This week on Unicorn Duck Shadow Puppet: the WildStar final races announced, GameSpot gameplay video and more!

Gotta love how Carbine have been inadvertently announcing things. Last week it was about their hybrid pay model, now it’s the final two races for WildStar being announced at San Diego’s Comic Con. Again, gotta love it.

Mordesh & Chua Races

These are the names of the final races in WildStar. The Mordesh are for the Exiles. Oh yea, by the way, guess what? They’re space zombies! And you thought regular zombie were scary. The Chua are for the Dominion. They are rodent-looking mischievous inventors and appear to be “nearly as brilliant as they are sociopathic”. When I read that, for some reason, Raving Rabbids was the first thing that came to mind.

Gameplay Video From Comic Con

GameSpot has a Comic Con gameplay video on their site featuring the newest 2 races revealed. It has some combat and some housing as well. Go check it out!

More ZAM Interviews!

Scott Hawkes, ZAM’s Editor In Chief, had a interview with WildStar’s Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney. A decent chuck of the interview was about add-ons:

[quote]“I think a lot of that is best left to the free market. As soon as we start saying ‘This add-on’s great, use this one instead of that one,’ danger lies that way, and so I’d rather have that stuff, in general, happen through a third party.”[/quote]

A third party? I’d go into this more but I’ll let you watch the show.

All this and more!

Once again, there’s a lot going on in the world of WildStar and we have a lot more content to look forward to on UDSP. So check out the video for everything and be sure to return next week.

And, if you missed the last episode of Unicorn Duck Shadow Puppet, be sure to check it out here.

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  • tegger

    phew…so my 40 or so entries aren’t that bad. I feel better now….and I’ll stop sending them in. I just wanted to be sure they got it, ya know?

    Hey, by the way, ya know what this show needs? An Elixabeth (with an x for sexy) Claire. It’s kind of a sausage fest in here eh.

    • QuintLyn Bowers

      You must have missed the news. Elix doesn’t do games press media any more. She’s got a different gig.

      • Michael Allen

        The show needs a woman on it. How about yourself Q?

        • QuintLyn Bowers

          :) Not every show needs a female on it. I do agree they’re nice to look at but it’s one of those things.

          I’d personally be a bad choice since I don’t follow all the updates on WildStar and have until recently been uncertain as to whether I’m interested in the game. Cool concept and all but some of the older videos made me think it might be boring.

          I am warming up to it, however.

          • tegger

            maybe just get Farhan to wear a wig? :P

          • Dularr

            Q, the question is will the paths hold your interest. Logging in picking up a path mission and going out to explore, build or destroy. The path mechanic has a potential for long term gameplay.

      • tegger

        I did miss that, but I used her as an example because I really just wanted to use that “with an x” line somewhere…..not that she’s not, I mean she is…well…damnit…I’m gonna just shut it now.

  • Sojobo

    most short races have the biggest personalities, I loved the Asura soooooo much :P

    • Dularr

      I hear you there. My nasty Gnome Mage, Goblin Shadow Priest, Asura Warrior. All fun to play.

  • Sojobo

    What about the poor poor Granok, they can only be warriors right now, I could see them as engineers since in the Wildstar intro cinematic with the giant plant and micro robot army, it showed the Granok Mercenary with little turrets

  • Exiaion

    Space Gremlins that shoot flaming plasma skulls of death, cool

  • Jason Quinn

    There are other videos showing smaller UI’s, and since it’s so customizable I highly doubt that the default UI will be super rigid.

  • ChristopherMitchell1

    I DON”T want an engineer class… I’m sure there are plenty of people who want it but it’s just so unoriginal I would like a more interesting class.

    • Torguish

      We want it because it’s safe and the way they execute is what could make it original. Just like a mage/priest we have Aurin or Spellslinger.

      When we talk about an engineer class it might not be called ”an engineer”, it could have different mechanics etc. You have no idea how they could do the class.

      • ChristopherMitchell1

        This comment has no precedence towards my comment. You basically said I shouldn’t not want an engineer class… because they won’t make it an ‘engineer’ class… K! The main issue with having a standard engineer class (which is my worry) is that they already have a TON of mechanics that would go into such class in the Paths and other classes. THAT’s why I want a more original class than your standard engineer.

        • Torguish

          Actually it does have. You don’t want an engineer because it’s ”so unoriginal”. My point was that the name could be engineer but the way it’s executed determines how original or unoriginal it is.

          I mean, lets say you have turrets. But instead of automated turrets they shoot in the direction you are facing, only they are stationary. So what this means, is basically you can shoot in 2 different directions if the turret is stationary.

          I just think the name of a class only determines the ”theme”. For all you know, they might add an engineer with a huge tech suit and call it a tank class.
          Except they won’t.. i’m aware of that. D:

          I’d be a little pissed off too if they added a generic style engineer but if they add some cool mechanics into the gameplay that don’t feel too gimmicky, but rather reflect another style of combat and gameplay. I don’t care what they call it. :)

    • Torguish

      I mean, we already have Gunslinger which is a mage of sorts. Or Stalker which is basically a rogue/thief. They have a different-ish flavor. And the classes are most likely already done, they just haven’t implemented them yet.

    • Dularr

      While I’m not anti-engineer. I would like to see a more mad scientist class. With much of the gadgets and gizmos, but with a mad scientist laboratory to call home.

      So while there is a scientist path, which feels more like graduate student field work. I would rather see the mad scientist developing his latest fiendish device and going out for a field test.

  • WarNC

    Is it me or anyone else see Chua and think Gremlins? I don’t mean visually but mentally/persona wise that manic crazy MAD style humour?

    • Fallos

      yes and yes, and thats why i want to play one =P

  • Cpt.Badger

    If they (the Chua) do not have the EXACT same hitbox as all the other races, PvP is going to suck big time.

    • ScottHawkes

      They do.

      • Cpt.Badger

        Pretty cool then. Right design choice.