This week Monty is live from Roadhouse Interactive in Vancouver.  If you have a question for Monty you can email then to


Topics on this weeks show include:

  • How to market an indie game on a budget
  • Should the industry share code to to bring costs down?
  • How much modeling does a company do when deciding micro-transaction pricing?
  • How to break in on the business side of games
  • Will cheaper tools cause over saturation?
  • ZekePrince

    Yet another great episode. This particular one was quite informative and interesting to me.
    Two thumbs up. 

  • Hamad Ali Al-Jalahma

    Great episode

  • Nick Ratcliffe

    Thanks for answering my questions, gentlemen!

  • Jado Cast

    I really enjoy your perspectives on these topics.  So much of what you said about software and middleware can be applied to all business not just the gaming industry   About 15 years ago our business learned a hard lesson by scrapping software we customized after spending 25 million dollars and suffering for about three years with bad software.  Then we went with off the shelf product that did 80-90% of what we needed and was less than half what we spent trying to fix the mess we made with our custom software.  Great Topic Guys and another Great Show!  Keep them coming.