Welcome to the first ever episode of Unicorn Duck Shadow Puppet, GAMEBREAKER’s all new WildStar show. This week on UDSP we take a look at WildStar paths, executive producer, Jeremy Gaffney spends time talking with both ZAM and Massively and so much more!

That’s right, Carbine put out several graphics detailing the various WildStar paths.  The graphics detail the various missions types available to each of the paths. So, for instance, if you chose a soldier path, you would see missions related to assassination, demolition, swat and more. On the other hand, if you decided to choose a science path, you’ll be looking at analysis, biology and archeology among other mission types.

Admittedly, while I’ve heard some people voice concerns about not being able to do missions that are outside of their path and therefore missing content, but the whole system seems pretty interesting to me.

All the interviews!

Jeremy Gaffney’s been out and about talking to Massively and ZAM. And he’s had quite a few things to ay about WildStar’s style, how paths will work together, settler building and more. Gaffney also dropped information on PvP, particularly destroying other settlers’ buildings. When asked about it he replied:

[quote]Hell ya! We are already working on closed beta three where we unlock the open world PvP and then we start mucking with what happens when players start destroying each other’s stuff and ‘oh look, this guy can add new PvP guards to the area’ or this part of the settlers stuff. And all of that comes together in Whitevale. Inside of closed beta test three is where we start testing out all that kind of stuff.[/quote]

Sounds like Gary’s dream come true, doesn’t it?

On the other hand, Jeremy showed a little hesitation on Guild vs Guild and when asked about it said:

[quote]I’m not sure if we’ll open it up to be guild versus guild as well, we’ll kind of see, get some feedback on it and tune it. But the goal is that it’s hardcore, you get the best of the best doing it. So it’s not as much beating up noobs as its beating up other people who are good at it. We do it in tiers so that as you rank up you’re fighting against guilds of your epicness.[/quote]

So while it seems we can look forward to some interesting PvP, we may not see everything we’d normally expect in the game. But.. If the rest of what Gaffney has to say is any indication… We may not miss it!

So much more!

There’s so much in this episode of Unicorn Duck Shadow Puppet that I can’t even begin to fit it all in this post. So be sure to watch the video and see it for yourself.  And, as will all our other shows, we adore viewer questions. So, be sure to send yours in to submit@gamebreaker.tv.

  • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

    I really enjoyed UDSPMF. The hosts did a great job, the show was fun to watch, the game is fun to follow and hopefully the game will be fun to play as well.

  • http://twitter.com/cipero Matt Cipriano

    I like the new show great stuff. I do want to add that I agree with Scott. The game should not try to make everything available to everyone. MMOs should not completely alienate people, but to make content easy for everyone to do trivializes the content. There should be aspects of the game for all different types of players, not just one, and I think hard raiding content is a vital part of that. If you want to raid, work towards it..get involved with people..put in the time. If you can’t for whatever reason then that’s ok..that one aspect of the game isn’t for you. That doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t be able to enjoy that. You don’t need raiding gear if you don’t raid, just like you don’t need pvp gear if you don’t pvp.

  • Liam Richardson

    I’d pay a sub fee, it would make feel more likely to stay with the game, where as with f2p games I can walk away from easily.

    • Gerald

      That’s not easy for a lot of poeple, it is crisis time so a lot of poeple have not a lot of money to pay for a game, soon or later all the subs are gone

      I rather more B2P.

      • http://twitter.com/dularr Dularr

        B2P has it own risks. While you might get good sales the first quarter, follow on quarters might see significant drops in sales. Then that upfront purchase becomes a barrier to growing the playerbase.

        Then if there is any whiff of problems with the MMO, many a MMO fan will put off purchasing the box for several month, if ever.

        With Planetside 2, I really enjoyed the game, so I purchased $30 of station cash.

        I’m still on the fence about Neverwinter, so while I’ve played it, not sure if I will ever use the cash shop.

        With Defiance, I skipped purchasing the box because of all the problems. I still might pick it up, if it hits a very heavy discount. So, the B2P really put me off at least trying the game.

      • Squirrel

        B2P games never really have had the same impact that F2P and Sub games have. Theyre good for Single Player or Console games, not MMO’s. With B2P the company feels the need to charge for every new bit of content. what would be considered a patch in sub games becomes new sellable expansions in B2P because they have to generate cash flow.

        Really, it sounds like they are heading for the sub model. That comes with the added benefit of excluding the f2p players that tend to make communities worthless.

    • http://twitter.com/cipero Matt Cipriano

      i’d much rather have a sub game too. b2p and f2p blow with their rng boxes.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ian-Smith/100000531128393 Ian Smith

      So…the sub is what keeps you playing, not the content? I’ll pass.

      • Liam Richardson

        Not exactly it’s a balancing act, I paid for SWTOR but after a long time I finally gave up and left it due to it’s lack of exciting content. However I felt part of a community there and it was difficult to leave and I’d put time effort and actual money into it and it felt like I was walking away from all that and it was even more difficult.

        The F2P games I’ve played though have never quite satisfied me and they’ve been very easy to walk away from as I don’t feel as invested in it due to not paying.

    • Balen Arenas

      The game really has to be worth it for me to pay subscription fee. So far I have yet to find a game worth that. Basically if it does end up having a sub, I won’t be getting it. Or at the very least I’ll be waiting a few months to see how it turns out, how quickly they update the game, and if those updates are quality. They all have to top tier in my opinion in order to justify a sub fee.

  • Aladen

    I prefer B2P, this model seems right in the market (ex. Guild Wars 2). So when WildStar will be B2P i will for 100% buy it.

    • PortaPunch

      I agree. I bought GW2 and played it about a month. Now I recently picked it back up and having a blast. I’ll probably buy somethings in the shop, but am not feeling obligated.

  • http://twitter.com/Wild_Scoundrel Tommy

    Good show with many valid points, game sounds like its gonna be so fun and awesome.

  • Baigon

    I sure hope you guys aren’t just jumping on the hype train. I know Gamebreaker has a reputation of sucking up to the devs just for ‘sclusive stuff. Great show btw!

  • Gavin Vengeance

    Mr.Scott Hawkes, you justified Subscription model MMO’s perfectly. If I’m going to get multiple hours of enjoyment out of a game compared to spending the same amount of money or more for 1-2 hours of entertainment… then I’d be a fool to choose otherwise.

    If F2P is going to keep my captivated for a month or 2 at a time, but never truly hold me as a player, then no big deal, there’s no loss.

    I think it really comes down to whether or not the player truly feels the worth of the game they are playing. No option is better than another per se, it’s just measured on personal value.

  • http://www.kaiketsu.enjin.com/ Corey “Crimzen” Jenkins

    Awesome first show guys. Can’t wait to see more.

  • Robbert de Wilde

    Oh damnit, I was on the “I’m in denial” hype-train, now with this official show… yep, on the hype-train! Damnit Gamebreaker!!! Love it! Loved it! Mew.

  • Jason Quinn

    Love the commitment to the theme with the art and font work, and the lack of your generic dubstep intro for other shows.

  • Hicks64

    Good show and glad ya’ll got Farhan, he gets really in-depth in his analysis and breakdowns in pvp/combat (see Guildcast and his Youtube).

  • Norbert

    great show :)

  • Kichwas

    Hope the game ends up B2P.

    F2P games always feel “cheap” – like the model is all about suckering me into junk.

    Sub feels like I’m paying $50 to get $5 of loot. And you really can’t justify Subbing to more than 1 or 2 of these things. So going Sub would make it WoW competition for a lot of people.

    B2P felt just right. Buy it, play it, shelve it when I feel the need, feel like I got my money’s worth pretty soon in, and then buy goodies when motivated without feeling like I’ve been suckered.

    On paths. IF I get this game, I suspect I’ll go settler. Especially if I can make permanent buildings resulting in every server looking different.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ian-Smith/100000531128393 Ian Smith

      In this discussion it sounded like they said all player construction will decay, tier 3 faster than tier 1, without upkeep.

  • Bryan

    Honestly think they should make the Warplot PVP able to have spectators. I don’t know if I’m gonna be as hardcore as I want to engage in it, but I’d love to watch some good guilds or groups with raid bosses go at each other in Warplot PVP

    • aaa

      it will be added after launch

  • McGamer

    The path system sounds really interesting. I wonder though exactly how much content depth the paths really have. Imo, this is the era of mediocre MMOs after all.

  • Jade Blitz

    Do you know how distracting it is, when you’re watching a video, and for the full first 60 seconds the person you are watching is not looking at you? Then at 60 seconds he doesn’t look at you, but flips to someone else? Redirect your set monitors, computer screens, etc to better maintain contact and resonance with your consumer base. Us. Who are watching YOU and cannot see what you’re looking at.

    At 1:47, you barely glimpse at your camera, and then back to (I can only imagine) are your guests. While this is great, you are connecting with your guests, you are shunning a few hundred thousand potential viewers over the course of this video’s lifespan.

  • Paul Allen

    Farhan needs too move into a smaller room, his echo is fucking horrible and makes it painful whenever he talks.

    • NitroHal

      Agreed, Half the time i cannot even hear him

  • mcfoyle

    gear/ability thing sounds interesting, reminds me of how way back when hunters in WoW night get +magic sets to increase pet healing

    would be cool if you could be a ‘tank’, get a healing set and heal yourself as well as mitigate damage

  • Blackdove

    Great episode guys. Thanks. Lets get Taugrim on here too. He has been away for far too long.

    • Dularr

      Hopefully Ed can put some time into War Plot videos. The PvP spreadsheet crowd, can really get into the point count for building out War Plots.

    • InvaderMig

      Agreed on this. I miss Taugrim, and MikeB for that matter. Not that he’d be part of this show, but it just had to be said.

  • Jado Cast

    Although I have no desire to play the game, I have to say the show was great. I will probably watch the show just for the Entertainment Value. Great Job as always!

  • http://twitter.com/Notalwayswisdom NAWTweets

    I feel like you guys are giving too much credit to this game. But maybe that’s your job though….

    About the endgame armour part; isn’t there a possible scenario where certain armour is what people want to use to do dungeons? You can have randomized elements but does that really solve the problem of stagnation that min-maxing tends to cause?

    It’s a bit like what I call the Build Wars syndrome. You can say “Hey, my build is completely different from yours, isn’t that great?!” but then some other guy will walk up to you and say “That’s great but…. that isn’t viable in raids.” And then your whole world comes crashing down and tears are shed because Carbine didn’t make your build awesome enough in raids.

    So when I think about it I feel there might end up being one epic stat combination for each role you want to play and everyone will aim for that pinnacle or there isn’t enough viable set-ups that would really push for diversity among the community.

  • Sean Luke

    I will say this, probably be “flamed” hard core for this sentence.

    The setting for “Wild Star” MMO, is really no different than “Ratchet and Clank” video game series.

    Here’s the list:

    – You got a Cartoon style.

    – You got (no pun intended) “weapons of mass destruction”.

    – You have to explore and solve puzzles.

    – You have quests which is no different than “Missions”.

    – You have Sci-Fi setting which means any weapon, creature, story, and lore is very flexible without hitting any loop holes or dead ends (Especially when its in cartoon mode).

    – Vehicles for mounts, spaceships to travel to other planets, and odd weird looking siege machines that can be used in PvP.

    – They can add a lot of “Smart Ass” scenes and cut scenes with mild humor to improve game play environment without offending anyone since its a cartoon game. Meaning for example, they can make fun of the “bad guys” at any time.

    – You are set up to be the “Hero” of the Galaxy.

    I am sure everyone is well aware of the Famous classic scene with “Dr. Nefarious” yelling at “Lawrence”.

    • PortaPunch

      I fail to see the problem with that…

      • Sean Luke

        I didn’t say it was problem, its just aspects I already seen in R&C VG series so I am not to “hyped” in trying it out. However to new children or new video gamers, will enjoy “Wild Star” but like the crew mentioned, while it sounds awesome with all the “Promises” of this and that, we all have to wait and see.

        It also reminds me about the FF Online MMO event (Which Relaunched recently) and just wondering, if it can be pulled off with Wild Star.

        • Corey “Crimzen” Jenkins

          I don’t think anyone is hyped because the setting or plot are completely new and never-before-seen. I think the reason why people are excited is because of the development mindset Carbine has for this game, and a lot of the features they wish to include.

          And yes, while the promises do sound good, we still have to wait and see. I for one think they can pull it off, but either way I think most players just want a good MMO to become invested in and WildStar sounds like that game for a lot of people who are interested in it. There are plenty of veteran players who are looking forward to the game as well as newer, players to the genre.

  • Krymm

    PvP will always be the endless repayable end game – hence CoD LOL and any Moba games being…..repayable

    I think WoW is beginning to jump on as well seeing all the pvp design lately

  • Sally Bowls

    When will this be available through iTunes?

    • Petro Leum

      Yeah, what is the ETA on iTunes availability?

  • http://twitter.com/Stone_LX9 Stone LX9

    I think the big rock guys are cool looking – no idea about paths though, maybe the soldier.
    Will be rolling a big rock dude though.

  • http://twitter.com/Stone_LX9 Stone LX9

    I’m glad Scott is on this show, I’ve always liked him.

  • Ramm Himself

    Best. Show name. Ever!

  • Patrikules Vunderbar

    OMG i see the Unicorn Duck Shadow Puppet now….. only took over an hour… =P

  • Stone LX9

    Man,. I want to play this game bad now,.

  • InvaderMig

    After watching After Dark, and looking at his hand, I totally see the Unicorn Duck Shadow Puppet. Fucking brilliant. Josh, nice send for for GBTV.

  • Justin Bania

    sits through 30 seconds of real housewives of jersey shore