Every week on Monty’s Minute:  the video game industry insider show, Monty Sharma answers viewers questions about the video game industry.  The show covers a wide range of video game industry topics including how to break into the industry, why video game developers make the decisions they do, differences between companies or developers and publishers.


This week:

  • Is it smart for game companies to use hype for publicity and deal with the consequences later?
  • Are software development and networking good courses to take to get into the industry, and can you be too old to break in?
  • Is Gamification exploitative?
  • What games do you like to play?

If you missed the previous episode of Monty’s Minute, check it out here.


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  • http://twitter.com/AgeNightroad Adrian Lloyd

    “Hey Monty & Squirrel” lol

    I too was curious about if there’s a right age to enter the game industry. Glad I watched today, now I know I have some time to work on side game projects while doing school.

    • Jado Cast

      LOL, the look on his face was Priceless!

  • Jado Cast

    Thanks Guys for taking the time to answer my question about gamification.  I think you guys are right, it could be done well, but from what I’ve seen its just marketing following a trend, and really don’t make a great experience for their customers.