Mike Schaffnit returns to the big boy chair this week on After Dark! The lines open every Tuesday night at 9PST… so be sure to tune in live and let YOUR voice be heard!

Questions in this week’s show:

  • How do you think Planetside 2 will perform in the coming months? And will it retain a decent sized player base?
  • What happened to the “A-List”? And what short series anime would you recommend?
  • With more games allowing in-game marriage and divorce, what do you guys think about having a “lawyer” profession?
  • Do you guys think that Titan is going to be Blizzard’s LoL or HoN, in attempts to corner the e-sports market?
  • Will there be any new features we haven’t seen in other MMO’s in TESO?
  • Do you think Blizzard with have a cross-faction raid to bring down Garrosh?
  • When have you ever experiences a feeling of buyers remorse after purchasing a video game?
  • How does a game like RIFT have to promote itself in order to break back through and grow the audience to where it was at launch?
  • What do you think Team Bloodlust would need to tailor their new game “Blade and Soul” to the western market?