Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Halloween is fast approaching and your favorite World of Warcraft undead rouge thought it was time to man up and play some Amnesia! Can Darnell hold it together in this critically acclaimed indie survival horror game? Im not sure…let’s just hope he makes it out alive.

Aliens...It's all about the aliens.
  • HartsHope

    who does the voice of Darnell?

  • TacoBaal

    Oh, man! I did the same thing when I came to the first door that opens. NOPE! and closed out of the game

  • crothcipt

    lol donkey kong!!

  • crothcipt

    Mike B commentator here on Gamebreaker, is the voice of Darnell.

    • Miguel Devora

      no he isnt, everyone knows IRLJasmine is Darnell

  • Matthew Giardino

    I was literally playing this 3 minutes ago before i was too scared to continue where i was lol

  • Jaelyn Layton

    Poor broom. 

  • Sj Bourassa


  • cyberlee14

    It was fun to watch.

  • Mariano Circo

    All I can think of when watching this is “nope nope nope nope nope nope”.

  • William Fraska

    You should make sure to open drawers on desks and dressers and whatnot. There is sometimes stuff inside

  • Mihai Baidoc

    This was hilarious!

  • Krysha Gayda

    I am loooving this!

  • Revanhavoc

    Darnell was *not* happy about that loot chest.

  • Phillip Rushing

    Nostalgia Chick is ruining my immersion!