This week on Monty’s Minute The Video Game Business Insider Show.

  • Will there ever be a F2P WoW/Rift type game that produces regular content?
  • Is Windows 8 really bad for gaming?
  • What engine server is best for an MMO-based private server client that acan be shared with a few friends?
  • How much time and money do game companies spend fixing broken content?

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  • Hady Haddad

    Guild Wars 2 already releases contents the same as WoW/Rift, even better. Just what makes the other 2 MMOs shine is their fanbois and the so called “Raids” which exist in GW2 but in form of big world events instead of “Instanced events”

    • Dularr

      You do realize GW2 is made up of many, many instanced events. What do you think Asura gates and overflow and shards are, all instanced events. They are all just very casually put together and do not require a coordinated effort to complete.

      • David Hatcher

         By that definition, every game is many. many instances.  Every major MMO “server” is spread over multiple servers, regardless of if you just swap servers as you cross an invisible line and your chat channel changes or you go through a gate.  “Raids” are also instanced in almost every MMO.

        • Dularr

          I don’t disagree with that, I was disagreeing with the characterization that world events in GW2 were not instanced.  I’m not aware of any GW2 world event that could occur without spilling into overflow servers, if a significant percentage of the server population showed up. 

          • Dave Landers

             Maybe you only played Guild Wars 2 for a week or so? Yes… Everything was on overflow when the game first came out. We who are still playing spend very little time on overflow servers (except in Lion’s Arch on Holidays). The large-scale world events, such as Tequatl, Shatterer, or Claw of Jormag, all host dozens of people at once and I haven’t been kicked to any overflow servers for those events.

            Many of the large-scale events in Orr (especially the temples) bring similar numbers on a regular basis. And those DO require a more coordinated effort. Balthazar and Dwayna often fail due to a lack of coordination and/or numbers. I’ve seen Arah closed for periods of time because of repeated failures in the quest chain to open it up.

            I do agree that it would be nice to see a larger majority of the world events requiring more coordination, etc. I’m happy with what is out for now, but certainly look forward to more exciting, challenging content in the future.

  • Jado Cast

    Best Show on GBTV by far (no offense Darnel) because its unique and original, unlike repeating all the news you can find on multiple other sites.  The only problem I have with this show is . . . its too short!

    Thanks Guys!

  • Deucengine

    Finally someone thinking locally about Windows 8. There’s nothing “horrible” about Windows 8 when it comes to gaming. The lie that Windows 8 is a completely closed system has spread too far. Yes the Windows store is there but it provides an avenue for independents to sell games. 

    • Dularr

      But, isn’t that the concern for the Indy game developer.  If Windows 8 becomes the go to place to purchase games, you fall under the watchful eye of Microsoft. 

      If your game becomes wildly successful, Microsoft has a tenancy to create a competitive product that crushes you under their heel. (See Xbox, Internet Explorer)  

      • Deucengine


        • Dularr

          Yes, but Microsoft now has detailed information on the sales of your apps.  While it may never be a problem, but if Microsoft decides to compete with you, they will have an advantage. 

  • Michael Coulombe

    I’m from Quebec, and I approve of the COMPLETE BULLSHIT that not being able to participate in contests is! I’m French, I like French, but damn… it’s starting to make me lose potential money/happiness.

    • Gabe Lopez

      i’d like to take a minute here and correct you. unless you were actually born in France, then you’re actually Canadian. A french-canadian no less, but that’s something to be very proud of since you belong to perhaps the best country in the world. 

    • Dularr

      I’ve worked with companies that sell products in Quebec, they have a fairly daunting set of regulations and requirements for doing business in Quebec. 

      I’m okay with trying to keep your identity, just expect the consequences.  

  • Fey

    Phantasy Star Online 2 already pumps out content on a regular basis. 100% FTP. Just saying.

  • Matt Cipriano

    Just have to say this show was a brilliant idea

  • Brian Day

    guildwars 2 has new content every month …ATM…

  • Composure

    How often do those laws change? Would it be possible to create a template for a ‘giveaway’ and shift a few words around each time?

  • Nick Ratcliffe

    I really like the show, but can we get Monty a better mic?

  • Brandon Evans

    I’ve installed Windows 8 and have had 0 issues playing any game. All of my steam games work, WoW, Rift, GW2 all work with 0 change in performance.