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Klaus & Squirrel Farcry 3 Ep 1

Klaus & Squirrel take on kidnapping pirates in Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3 with some of the most uncooperative co-op ever.  Somehow, despite their usual antics, it seems like the pirates may not stand a chance.

Watch Klaus and Squirrel take on an island full of drugs, pirates, guns and other dangers in their first episode of Far Cry 3 gameplay.  And, as always, check back soon for more episodes of the duo’s adventures.

GBTV General Manager
  • Eula Jade Hannigan

    Some of the best stuff eva!!! Love you two!

  • Krzysztof Kotarba

    no point of censoring if your name is all over the place :P

  • sean adams

    crouched the entire time so far. lol
    gary such a noob 

  • Eric

    Was a bit disappointed in Far Cry co-op. Was hoping for some epic open-world play like in Saints Row 3, but at least it looks like you guys are having a good time.

  • Samuli Rauatmaa

    I don’t understand why every open world game doesn’t have a CO-OP like Saints Row 3 has, or just free roam.

  • Chris Collins

    “i dont trust this guy… he doesnt even have shoes” lol

  • DoctorOverlord

    I do like Klaus and Squirrel and I enjoy listening to commentary while people play games like Darnell did with Dead Space over in Let’s Play.

    But before I start to watch this, will K&S actually *finish* the game?  Darnell almost got to the end of Deadspace then switched games!  It was really annoying how we never got to see the finale with him.      Are the plans to have Klaus and Squirrel finish Far Cry or just drop it in the middle?

  • Aisar

    Watch the intro on youtube, it’s actually pretty badass.  Can’t hear a thing or figure out exactly what’s going on otherwise lol.

    ha I just realized Squirrel is kind of a racist.

  • DoctorOverlord

    “This is like African Queen with an idiot.”   Heard that and started laughing too hard to breath. 

    Also Squirrel singing the Christmas special lyrics Silver and Gold – just awesome.