Cabbage Tosser

Darnell becomes a lean, mean, cabbage-throwing machine in the Point-and-click adventure game, Stable Boy.

Darnell’s village has been sacked and he is the only stable boy who can figure out what happened! He must talk to villagers and wander around aimlessly in the forest in search of clues. With only some stale cabbage and his wits, Darnell must defend himself from the dangers that are waiting to eat his face.

What will Darnell discover deep in the depths of the cave? Find out in this episode of Let’s Play!

Stable Boy is available for free over at Newgrounds.

  • Mister X

    Mr. Derpyface, lol.

  • Arlie Ren Silver

    Yeah adventure time Darnell. All these lets play videos have been great. Its good to see that even you guys are getting sick of wow right now.

  • Richard Martin

    You found a poop!

  • Tony

    You can tell Mike B and Darnell spend a lot of time together, when they get frustrated by a game they have very similar mannerisms.

  • HallusH

    what is this mass effect endings game?!

  • Nathiest

    laugh so hard at poopy hand. 

  • Zax19

    Priceless ending x).

  • Madao

    More!!! :D

  • Kyle Bohannon

    awesome stuff, these are awesome keep it up!

  • Michael Salata

    So just played through the rest of this game and it gets better!  Lets just say there are more poopy hands.

  • Dularr

    Got to complement Darnell’s timing on when to end an episode. 

  • David Hatcher

    Why are you making Darnell play a game worse than old Atari adventure?  Clop was hilarious (and shorter), Pulse was interesting, this game I wouldnt have bothered with.

    • iamthemikeb

      It’s different every week, so the variety over time will definitely be there. I plan on having him go through everything from flash games to AAA action titles.. pretty much where ever I can see him not fitting in at all :P

  • Adrienne H

    bahahaha I kiiled the horse :|

  • Kimberly Parrott

    Fony is the funniest dude I ever seen lol

  • Kitty Mew

    The whole game is on bath salts o,o

  • XvShadow

    We now know how Darnell lost his jaw.

  • Michael Kubath

     Darnell should be the voice of the next batman, that  would be the best batman movie ever