Another week, another Buildcast the Guild Wars 2 PvP & Theory Crafting show. This week Gary, Ed, and Matt break down a hybrid ranger build and play-style for The Battle of Kylho. (58.36)

Topics include:

  • Rune Choice
  • Traits
  • Weapon Choices & Play-style
  • Nicholas Wade Flora

    Who watches this boring ass crap

    • Jonathon Neff

      your an ass.

    • Mark w

      this is good info if you dont like dont watch 

    • Corey “Crimzen”

       more intelligent people then you perhaps?

      • Old Ben

        You mean additional intelligent people watch it first, and then he does? ;-)

  • Jonathon Neff

    I appreciate the show , and I know others (friends) who are new to GW2 in need of information etc.. love watching these. Thank you for the help and knowledge to new comers. 

  • Dixhallpike

    Just about to watch the show. I love watching Tamgros and Taugrim. Keep up the good job guys.

  • Oblivious Prime

    I watched the show live, and really enjoyed it. Even though I do not theory craft I found the show very informative and got some tips out of it.

    keep up the good work. :D

  • Zedris

    id like to see this on itunes like guildcast!

  • Hamad Ali Al-Jalahma

    Great show, could see it being way more relevant after release tho. 

  • Ben Cornforth

    So, plans for a 4th Panel in the future?

    • Tj Vossos

      They have a girl on but she was sick this week, she will be back next week

  • Pi Rate

    Thanks for putting together Buildcast guys. I like this format much better then you did in episode 1. Will the 4th panel member be back? I personally like it with the 3, keeps the comments and evaluations shorter and more to the point.

    Here are my recommendation for the show:
    1. Create image slide(s) to show the build traits, slotted skills, stats and equipped gear. It is hard to see clearly on the video with 480p, a slide or two showing it in larger text/numbers would make it much clearer for viewers.
    2. When showing the match itself, please do not put the “bar” at the bottom of the screen. It covers the skill bar and health, so it is almost impossible to see what skills are being used at what points in the characters health levels. Allowing us to keep an eye on it will allow your viewers to make recommendations or generate questions on what should have been done instead at specific points.

    Those are my primary recommendations so far. Create image slides that give the viewers the finer details that we can actually read and see clearly on a 480 stream/video. When showing the actual match footage to evaluate, please don’t put the bottom bar there so we can see the skills/health. 


    • Matthew Sorg

      1) Definitely something we discussed after the show. We’re hoping to create ‘card’ blow-ups of key traits and then have gary use the trait calculator so we can go back and forth around his build better. Come release, if it’s relevant, we’ll just stream ourselves in game  applying the build to a character live as we talk about it.

      2) Good point, I’ll bring it up to Gary

      • Pi Rate

        Sounds great! I can’t wait to see where you guys go with this. My mains are Slyvari Ranger and Human Mesmer (picked two for “mains” because I can’t pick just one of those two, love the play style of both so much), so both videos have been very informative for me personally so far. Hopefully we’ll get spectator mode soon and some live tournament casting too. Here’s to hoping for an official e-sport out of GW2! ;-)

      • Jay

        Nice having you on the show, Matt. I like that you explain your thoughts in depth, and give pros and cons along the way. Never considered that streaming idea, but that would actually be great, since a lot of people learn better by seeing than hearing.

        I look forward to the next Buildcast… Hopefully Thief gets a spotlight. :3

      • Old Ben

        I posted a message about issue #2 right after this video went up, but it had an attachment and it still hasn’t been “approved” by the moderators, apparently. 

        My suggestion is that, instead of a big lower third saying “EPISODE X” (and not even mentioning the name of the show) you could just have a logo for the shows (with the episode number) in the upper right corner. Here’s the (broken) address of a quick mock-up. Hopefully this way it’ll get posted.

        oi45.tinypic.  [delete this]   com/o5t1tc.jpg

    • estafa

       You beat me to it. Was just about to suggest the same thing with the images that show the whole build.
       And on that note it would be much better to actually go and look through the whole build fully before starting the discussion about the details, IMO, because there always is  those choices like that “death nova” and other abilities that can be viewed and evaluated from multiple perspectives that should be presented before hand.

  • posth
  • falknerblitz

    Great job guys, really really enjoyed it. The new format is
    excellent for really getting in to the issues and looking very in depth
    at all the little details. It was really well done and provided alot of
    insight – I’m sure alot of people learned alot, I sure did. I’ll be
    trying out a new build in the stress test, hopefully I can be the
    guardian vid on the show


  • Rich Carroll

    Great Buildcast Love the Show cant wait til launch and see a lot of unique builds

  • Umbradomo

    Internet is out at home. Anyway to DL the shows at work to watch them later at home?? =>

  • Robert Caliolo

    Just a small idea for future casts.
    Might you explain the class, what the theories on the builds are for that class, What each weapon choice offers for PvP, vs PvE and what the class actually would offer to SPvP

  • Dekin

    It is not my thing, but I like the idea of the show. When the game comes out and I pick my main profession and they analyze that class you can bet your pok-a-doted pantaloons I will be watching that video over and over. I can understand things better when they are showed to me and explained than reading forums like Elitist Jerks.  

    I dont know how you make the lower third but it would be cool if you could make it an upper third during the game play video.

  • Ömer Gürlek

    This week’s show was much better than the last one. The hosts actually studied the video before the show and gave great insight about it. Overall great show, keep it up! :)

  • Miguel Rodriguez

    Good show.

  • Dave Jeannotte

    Love playing my engineer.  It’s cool playing something that other people don’t care for.  I don’t think they’re underpowered, but I do think a lot of their kits still need to be worked on.  For a class that can’t weapon swap, they need some meaningful kits to be able to swap to.

  • William Allen

    Do not ever change up your cast. I love the different takes that you guys bring to the table.

  • Most Morbid One

    I have no idea when anything comes on anymore..

    • Jay

       Guildcast is on Wednesday @ 6pm PDT and Buildcast comes on at 8pm PDT after.

  • benk

    OMG!  Mr. Park you are a calculation/spreedsheet king……….very nice too hear your tips

  • Dan Winborne

    I know Im opening up myself for flaming, but the ranger is full of total bs & hax in PvP. I brought a ranger down in a one on one fight, was about to ‘finish’ him, then he pops up mid way, w/ almost full health, and proceeds to end me. Cant wait to see all the rangers cry during their nerf.

  • Robert Caliolo

    The problem with downed state is the classes that have a knockback ability to use while in downed. It is too powerful for one or 2 to have that and the other not  have something like that.

  • Nhoj1983

    Have to say I love the show.  This game’s pretty much the only one that I can think of that would warrant a pure build show and I always learn something.  Thanks Taugrim, Tamgros, and Gary.

  • Robert Scullion

    I figure it’s probably hard to do while you don’t have access to the servers but at some point in the future when the game is live I would really like to see a show about each class one by one.
    Taking the Warrior for example you could set up maybe 3 different PvP builds, one with a Rifle that is focused on bleeds, one thats more supportive with healing shouts and a melee based damage build (these are just random types for an example) and then go through each build, the theory behind it and what it’s trying to achieve and the traits and runes that synergise well with each one.  There doesn’t have to be gameplay footage for each one as the theorycrafting is why I like the show in the first place.
    You could also then use a part of each of the class specific shows to use Matt’s idea to show people the animations for each classes big attacks so people who don’t play that class know what to look out for.

    Also, rather than taking someone else’s build every week, maybe sometimes Matt and Ed could take a general concept (a Ranger that uses conditions from this weeks show) and then they could create a build and explain how they went about constructing it, why they chose certain talents, weapons and runes.  (This is purely so you can show builds from a different perspective, rather than taking someone else’s build and saying “I would have done this instead” it’s a case of saying “Here is why I did this”, both are equally valid, I just like the ground up approach from people who obviously know what they are doing).

    Love the show though, my personal preference is more Matt and Ed talking about the in’s an out’s of a build and less sitting through game play, but that’s just me.

  • JT

    Great show. A comment: while I do really appreciate the build analysis, I feel like the actual game play isn’t getting as much attention. As someone who is learning this game, I think it would be nice to get a better handle not only on the builds, but how they are operating. I’m just trying to get a handle on the flow of combat–LOS, application and removal of boons and conditions, who to target, how to work together with my teammates, understanding the map, capture point defense, control of trebuchet and bosses, focus fire–there’s just so much going on. Would love to have the experts decipher some of it for me! Thanks, guys.

    • Diequex

      Pretty much this. tbh I lost most interest as the build analysis continued to drag on. More attention/analysis of gameplay would be more entertaining

      • Matthew Sorg

        This is something we’ve discussed. One of the main things we’ve lacked is the transition of applying our recommendations to our analysis of the match. The next step after that will be analyzing the match and individual mechanics themselves at times.

        We just wanted to start with the very basics of how to set up your character and establish a base of knowledge with our users to build off of.As the show gets more mature we’re going to have a discussions about the GW2 Meta game that forms, in depth competitive strategies ( some more on team builds and compositions and less about individual), individual mechanics, and hopefully analysis of professionl matches… basically anything PvP :)

        • Dularr

          I just get the impression that builds are just so important to this game. 

          Not sure if you could flip it around.  Show the gameplay and then show the part of the build directly affect the actions on the screen.

  • Odeezee

    Suggestion: Gary, try to shoutcast the parts f the video you want to go over, it adds excitement to the content and there is less dead air. i would suggest switching back and forth between Gary and Taugrim/Tamgros. there are many great shoutcast videos that you could learn technique from for GW2 stuff. if you need any links just reply to this. otherwise i like the format so far.

    TLDR: Gary Shoutcast the Buildcast highlight video!

    • Ross Knoll

      Sorry, I’m fairly new to watching live streaming shows…What do you mean by “shoutcast”?

  • itsZiz

    Id like to see more general PvP discussion at the beginning before you jump right in to the build

    (since people are still new)
    explain the downed mechanic
    runes and sigils
    weapon swapping
    kits & attunements ect

    (after release)
    patch notes
    meta game

    lovin it, thanks all

    • Depravity

      Yeah, good point. An introduction to core mechanics/states/skills would be immensely appreciated, since most are new to the game and the BWE events really did not allow in-depth experiences yet.

      Other than that the show is great, even if I don’t understand half the shit yet, which is awesome, cause it makes you analyze words and concepts (instead of listening to the usual generic chitchat shit most other “alien” shows pump out).

  • Jeremy Farry

    Great show, just sorry I had to log off the live show due to RL.

  • Kevin Raymond Macduff

    i got a question for everyone even i was just wondering if you sprayed OFF on a sylvari would he die?

    • Jonathan Hornsby

      Sylvari are plants, not bugs. 

      • Methadose

         hahahahaha, he might get a bit sick.

  • Jado Cast

    Notice Gary always has a pen but nothing to write on in almost every show?  XD

    • Old Ben

      Don’t worry, the pen doesn’t have any ink, either. It’s a Wacom tablet pen. ;-)

  • Jado Cast

    I went on iTunes today to see if BuildCast was available yet like GuildCast and I was so happy that episode 1 from July 25 was available, but then I realized it’s a different video game podcast that sucks.  Sorry Gary, but it looks like someone stole your show’s name.

  • Jado Cast

    Viddler isn’t working on my iphone in safari or Chrome. FYI

  • koujow

    I enjoyed this episode more than the first episode. Not sure why, but you guys just seemed more interesting to listen to this time. Also, random third lady wasn’t around being random and distracting. So, thats good. 

    Does the stuff discussed here apply to WvW or just structured PvP?

    • Matthew Sorg

      Yes, most things apply, especially the concepts. The only things that won’t apply to WvW are specific sPvP map strategies. 

  • Thomas Stoesser

    Soooo entertaining – this stuff is just great!


    Awesome guys, more please.  Do elementalist or necro?

  • Josh Hart

    Would love to see an Engineer vid. So many kits and things that can be going on at the same time. Would be very interesting how you all would build your Engineer.

  • Steven Rodney

    What I would love to see is a step by step tutorial on how to theorycraft a build. Is there any chance of this?

  • Russ

    Much better show this week! 

  • Ross Knoll

    I really enjoyed watching this show, and I don’t even like rangers! One thing I hope you keep doing is taking time during the show to discuss tips that apply to all PvP players (e.g., Ed’s suggestion to make builds that counter all three types of damage). I think focusing the entire time on one good video is great, as long as you address enough info that will apply to everyone else.

    As far as things to change, I suggest having the show members provide some quantitative rating or evaluation on both (1) the quality of the build, and (2) the skill of the player in the video. Some builds will be great, but implemented poorly; other builds might seem weaker, but could be played excellently. Such ratings provide more concrete benchmarks for viewers against which to compare their own builds and skill. They also ensure that viewers can learn a lot about the game and how to play it well, even if the build and/or the player are not good.

    Another small request would be to slightly resize the gameplay video during the show, or change your show “UI”. The Gamebreaker banner was blocking the skill bar for part of the video, and I couldn’t see the team scores well in either episode because it was cut off at the top.

    Finally, to whatever extent this is possible, please share links to the full build and/or video link (if posted publicly), preferably before the show goes live. That way, players can dissect the video on their own and gain familiarity with it before the show hosts discuss it, which lets viewers offer more insightful comments and discussion in the stream chat and (later on) forum posts.

    Thanks for a great show!

  • IpManBearPig

    Dear Gamebreaker.  I am saying this from a place of love so please understand this feedback is for your benefit.  There is absolutely no point in showing the close ups of the equipment of the video if even in “HD” its completely blurred out.  It’s more distracting than beneficial. I had to force myself to watch the rest of the video.  You guys always do great quality stuff so I am giving you a second (and most likely a third) chance.  I will sit through the ads.  I will listen to the sometimes inane commentary.  I will click on your advertising links. I am the person you don’t want to lose. I love the site and I love the (normally) high quality of the content.  You really dropped the ball on this one.

    Don’t settle for second best.  Don’t put poorly produced crap up here.  People will stop watching.

    Love the concept.  Fix the example videos.

  • Sorel

    I was worried last show, but this time u guys got it, great show, love it! keep em coming

  • Brad Horner

    I sub to Taugrim. I learn a lot from him. The other guy I like as well. A lot of us want to learn about as many builds as possible, for our own use and to know thine enemy. Keep doing these is what I say. 

  • George Webster

    great show again!  i thought jumping into a build and match right away had a good feel,  I would like to hear more theory craft maybe?  but this episode worked well in braking down some ranger mechanics.  maybe with these you could put together alternative builds.. consider posting the featured build in your web builder of choice and possibly a tamgross and taugrim alternative to the featured build?? 

  • Thomas Sneddon

    I listen to podcasts on my ipod at work and love the Legendary download, is there anyway to download this to listen to on the move???

    • Brian Herring

      EXACTLY. That, and their new format/service I can’t even get to work half the time. I can’t watch this video right now, in fact!

  • Dustin Moon

    Buildcast is easily the best show on Gamebreaker right now.  I love Ed and Matt.  I used to love it when they would both appear on the Sanctum.. 

  • mattm131

    Great show guys! I really like the format, I have not been a big PvP’er but this will help me improve my game and want to play it some more. I’m really learning a lot listening to you guys critiquing the build and play style in the video.Thanks!

  • Matt Cipriano

    Guys I love this show! Keep up the good work. However, I would really appreciate it if you could post the spec (or a link to the build) in the info section here under the video. It would just make it easier for me if, let’s say, I wanted to try it. Thanks