Hawkes lol :)

    • TacoBaal

      Mikeb and Gary

      • Patrick Hargan

         you sure… cuz it sounds like Gary & Scott Hawkes

        • TacoBaal

          Yeah, can’t be for sure. Haven’t heard a whole lot of Scott commentating while playing games to be familiar with his mannerisms. Actually, you’re right I remembered something from the PS2 episode. Mikeb wouldn’t call kindergarten montessori.

          • zanestriker

            It’s Gary and Scott. Scott said it himself in Guildcast.

          • ScottHawkes

             Yes I did and I never lie. Ever. Except now.

    • matt cipriano

      My guess is squirrel is gary, klaus is olivia

  • Joseph Gabrielli

    Who is Klaus? mikeB?

  • Brian Brown

    lol “i fell to my death!” so outa trion lets plays… yep squirrel is gary and klaus is mikeb no way he cant be mikeb you can hear all his vocal mannerisms if your a mikeb fan lol

  • Bear Powell

    I absolutely love Squirrel. Would be very surprised to find out that Squirrel isn’t being played by GG.

  • David Randazzo

    hahahaha loved it!!!!!

  • Johnathan Alexander

    This has become stupid and sad.

  • Ryan Smith

    hahaha Klaus is awesome, squirrel is fucking hilarious, keep it up. 

  • Ravenstorm

    Squirrel !! You can LIVE in that two handed axe! What’s a squirrel doin runnin around with a fraggin jumbo axe! *facepalm* No wonder you died like a… squirrel with a jumbo axe on his back, all the timez.
    Klaus is da man. He is. Like a huge friggin man with a puny wimpy bow. Klaus !!

  • Krzysztof Kotarba

    Sword and Board!

  • Patrick Hargan

    knew squirrel was gary when he said ‘this is where the aliens were buried!!’  lol.. and im assuming klaus is scott hawkes because he knows that iceland smells terrible lol

    • Dularr

      I don’t think Klaus is Scott.

  • Jado Cast

    Ma Legs, Avenge Ma Legs!

  • Kristijan Čorić

    This was funny, guys. I really enjoyed it. Good job! 

  • pc11

    Wow you guys are really jumping into any bandwagon that pops on Youtube. Imitators come across as pathetic you know. Maybe get some self respect GBTV?

    • Brian Ø’Connor

      haters gonna hate…..

    • matt cipriano

      hi hater

    • Dal Latee

      You know how you can dislike a particular MMO, despite the fact that 10 million other people apparently like it enough to pay money to play it?  And how, despite its popularity, you can happily ignore it because there are a ton of other MMOs for you to play instead?

      This situation you’re finding yourself in here is a lot like that.

      Love the show, guys.  Keep up the fun!

    • Joseph McCarthy

      I know right?  Making silly modulated voices was like, late 1950s.  Seriously Alvin and the Chipmunks did this first.

    • Ravenstorm

      Ahw dude, where’s yer sense of humor? What, cheezy lols are forbidden now? Chillax man.

  • Namie ♥

    Hilarious stuff. I’ve enjoyed very episode so far! Keep it up !

  • Tulmak

    I love these.

  • Robe Pellizzari

    yes made the cut 

  • ZekePrince

    Another great episode.
    Watching them fumble about is hilarious.

  • Hicks64

    Team Objective if ya’ll play Chivalry again! Love this series :D

  • Ian Smith

    Found it quite funny.  Think this would be fun to see if you could get like a 30 vs 30 type battle.  Oh and Baaaaa. ;)

  • igabishop

    I will be your faaaather squirrel!