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This week on Waypoint: Season 4 changes, we get our hands on the Team Builder, the Harrowing is FINALLY here, and a few giveaways to try your luck at!

What’s up guys and welcome to Waypoint, your League of Legends recap for October 31st, 2013. I’m your host Mike Schaffnit. Now let me start off by saying that I had every intention of dressing up for this week’s Harrowing episode of Waypoint, however I checked everywhere and I couldn’t find a Kitty Cat Katarina costume in my size!

But real quick before we get into the news I want to remind you guys that here on LolnationTV we have started our very own rendition of the Summoner Showcase featuring all the amazing work, art, and videos you guys in the community are doing. So if you want to check out some awesome community featured work be sure to go watch our very own Summoner Showcase.

Next up Xelnath also took some time to explain in great detail how all of our undervalued, yet extremely vital support champions would be changing in Season 4.

However, to start off, Xelnath brought up two fairly large contradictions that plagued support Champions in Season 3. The first was that Players who don’t last hit, but also share their lane have a minimal amount of gold income. The problem here is that these players are expected to purchase wards and wards cost gold. Not having Wards can drastically change the outcome of a game and thus if played properly these players are virtually starved. The second contradiction is that warding requires you to move away from your allies constantly, however supportive champions want to be near their teammate as much as possible so they can protect each other.

Because of this, 0-cs warding duo-lane support players are the poorest players with the highest consumable expense which greatly denies the second half of their growth experience. So to change this, Riot has a few plans on how they want to address changes that will appear in the Preseason of Season 4. To do this they are going to: increase the gold income for players who don’t last hit, introduce bonus XP in jungle and lane for players who fall significantly behind their teammates, cap possible expenditures on wards per player, and give players access to free vision items that we will talk about shortly.

To further compensate for this, new income will appear through masteries that grant bonus gold to players in a shared lane, improvements to the Gold per 5 items, and increase assist rewards for players who get significantly more assists than kills.

Riot is working on items like the Executioner’s Emblem which executes minions below 200 health and grants bonus gold to both you and the nearest ally when you last hit. Or the Spellthief’s Blade which makes your spells and basic attacks against champions grant bonus gold once every 10 seconds. And even adjusting the Philosopher’s Stone so that when an ally kills a minion you earn gold as well.

All of these changes should greatly affect how the support Champions are played within League of Legends and its going to be interesting to see how this new gold income will ultimately affect the balance of the current meta. Xelnath goes into even more detail on this topic, but if you want more in depth information on the changes that are coming to support Champions I highly recommend you check out the Reddit post that we will have linked for you in the description below.

Season 4 Support changes    

Season three competitive play relied largely on vision control.

Control the map, control the game. But although vision control and warding is supposed to be a team effort, the burden mostly fell upon the Support. What we ended up seeing was a meta that almost forced the support player to ignore buying any kind of late game item and instead focus on spending their meager income on wards and oracle elixers. The problem with this was once a team fell behind, the other team would have a higher chance of snowballing the game. Once a team had the advantage, they were able to afford more wards and as such gain a much larger chance of catching enemy player movements.

Wards = kills, which = more wards, which  = more kills. Well, Riot set out to fix this by making sure that the responsibility of vision control will be spread among the team and not be focused on a single player. To accomplish this they have made changes to the way in which players use their wards and to the wards themselves.

First off, each player will be limited to placing no more than three wards at a time. Think sightstone. Once you’ve reached your limit of three wards, placing another will make the oldest one disappear.

Additionally, Sight wards, or green wards have been renamed to Stealth wards and are pretty much unchanged. They’re still invisible to enemy champions and will grant normal vision to the area in which they were placed.

Vision wards however, are receiving some big changes. From now on, Pink wards will no longer be invisible. They’ll still grant vision of stealthed and invisible objects, but now they will be much more vulnerable. This help encourage strategic placement since you’ll want them in an area that will ensure proper vision of objectives and possible enemy wards, but also be in a spot that you can reasonably defend. Another major change is that your team will only be allowed to have ONE vision ward per player on the map at a time.

Five pink wards people, five at a time, so use them wisely.

To compensate, Riot has lowered the price of pink wards so they’ll no longer be a major purchasing decision. Also, once placed these new wards will stay indefinitely unless they’re destroyed OR you place another one.

But what about that six item Corki or the ADC that just can’t afford to give up an item slot just to put down a few wards? Well Riot thought of that as well since in addition to the new warding mechanics, Riot is also adding Trinkets.

These new items are completely free and take up their own additional slot while allowing you to swap around Trinkets at will while at the store. So let’s take a look at the different trinkets and what each of them do.

First we have The Sweeper which disables nearby invisible units and wards for a short time. It’s good for use as a vision ward with a very short duration. Right now the Sweeper doesn’t reveal invisible champions and has a relatively long cooldown. So be sure to use it wisely.

Next the Totem which places a stealth ward that lasts for 1 or 2 minutes depending on your level. Think of something like Wriggles lantern. Keep in mind that this ward will count towards your limit so make you take that into account before placing it as it will cause your oldest ward to disappear.

And finally we have The Lens which acts as a mini Clairvoyance, revealing parts of the map granting you temporary vision through the fog of war.

What Riot is hoping is that these new trinkets will give both teams the tools they need to share the burden of vision control. While at the same time limiting them so teams don’t feel obligated to spam wards everywhere just to keep up with their opponents.

Vision completely revamped come Season 4

Next up RiotFeralPony hopped onto Reddit to explain some major changes coming that will ultimately affect the entire flow of every single match.

Subjects like  kill/assist gold, game objectives, experience, jungle, and a whole lot more are all seeing significant changes so lets touch briefly on what will be happening to each and every one.

Objectives like Baron and Dragon are going to be seeing some significant reworks. Dragon’s gold and experience will now ramp up over time making it a much more pivotal objective in the late game as it will allow the losing team to try and make up for lost ground. Baron’s buff will be changing to provide things more along the lines of movement speed or bonus damage to turrets to allow for greater sieging to end the game instead of overwhelming team fighting power.

Turrets will now grant less team-wide gold for going down, but the given to the players responsible for destroying the turret is going up. If you are in the general proximity when it destroys you’ll receive credit.

Downing an inhibitor will no longer grant stronger minions to lanes that still have an inhibitor active. Instead minions in the lane with the downed inhibitor will now push harder than ever before.

Minions and Jungle Spawn timers are being moved up to happen earlier in the game and allow for the pace to pick up much more quickly and L and C shaped brush will be adjusted so that players can gain vision of the entire brush with just one ward.

Now these changes are going to have some significant impact on the flow of the game so for detailed reasoning behind each of these changes be sure to check out Feral Pony’s post on reddit by checking the link the in the description below.

Team builder hit the PBE recently and with the tight schedule of when it’s available we were lucky enough to get on and try it out!

After playing around with it for a while some of the questions we had were answered, I’m going to try and give as much information about the new system as possible and answer as many questions as I can.

I would like to kick this off by stating that so far, the system in place does not allow you to queue for more than one role at a time. There is an option to queue for every role, but you can’t yet queue for multiple roles like Mid and Jungle, or Mid and Top, it’s either one specific role or all the roles.  

When queueing up for a specific role like Support, Riot doesn’t limit you to champions they state are Support champions and actually give you the freedom to choose who you want. This is great, not only is it not forcing the metta but it allows people to continue to try cool and innovative things like the Ahri or Brand Jungle.

A huge concern we had before the system was released for testing was queue times,  after messing around with the system for a while I can proudly say we were never in queue for any longer than 1 minute despite being told by the system it would be a long queue. That’s amazing, remember this is the PBE environment so there aren’t many people on it, so to find a queue as quickly as I did with this new system is amazing and I can’t wait to see the impact on the live game.

At the time of release there is no option to queue for ranked, Aram or Draft pick just yet but we’re sure the features will soon show up and when they do we’ll cover them in full detail. For now, there are 2 different ways to queue. If you just want to join a team you queue the normal way by selecting “Match me with Teammates” however, if you’d like to be the party leader simply select the “I will invite my own teammates”. Instead of being solely for inviting your friends you can now select the role you wish to have and what type of game you wish to queue for. Once inside this queue you get to select what champions you want on your team based on the positions you were looking to fill.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though. One issue we currently see with this system is when you queue up to find a team you’re unsure as to what kind of team you’re going to run into and what their intentions are. So if you queue up for a midlane champion like Ahri and get into a lobby where they want  to do an all mid comp and that’s not what you wanted to do, you then need to leave that lobby and start to find another team all over again. This could happen several times over if you’re unlucky and can waste a ton of time. Brainstorming here at waypoint we thought it would be an awesome idea to add in a little blurb or note that the lobby host can write that will show up on the “Team found accept” screen to show exactly what the lobby is trying to do. That way if it’s not something you want to do, you can just click a continue button to continue the search.

Team Builder footage from Jesse

Junglers during season 3 were often forced to pick certain champions to fit in with the current meta, thus limiting what champions would be viable in competitive play. The jungler would often times have to give up on farming the jungle itself and rely on gold from lane ganks in order fund their mid game items.

This is good in theory but when junglers weren’t able to pull off early ganks or gain assists by applying lane pressure they would start to fall behind the rest of their team. Another issue was teammates “poaching” camps from the jungler further limiting their gold flow; most notably golems and wraiths.

So, how is Riot going to go about fixing these issues? Well, RiotSolcrushed took to the forums to give a little insight to some of the ideas the company has in mind for season 4.

To start things off Riot wants to add more flexibility in the jungle by adding another camp near the blue buff and wolf camp.

By doing this, they hope to add extra options for route clearing and plug some more resources into the jungle itself. This way there won’t be as much of an impact when your ADC decides to poach your golem camp.

Also, more far-centric junglers like Amumu will be able to pull roughly the same amount of gold and experience as a solo laner if their goal is to farm their way into the mid game rather than rely on early ganks to get them there.

Also, while counter jungling will still be a viable strategy, players who are on the receiving end of this won’t be knocked so far behind that they’re unable to recover any ground.

But adding an extra camp isn’t the only thing Riot has planned, oh no. In addition to the extra resources, neutral monsters in the jungle will now scale with the average level of all champions and will grant bonus gold and experience when killed by a person that’s a lower level. What this does is make farm focused jungling a viable playstyle as well as giving the jungler and other players a way in which to come back from a gold or a level deficit. This also encourages teammates to leave that level 12 wraith camp for the level 10 jungler so they can get the extra rewards.

Riot is also looking into fine tuning jungler-specific items in order to put additional gold into the junglers pockets. What they’re thinking of is three different items that cater to different styles of junglers.

First, Wriggles lantern will be tuned to grant lower combat stats but give a very big increase in bonus gold from killing neutral monsters.

Next, Spirit of the Ancient Golem will be geared towards junglers who spend more time in lane helping their teammates than in the jungle farming. Essentialy the item will grant a large gold bonus upon killing a neutral monster and then build up to that bonus again after a certain time.

Killing another monster before it completely recharges will still grant a gold bonus, just not as much. This way, junglers who plan on spending longer periods of time outside the jungle aren’t as punished as their counterparts who spend more time farming than ganking.

Last, Spirit of the Spectral Wraith will cater to mage junglers who rely heavily on blue buff to clear jungle camps (I’m looking at you Amumu). The item will now grant health and mana back equal to a percentage of spell damage you deal to monsters.

In addition to this Riot has hinted at changes to both Red and Blue buffs but has declined to give any details.

New Jungle Info – Reddit Post

Get ready to lose your paycheck! After weeks of keeping us on the edge of our seat the Harrowing is finally upon us!

Now I can spend all my money on them! Haunted Zyra, Zombie Brand… FRANKEN ANNIE!! That’s right, all the skins we showcased a few weeks ago are finally here, so swoop on in and pick them up while you still can.

Alright, before we wrap up the show everyone loves a good giveaway and this week we have 2 we want to talk to you about!

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