This week on Unicorn Duck Shadow Puppet: the WildStar final races announced, GameSpot gameplay video and more!

Gotta love how Carbine have been inadvertently announcing things. Last week it was about their hybrid pay model, now it’s the final two races for WildStar being announced at San Diego’s Comic Con. Again, gotta love it.

Mordesh & Chua Races

These are the names of the final races in WildStar. The Mordesh are for the Exiles. Oh yea, by the way, guess what? They’re space zombies! And you thought regular zombie were scary. The Chua are for the Dominion. They are rodent-looking mischievous inventors and appear to be “nearly as brilliant as they are sociopathic”. When I read that, for some reason, Raving Rabbids was the first thing that came to mind.

Gameplay Video From Comic Con

GameSpot has a Comic Con gameplay video on their site featuring the newest 2 races revealed. It has some combat and some housing as well. Go check it out!

More ZAM Interviews!

Scott Hawkes, ZAM’s Editor In Chief, had a interview with WildStar’s Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney. A decent chuck of the interview was about add-ons:

[quote]“I think a lot of that is best left to the free market. As soon as we start saying ‘This add-on’s great, use this one instead of that one,’ danger lies that way, and so I’d rather have that stuff, in general, happen through a third party.”[/quote]

A third party? I’d go into this more but I’ll let you watch the show.

All this and more!

Once again, there’s a lot going on in the world of WildStar and we have a lot more content to look forward to on UDSP. So check out the video for everything and be sure to return next week.

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