Game Biz 14

This week on Game Biz: defining a procedurally generated games, why Activision would leave Vivendi and more.

You hear a lot about procedurally generated games these days, but unless you’re really paying attention you may not know what that term actually means. It’s a fact, that businesses love to use a lot of terms that other people may not grasp one-hundred percent. Of course, Monty’s the man to ask about anything in the video game industry… Including procedurally generated games.

That said, if you have questions about anything else related to the game industry such as why companies conduct business in the way they do, why some are bought and sold or merge and break up… Or perhaps you want to know about what a specific position’s function is in the company or why it exists. If not that, then you can ask about specific practices used by companies and why they make no sense to you as a consumer… We have you covered.

This week’s other questions are:

  • My gf is a game development student and she keeps talking about procedurally generated stuff.  What does that mean?
  • Why would Activision separate from Vivendi?  Seems like a waste of money to me.
  • Why doesn’t LoL have servers on the west coast?  Why do they have their servers in Canada?
    I never used the kinect with my 360 why is microsoft making me buy one with the Xbox One?
  • Some champions in LoL make no sense.  Their skills don’t work together and they seem to have no role.  Don’t they test them?

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