UDSP Ep1 - Wildstar Paths

Welcome to the first ever episode of Unicorn Duck Shadow Puppet, GAMEBREAKER’s all new WildStar show. This week on UDSP we take a look at WildStar paths, executive producer, Jeremy Gaffney spends time talking with both ZAM and Massively and so much more!

That’s right, Carbine put out several graphics detailing the various WildStar paths.  The graphics detail the various missions types available to each of the paths. So, for instance, if you chose a soldier path, you would see missions related to assassination, demolition, swat and more. On the other hand, if you decided to choose a science path, you’ll be looking at analysis, biology and archeology among other mission types.

Admittedly, while I’ve heard some people voice concerns about not being able to do missions that are outside of their path and therefore missing content, but the whole system seems pretty interesting to me.

All the interviews!

Jeremy Gaffney’s been out and about talking to Massively and ZAM. And he’s had quite a few things to ay about WildStar’s style, how paths will work together, settler building and more. Gaffney also dropped information on PvP, particularly destroying other settlers’ buildings. When asked about it he replied:

[quote]Hell ya! We are already working on closed beta three where we unlock the open world PvP and then we start mucking with what happens when players start destroying each other’s stuff and ‘oh look, this guy can add new PvP guards to the area’ or this part of the settlers stuff. And all of that comes together in Whitevale. Inside of closed beta test three is where we start testing out all that kind of stuff.[/quote]

Sounds like Gary’s dream come true, doesn’t it?

On the other hand, Jeremy showed a little hesitation on Guild vs Guild and when asked about it said:

[quote]I’m not sure if we’ll open it up to be guild versus guild as well, we’ll kind of see, get some feedback on it and tune it. But the goal is that it’s hardcore, you get the best of the best doing it. So it’s not as much beating up noobs as its beating up other people who are good at it. We do it in tiers so that as you rank up you’re fighting against guilds of your epicness.[/quote]

So while it seems we can look forward to some interesting PvP, we may not see everything we’d normally expect in the game. But.. If the rest of what Gaffney has to say is any indication… We may not miss it!

So much more!

There’s so much in this episode of Unicorn Duck Shadow Puppet that I can’t even begin to fit it all in this post. So be sure to watch the video and see it for yourself.  And, as will all our other shows, we adore viewer questions. So, be sure to send yours in to