On this week’s Waypoint:  Skarners rework hits PBE, Harrowing icons explained, we take a look at some of your art, and the winner of our $50 Riot Point giveaway!

As season 3 comes to a close it’s time for Riot to start making sweeping changes to the game in preparation for season 4! We’ve seen changes to Heimerdinger, Sivir and Xerath, and now it looks like it’s Skarners turn. Getting a full rework this crystal scorpion is looking deadlier than ever with the largest change coming to Fracture, his E. Instead of marking the enemy and allowing Skarner to heal off marked enemies , it now slows all enemies hit by 30%.

I could go into more detail about his rework but the majority of his rework breaks down into fine numbers, and since these changes are tentative and only currently on the PBE is we’ll be sure to address all of his changes when they are looking more final.

If you haven’t had a chance to try out Skarner , he was recently disabled on PBE so that Riot could get more focused play on xerath and Heimerdinger but will be re enabling him once they get the required testing done.

Summoner icons have always been a huge deal in League of Legends and they always leave people asking “How do you get that icon?” Well  Riot’s own BlueFire took to the forums to shed some light on the upcoming Harrowing icons.

Now before this post starts, BlueFire does warn that The Icons and methods of earning them found here may never make it into live in this form. Do not judge this event for how it may appear in your region.

Earn Greyor Icon (ghost dude) by purchasing a “mystery” gift for a friend!

Earn Vilemaw Icon (scary thing!) icon by playing a game of Twisted Treeline!

Earn Gargoyle Icon (statue) by equipping a new ward skin!

Earn Senna Icon (ghost girl) icon by buying any of the new harrowing content!  This does include all the returning Harrowing skins as well as the ward skins.

Earn Morellonomicon Icon (the book) by earning the other four!

He goes on to state that the Icons may take up to 72 hours to show up on your account however he expects most to be delivered within 4 hours.

Man, I love harrowing… don’t you? Let me know down in the comments what you plan on doing this year! Plan on dressing up? What are you going to be!  If you plan on staying home handing out candy or doing nothing, how come? We would love to know. Tell us down in the comments or send in some pictures of your costumes and we might just show them in next weeks video.

Just a quick reminder to everyone that the end of season 3 is quickly approaching.

So anyone trying to get to a desired rank should do it as soon as possible, I know I am. If you haven’t reached your desired rank yet due to being stuck in ELO hell or having too much of a life, Never fear! Riot is here! Riot has extended the end date of season 3 until 11:59 PM on November 11th 2013. Whether you’ve set your sights on lighting the way with Victorious Wards or snagging a new skin in your web as a freshly-minted Gold player, you have two additional weeks to reach your personal goals for the competitive season.

Ward skin, put picture along with new victorious elise image

Next up, just because Nikasaur left Riot doesn’t mean we want to leave all you talented summoners without a place to showcase all of your talents.

So here on the LolnationTV channel we want to revive the Summoner’s Showcase and highlight some of the great talents that can be found in the League of Legends community. Now we’re going to test the waters here at Waypoint, however if you guys like the segment enough we’d love to break it off and make it its very own show!

First up I want to post a question to you guys, who do you think has better lane dominance, Syndra or Oriana? This cute chibi style drawing by Elve -shows us just who the true master of the ball is! Sorry syndra fans, but Orianna just shock waved her way into my heart <3



OMG IS THAT TEEMO! GET HIM!!!!!! Oh wait… it’s just this drawing by our very own Waypoint writer, Jesse Favero. In true devilish fashion it looks like he’s put down the blow dart and mushrooms and stolen ezreal ‘s weapon! Don’t let his adorable panda themed  skin fool you, he’s out for blood as he unleashed a trueshot barrage onto your screen!



3 guns means never having to say you’re sorry! This amazing cosplay by Misa shoots right for the heart and shows just how sexy the new champion Jinx can be! Her bright blue hair, creepy pink eyes  and devilish grin makes this one of our favourite Jinx cosplays yet…




Ever wonder what it would be like fling your favorite champions from a zacshot? Last but not least in any way, is a video by DanteAxeProductions on youtube, it’s a League of legends take on the famous  video game Angry Birds by Rovio.  We here at the office couldn’t stop laughing and just had to share it.

Remember, we want to make this segment into it’s own show and to make that possible we need your help! Do you have a passion for creating amazing art or videos? Are you an expert cook or real life crafter? This show is only as good as you guys make it so please send us in any fan created content that you guys think we should spotlight in our revival of the Summoner Showcase!

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