Welcome back Summoners! To another episode of Summoner Showcase Revival. The show that takes you’re amazing artistic talents and puts them on display for the entire League of Legends community.

Now… everyone who’s been to a League event loves picking themselves up a Teemo hat… or every now and again you’ll see a Rammus hat. But this first work of art really knocks it out of the park with this homemade Dark Candy Fiddlesticks hat. 

Made by Prasutagus and For I Am Death this hat’s attention to detail is at the caliber of something we would expect Riot to sell! It an amazing work of art and… looks relatively comfy.

It’s made by ‘Prasutagus’ and ‘For I am Death’.

I made the Wicked lulu hat

With the recent Creator Viktor skin,the upcoming release of Battlecast Vel’Koz, and the already existing Battlecast skins. You might be wondering to yourself, where’s my Battlecast Skarner at Riot? huh? Well, what does the community usually do while waiting for skins to be released? Why, produce fanart of course! And since this IS a community art show, we decided to showcase our favorite interpretation of the metallic scorpion. Akiman on deviantart brings us an amazing looking Skarner that not only looks terrifying, but also takes a lot of ideas from the Creator Viktor splash art and makes them even better. It makes me want to throw money at my computer screen! I want it NOW!!! *calm down* But don’t worry Riot. I can wait. I won’t even get mad if you announce that we won’t see Battlecast Skarner for another year *give a good psychotic smile* (While smiling, put “I’ll burn this mother#$%@&* down!” at the bottom of the screen.)

People in the south may not know how to deal with the snow but everyones favorite pasty-skinned Demon Hunter seems to have the right idea. Why brave the cold winds of late February when you can just take a trip to warmer surroundings and enjoy some time on the beach. Lust posted this drawing of Vayne hanging out and soaking up some rays while looking for someone to shoot in the face with her wrist mounted water gun. Hey Vayne, I don’t want to embarrass you, but I’m pretty sure everyone is at the pool, not the beach. And you might want to use some sun block. “You know, cause she’s got really white skin *smile*, and….people like that sunburn easily……*look awkward*  

Next we have a viewer submission that really takes “bringing League of Legends to life” to a whole new level. TheGriffinCam over on youtube has put together an impressive live action short featuring some of you favorite League champions. I’ve got to say as someone whose passion is filmmaking I know how difficult creating something like this can be. Gathers people who have the costumes, shooting in a way that tells a story, and also having the skill to not only make the visual effects, but also make them look like the game. It’s a great watch and you guys should go check out the entire video. And I just want to say… I think FreddieW and Corridor Digital would be proud!

Yasuo has definitely been dominating the rift since he was introduced to the game. And it’s no surprise when you’re such a manly samurai. But this next work of art takes the rough and scruff warrior and makes him just a little more adorable.


Meet Little Poro Yasuo by Her0Noise! This tiny little furball would make a great skin idea or even more amazing plushie. I see he’s shouting “Face the wind!” but I can only image it sounds something like this…  I’m sure his cuteness is just as deadly.

Yasuo as a Poro by Her0Noise on Reddit

We always like showing cosplay here on Summoner Showcase Revival and one Cosplayer who you, the fans, felt we should highlight was Issabel Cosplay. Hailing all the way from Poland Isabell carefully crafts her costumes together capturing Champions like Elise, Morgana, and Nidalee. But her talents don’t stop there as she also has created costumes for Zyra and Dragonslayer Vayne. And in true big sister style she even has got her younger sister Wiki involved when she cosplayed as Lulu. 

Isabell is a great inspiration to any of you cosplayers out there so be sure to check out her facebook page in the description below.

Her outfits are exclusive of “League of Legends”. Her costumes are a model for other cosplayers

Here comes Rammus song by BlahBlahBlahGAMING on Youtube

There are a lot of scary things in Summoners Rift, but not all of them can compare to a fed Rammus. When that spiky ball of destruction comes ripping out of the river even a flash/ghost combo may not be enough to keep him from smashing into your face like a truck. Tails of his ganks are so famous that songs have even been written about champions who were ballsy enough to not ward the river. *play part of the video* (00:28 to 00:41 and 01:07 to 01:29) You can check out more videos by BlahBlahBlahGAMING by clicking on the link in the description below.

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