City State Entertainment’s CEO Mark Jacobs joins Gary Gannon once again to discuss the Camelot Unchained Kickstarter launch and the future of the game.

The Camelot Unchained Kickstarter launched yesterday and Mark Jacobs has taken some time out to talk with GAMEBREAKER about it. He and Gary discuss a variety of things about the game and its kickstarter, including what fans can expect for backing the project.

I’m not just talking reward tiers, but what Jacobs and City State feel is due fans and backers in terms of openness and communication as well.

The Kickstarter…

When Jacobs and the team set out to do the Camelot Unchained Kickstarter, they didn’t just throw a bunch of tiers together and hope that would work.  They took their time, looked at successful and unsuccessful kickstarters to see what they had done and why it hadn’t worked for them.

They also asked fans what they would like to see and came up with a truly impressive set of tiers that will hopefully include something for everyone. You might want to hurry on some of the tiers, however. Especially if you’re in this for your own private island.

During their talk, Mark tells Gary about what it takes to put a Kickstarter together. As it turns out, they were working down to the wire on getting everything right before the launch and even still editing things with 15 minutes left to go.

 Now that it’s launched?

Well, the team gets a little bit of breathing room and can concentrate on a few other things.  And we get a chance to take a peek at what they have planned.

So far, the Kickstarter is doing incredibly well. I checked before starting to write this post and Camelot Unchained has already reached the 30% mark on the funding goals meter.

The project still has 29 days to go, so the team is definitely in a good spot at the moment.

Check out the Camelot Unchained Kickstarter for yourself and see what they have going on.

And if you’re looking for a little more information on the game, we have another video interview with Mark Jacobs as well as a written one here.

  • ElHefe

    Shadowbane could compete with DAoC or UO for best PvP IMO. Either way, I’m excited for what this game could be.

    • Bradley Schlosser

      LOL PVP… for suckers… RVR 3 way war is where its at. DAOC gave me the best gaming memories ever! Was voted the best rvr game of the decade! My wife even played DAOC till TOA and we left with the rest after the other devs at mythic ruined a great game.

      I hope they dont have teleports… and have just as large RVR zones as they used too. Why? large areas are a disadvantage for the zerg… they can only defend 1 spot… a smart realm can attack 3 places and take 2 while the zerg keeps one. Or of the zerg is offensive.. they are taking stuff and leaving.. and you just take it back because the zerg wont stop going for the next keep/tower and they end up never getting ahead.

  • Deadalon

    The danger with KickStarter is that even if millions are funded.. that does not mean the developers have any more idea what they are doing to make a good game. They know how to spend the money tho…. without really offering anything instead. And one good way to get money is to get a known old developer that had a decent popular game to drag ppl in.

    Im not supporting any kickstarter project and will not be doing so. I simply do not trust ANY developers to actually deliver a game over there. And it seems like the current crew of this project (couldn’t even get the links working) does not deserve much trust atm. Talking is cheap .. And many games are cancelled even with full backing of publishers cause the devs were simply not quality enough.

    • GammaWolf

      These guys are proven developers.

      The proof to me is Dark Age of Camelot which was an extremely risky project made by a small start-up studio in an obscure genre yet was hugely successful and became the model for faction vs faction PVP in modern games.

      Sure it might suck, millions of people pre-order games that end up sucking. Throwing the typical box price of 50 bucks for a chance to have an interesting MMO is worth it to a lot of gamers these days.

      • Deadalon

        We are not talking 50 bucks here…. they are offering special “rewards” for ppl spending 10.000$. You might actually have a permanent reminder in a game that sucks how stupid you were … way beyond the 50 bucks ppl normally pay.

        And btw.. the proof to me is that DAOC is an old game that had some decent ideas back in the days. The same devs have done many mistakes since… some that did cost millions of dollars in games that totally sucked.

        • GammaWolf

          Its not your job to manage people’s money and nobody is forcing you to support it.

  • Dularr

    Kind of surprised, people are not freaking out because it’s a subscription based game.

    • Maric

      I’m more than willing to pay a sub or a good MMORPG. F2P communities leave a lot to be desired, especially for RP players.

    • Josh F.

      MJ said the sub fee is going to be less than current MMO’s. And, a monthly fee will weed out a lot of the idiots (not all, of course) that ruin MMO communities.

  • Vervacious

    I was all excited about TESO until Mark Jacobs unleashed Camelot Unchained news – now I don’t even care. I just want CU.

    I knew MJ would be back in the MMO business eventually. Checked his blog for months looking for signs of life. Guess he was waiting for his non-compete to expire.

    I happily contributed money on just the off chance that I could enjoy a game again as much as I enjoyed DAoC. Without the influence of a big publisher, maybe he can successfully build the game he envisions – the one he’s passionately described to the community. That’s the game I want.

    • Josh F.

      I totally agree. My interest in TESO has gone down considerably. I really want CU, though I know we’re gonna have a long wait ahead of us =(

      • Bradley Schlosser

        I will be internal testing in Jan of 14! Will try my best to get all the bugs out before beta one starts in feb of 15.

  • MMO_NewSkool

    yep. this guy fires me up.

    the industry needs a game like CU. Despite all the advances and new tech and new systems of recent games – they bored me to tears. I love PVE as well as PVP – and usually choose games that have a bit of both. But if CU delivers I will play it and embrace it. I feel like I will develop a strong attachment and value my time in CU’s world.

  • Peter McKenzie

    So transparent he is see thru :P TY Mark. I backed CSE to make a great game.

  • Bradley Schlosser

    Bought my internal tester and out of the 500 only 185 are left. I want to help this game be the best it can.

    Heck I am sitting here now wondering if about the Inn package.. you get to run 1 of only 10 player owned INN’s in the game…now this is full immersion.

    Being a old DAOC player.. greatest game in the world before TOA… IE when they put the grind pve to win crap in… and shortly after the game pop nose dived and never came back up.

    And to see crafters needed again!. LGM in all crafts in DAOC and I had people lined up to have me make there full suit and weapons.. then spellcraft them to there precise specs.

    Mark Jacobs was the man who wanted DAOC to stay a RVR game and knows if crafting isnt the best.. there is no reason to have crafting period.

  • Enricola

    Ok this was a really amazing interview. It was cool to see Gary giddy with excitement, and he really transmitted that through the screen.

    I hope that the process plays out in the way they hope, it would be an amazing success for future kickstarters to be able to point to.

    Mark can thank Gary for getting an extra $130 out of me. Put Gary’s voice in the game as a reward tbh.

  • theunwarshed

    too bad it’s pvp only or i would back it. i like the idea of game developers being accountable to their backers (in this case gamers) rather than publishers and shareholders who could care less about the game (other than its financial success).

  • Maric

    Appreciate Gamebreaker extensively covering Camelot Unchained. I’m with Gary in that this is the game I’ve been waiting for since my DAoC days. I have 100% faith in Mark NDA his team at CSE. As a backer of many Kickstarters I have not seen a developer interact or be mre attentive to their customers. Hope for more interviews throughout Kickstarter ad after!

  • Hermes Vasconcellos Netto

    I love how passionate Mark seem to be about this. PvP is not really my cup of tea, i am more of a PvE guy. However, due to the passion they are showing in this project and what this stands for i am inclined to support this kickstarter, even considering that this isn’t a game that i am likely to play alot.

    Gary, i love this segment of interviews. I would love to seem more of this with other game designers. Two tumbs up for this show.

  • Korros

    Excellent interview! It really should be linked on the Kickstarter page. Now I don’t blame CSE if anything goes wrong, nope it’s all your fault GARY! You and your convincing salesmanship. Haha looking forward to a great experience/game and thank you for the update.