Here's the best and funniest images the internet had to offer this morning.

Because Battleship was such a box office success (sarcasm), Lionsgate has decided to go ahead with movie based on the most monotonous dice rolling abomination in board gaming: Monopoly.

If you haven't heard, Batman Arkham Knight is a little buggy on PC right now. Here are a bunch of the best glitches from the game.

Because Batman Arkham Knight is basically unplayable on PC, the Honest Trailer folks decided to take a look back at hot mess that was Watch Dogs.

Path of Exile is maybe the best damn ARPG out there, and with The Awakening expansion dropping next week, you're out of excuses to play.

Here's your chance to live out those dreams of World of Warcraft arena glory. Sign your team up now for an opportunity to fight your way to BlizzCon 

It's lonely at the top.

What do you do when you're American and you have a giant battle robot? You challenge the only other country with a giant battle robot to a duel!

The company is now working on the game, but according to sources who worked on the game, Warner Bros. should not be acting nearly as surprised about the situation as they are.
Meet "Tom Braider" the new Lara Croft
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The creators of Allison Road have released an in-progress gameplay demo for the game.

Finally, details on what really happened at the Battle of Endor.
Here's the best and funniest images the internet had to offer this morning.
Cosplayer IssssE has a DeviantArt page full of stunning cosplay, and her Diablo III Crusader photos were recently featured by Blizzard on the Diablo Facebook page.

One competitor is already in the ring. Then the glass breaks, and business is about to pick up. 

Those filthy Muggles do not understand the deepest desires of our hearts.

If Iron Man built a suit specifically for visiting Asgard, this would be it.
Every arsenal needs a long distance weapon.
Sometimes games just don't want to you goof off
Ever wanted your own kick-ass bartop arcade cabinet? Well... Build one.
A group of Lego builders constructed a highly detailed 14 foot long display of all things StarCraft II.
A special wedding for robots Frois and Yukirin was held in Japan recently.
Here's the best and funniest images the internet had to offer this morning.
The Predator is coming to Mortal Kombat X in the near future, so of course it's time to show off some of his finishing moves.
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Remember how during E3, Nintendo's event was presided over by a bunch of puppets? Well, it turns out those puppet were legitimate Jim Henson studio Muppets.

Mario games have always been very cartoony, but in Unreal Engine 4 things get a little more realistic.

This guy shows us why you SHOULD NOT try this at your 4th of July party. 

Throw out the sofa and coffee table, you know this is what you really want.