Massive Q&A

In this week’s episode of the Sanctum Specials, Gary Gannon, Jason Winter and QuintLyn Bowers take some time to answer viewer questions about the expansion post-launch.

Questions include:

  • Do you foresee dimensions going beyond house building?
  • What do you feel comfortable seeing included in the cash shop?
  • Why should someone play Rift instead of WoW, GW2 or SWTOR?


GBTV General Manager
  • Roland Deschain

    great show the only issue i currently have is the glitched quests in game.  also i realised the best way to lvl is to go back and forth between continents. especially for quests.

  • Dr. Yiggles

    Great Show guys.  I can honestly say there is just so much to do in Rift and fully have enjoyed the game since I came back the past few months.

    I also hope you guys will keep The Sanctum show running.

  • Laborday

    Really great show. Probably the best episode of The Sanctum. Really good and refreshingly frank answers to viewer questions. 

  • Tommy O’Callaghan

    Just Came back to Rift after about 8 months off roughly(think river of souls was just out) While i am loving the game alot now and amazed again by the details, The community at least on Faeblight is just as bad if not worse at times then Malganis trade chat in wow. Its almost to the point where i need to turn off the 50-59 chat. So great game!  but standard typical im in the internet and i can say whatever i want and dont have a verbal filter community

    • David Alcon

      50-59 Chat in Deepwood is pretty bad as well. I don’t think I’ve ever heard any legitimate question answered on it. I should probably leave that channel.

  • Nate Sartain

    Great Episode, I am so happy to see Sanctum back! I love Rift, and wish more people would see how awesome it is.

  • Kasey Speakman

    Also glad to see Sanctum back.

    I’m pretty sure I heard one of the devs state on a video that there is more on the horizon for dimensions, and that dimensions basically give players the same/similar world-building tools that game designers use.

    I don’t like anything being on the cash shop except account services. I don’t even really like mounts being on there.

    Rift has a number of things going for it over other games that I’ve played
    * Graphics – WoW looks downright silly comparatively
    * Art Style – Realism. With SL there is a distinct techno-magery look
    * Group/Raid content – Rift has awesome instance content and fun mechanics on the whole. Rift is great about adding raids in normal updates.
    * Content content content – Trion pushes out TONS of content and features, so there’s always something to do (Chronicles, Instant Adventures, Onslaughts, Warfronts, Conquest, Dungeon Finder, Dimensions, Crafting, Rifting, Shiny hunting, etc.)
    * Character flexibility / diversity – Of the 4 basic group/raid roles (dps, tank, heal, support) every class has the capability to play at least 3 of them and switch between them on the fly (out of combat).
    * Character customizability – Tweak points and try new ability combinations to your heart’s content. If that’s not your thing, you can follow a stock build or a posted build.

    I have never seen a game add as much content in normal updates as Rift. It has totally been worth the monthly (or in my case yearly) fee for all the content Rift puts out. I wouldn’t want Rift to go B2P or P2P, because that would undoubtedly reduce the amount of content produced.

    I actually stopped playing Rift for a while, but it was primarily because my guild dissolved. I missed it and came back. So glad I did!

  • Sam Neher

    As far as the money sink question.  Porting from Ashora and Steppes of Infinity which you do a lot at end game is quite expensive.  Every port to a new zone cost 1 plat 12 gold which doesn’t sounds like much but when you have to do a few times in a day it starts eating away at your bank.  The mobs don’t give much in the way of pure money either….averaging around 2 to 3 gold per kill.  The loot can sometime make up for that but still seems a bit low every the cost of repair and ports which are stuff needed to play the game.  It’s annoying but not game breaking by any means.  

    The leveling speed was actually quite nice btw… forces you to really explore every zone and do both continents story-lines which was nice to see how both of them end.  If you are all about power leveling though there a numerous ways besides quest to level up faster, so if you were a raider you still blasted though most of the leveling content quickly.  It kind of give you the best of both worlds.

  • Elusive Fox

    I am gonna sound a bit like a fan boy here but,

    If rift had gone F2P or B2P, while storm Legion might hav been good, there never would have been as many or as large content patches (nearly 1 a month),  go back and take a look at rift day one compared to just before storm legion and there is some pretty significant content releases, and while not all of the changes were good there was deffinately a regular stream of fixes and new content through the last year. 

    Trion can easily match and even overtake anyone in the market for quality and quantity of patches for this game.

  • Marcus Bailey

    1.I think that Rift is trying to draw on old fashioned WOW Raiders (Burning Crusade Era). I think PVP players have abandoned the game.
    2.I think Rift should stick to cosmetic items only.  I hope that Trion never has mystery packs in the store.
    3. Rift has speedy content over WOW, GW2, and SWTOR.  Rift also has more to do at level cap then SWTOR and GW2.
    4. I think there will be an increase at beginning but will go back to their normal numbers.
    5. I do not think that Rift is having financial problems and the game has one of the bigger populations out there.  I wish there was more reviews though.
    6. I would like to see Dimensions go the custom tower defence route.
    7. No, there are other ways to make plat in game.  I wish that the AH had more features like player made workorders.
    8. I do not think that the game is set up for F2P or B2P but I prefer the B2P model.
    9. I think the 50-60 leveling time was appropriate.

  • Gavin Morgan

    Looking hot here Quintlyn.

    Great to see this show running again, i just wish that my mates would give this game a go.Due to low media coverage they simply look upon it as a GradeB game, how wrong they are.

  • Salamol

    Regarding F2P or B2P  42mins… I see GW2 for one having a bigger expansion than Rift’s SL. It has to, as a big part of them making money… Rift on the other hand makes money from sub fees, so does not need to have big expansions (and a number of community members felt slighted when they found out they’d have to pay for an expansion).

    TBH I can’t get into SL… just feels like a grind >.<